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Hi, I’d like a system that my customer won’t be able to share/download any music. They can only listen to musics online. They need to buy for listening all of musics online. Is it possible to do that in your system?

Not at this one but am developing PRO version now, it will be finished within next week.


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The administrator or user

credit payment method.

How do I do this?

% and you can set it from admin And back button will be fixed

Thanks for your message


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Additional features Contact

Administrators Videos list approved or pending features needed.

Without this feature you can register the illegal content.


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Error: index page List Alignment



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1, Do I need to modify any file

2, Back button works do not


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We waited a long time.

It Requires Updated Version


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Why does not the version uploaded?

Am sorry am just busy nowdays because am developing the new version

It does not sound nice to reply your clients like this everytime. “Am sorry am just busy nowdays because am developing the new version” (its over a few months now) DO YOUR JOB NOW OR QUIT.

:) it is not your business

What do you mean by its not my business? like i wrote earlier, you don’t know how to handle your subjects. Because you forgot that i paid you (via western union) for a custom version of this crap full of bugs and you left me with no reply. But anyway, i ‘ve got a super script now, i just wrote this back ‘cause of your stupid reply.


I was wondering, where is the paypal button on the live preview ?

Hi, your live preview not working. There other link to view online?

Sorry but there are some problem with host. i will move the site to another company

many features are not working in your demo website. When you will resolve all errors ? I want to buy it. If you resolve all problems. user not able to login, blocks are not aligned as above replied you can see. Hope you will do good for your customers. thanks

also confirm me plz, In website every one is admin right!. Is there not a way that only an admin will handle all of users from a company and get an earning opportunity from users sales.

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Changelog ( v 2.0 ):; I can’t see these updated function in demo; if you have updated it plz change your dame to updated version.

check your mail

also video is not running ?

Video is buffering only, no one is playing. also video (big frame)navigation panel is not working please fix these bugs.

I will check it. thanks

AmrMeRo ! are you there ?

Hey man Is this legal to play youtube or another sites video in this place ?

Hey man nice to see your comments Yes it is legal because am using youtube API

I have problem with the back office when i login “Not Found

The requested URL /admin/login was not found on this server.”

you need to modify htaccess file

kindly contact me at

I have sent you an e-mail and I await your answer for 2 days. Please help me

How can i see demo?

When was the last update to your script?

Here is a list of issues I have found so far that need to be fixed:

1- When I logout from admin it opens a new tab to the homepage. 2- When clicking Yes for your site under construction I get ‘Error loading template file (./views/authorize.tpl)’ on the homepage. 3- In the members account I can upload the avatar from my computer, but I can’t upload video, photo or audio from my computer when using the sell function. 4- Ads don’t show up. 5- I Get errors when trying to login with twitter or facebook.

Please address these issues here or by PM or email to me. Thanks.

email sent….I woke to find undeliverable message in my email this morning. I typed the wrong email address in. My fault, sorry about that.

Kindly check your email


your demo is down – says your account has been suspended

Thanks for your message i will check it now