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Installs fine but I get this error with every action: function Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/xxxx/public_html/funcs/xxxx.php:1) in /home/xxxx/public_html/funcs/xxxx.php on line 21 I emailed you my web address so you could see it in action.

Yes it is warning not error, i will help you but kindly send me your email and i will contact you amr_elngm6 @ yahoo,com

Just noticed you have the same errors in your demo

Hi, awesome script! Can users grab their own channels from like youtube? Users can also do local uploads as well?

Thanks for interesting, Yes of course and you can try it .

Great! Thank you!

Not mobile ready? Very weird on mobile. Click the play button get only an audio player at the bottom. Then click on the video and i have to scroll all the way up to click play?

Am building it’s Mobile App bow and it will be ready soon.

But thanks for this note i will fix it.

Cool, thank you! I’m on Android Note 5 browser by the way.

hi, if I buy your script, you can install it for me? thanks

Medians admin can set his PayPal email and Buyers can deposit from their account to admin account and if the author wants to withdraw his money to his account he can send request to admin.

Then admin approve his request then send money to the customer accoun

OK thanks, how do you do with paypal fees? who pays them?

Admin can set the commission of the payment with all buying processes and he can add the fees with the commission.

I want to buy your script

how can I test your demo site?

that then your demo site does not work

in the search field I type the artist lorde but nothing comes out, empty

your script is streaming youtube and soundcloud sites, right?

Check your email please

I wrote to you

what do you say my friend?)))))