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Can an end user upload a video? I cant have my client using ftp. That would be to confusing.

Looks like a great product.

Thank you.

Leland Smith

hello, yes you can upload videos with ftp in your folder. But you need a videothumbnail with a the filename from you video in the same folder. P.E: myvideo.mp4 and myvideo.jpg

Please how does it work with VR PANORAMA image ???

hello, VR is very simple. You need upload a 360 image with suffix -360.jpg. P.E.: myimage-360.jpg.

how can I get rid of footer info?

nevermind found it! lol. GREAT PIECE OF WORK!!!



i installed as you tube video and loading 0

thanks,how i can do auto refresh ?,and how we can connect to database to load information for each image

on CMS in each gallery exist a orange Button for refresh.

nee to be automatic refresh every specific time


how we can add information picture and read it from database ?

if you disable the DB Cache on you dont need this feature. Your db is now realtime.


i uploaded the images and re uploaded with same name every 5 minutes from streaming TV and i need auto refresh the images after loaded

if you disable the DB Cache on you dont need this feature. Your db is now realtime.

I am in need of custom work. Do you offer this and where can I email you the requirements I am looking for?


tadats Purchased

I really like your script. I bought it, installed it but when create a new folder the ‘save’ button is missing. Could you please guide me, what I have done wrong. Thank you.

Hello, have you setup all settings in web-app-settings?


tadats Purchased

Thank you, it is working now, I think it was because I was trying to create a folder using capital letters but all lower case works fine. However, I I upload a photo and it gives me this message: Internal Server Error. Can you please advise? Thank you.

i need a URL. Which prefix have the file? And the filename is webconform? No special-characters and no space-characters.

Hello, I liked this script and I want to buy this , I have $27 USD in my envato account as credit but not able to buy with other methods like paypal due to my card issue.

I just request you, will you please reduce your script price in envato by only $2 ? I mean a simple discount of $2 to help me buy this, so it wil show price as $27 you have to do it for few minutes once I will buy you can correct the price again.

Thanks for help


Hello! already put it on the server and when choosing the user and password it does not enter … it remains in the same place


hello, i think the script have not enough rights for write. Can you give write rights to the media-gallery-folder incl. subfolder? Chmod:

I would like to hire you for some customization on this project. Can you email me at so I can give you the specifics to see if you can assist me?