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Hi, just purchased this library. I’m currently running my own web server (WAMP server on windows 10). I did copy webapp folder under wwwroot and the gallerydata.php inside webapp folder. I followed your tutorial, did all the web-app setting and tried to create a gallery following your tutorial.I added some pics into the mediafiles sections and according to your tutorial. The preview works fine, but the jQuery Plugin Code Generator generated wrong code!! Now i’m debugging the web-app in order to understand how show my gallery!! In the documentation it is not indicated that it is necessary to use special settings for styles, but if I do not include the same styles on my page the pictures are not seen . what can I do?

hello, i don’t know, what do you mean. I need a link from your website with the gallery.

To understand what I say, you have to use your jQuery Plugin Code Generator …. the generated script is wrong (the last lines have no commas ….). However I have tried changing the server … I used a hosted server and copied the webapp folder in the root in a “demo” folder, I performed all the steps and at the end of the upload of the images, the message ” Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_read_data () in D: \ inetpub \ webs \ stellamazzottait \ ridemo \ cms \ cmseditnew.php on line 569 ”: the files are in the folder, but they are impossible to use and it is not even possible to remove the gallery. If you give me a private email I can send the credentials to access the cms. Can you help me?

Hello, this script will be perfect for me if the script should scan folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder… Possible?

hello, this gallery use a own CMS. In this CMS you can upload multiply pics. look at the videos:

I look at the videos… but my question is the: script auto detect folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder? thx

I look at the videos… but my question is the: script auto detect folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder? or can i ftp all my pictures included in some folders and is the script can find any folders and sub-folders and sort the pictures? I don’t want to use the “backend admin page” but just FTP pictures… thx


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Hi Sodah, it looks like the latest version doesn’t support the jQuery parameter gallery_sort and gallery_sortorder. Can you confirm that this works?

hello, I will look that.

Hi. I have installed everything and done the configuration. I have set up a test gallery but I cannot upload any images.

The progress bar moves along to the end but no images are uploaded.

Can you help please?

Any news?

Hi Sodah

Do you have an answer for us please?

Your software is the best one on codecanyon, I purchased many codes wasted money and time, but MediaGallery is the best. It worked wonderful for a while but till about 70 galleries, after I added another few more it crashed, it does not read all galleries (folders) it reads up to 41% then stops. I deleted some galleries and brought it back to 30 galleries and still it does not work any more. Please see it yourself at this website:

One more issue the Gallery filename order ascending or descending does not work either. However the Galleries Overview Order works fine

hello, yes this is a issue. I have fixed this in the next update. The problem is the text encoding from exif. You can disable the exif-function and all works fine. Next update coming soon.

I did disable the exif-function nothing changed, I am still waiting for the fix, any progress? Any ETA on Next update?

Are you planing a button for full screen for video, I could use it in my presentations.

Does the Media Gallery give the option of displaying the photo number in the gallery? For example, can it display something like this: 12/103 (meaning that you are viewing photo #12 out of 103 photos)?

hello, the gallery will display the filename or exif information from photo

How do I get it to display the filename? Also, is there a good way to upload multiple photos at one time? When I do, it skips over many files and then I have to go back through the long list and see which ones didn’t upload.

the URL and the rollover

Can you explain more what you meant when you said “the URL and the rollover”?

rollover is the event from the mouse is rollover the image.


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Hi, I have an issue, I read and follow video tutorial but when I click “preview” I obtay only a grey page with 0% stucked progress bar, it’s the same in regular view. In jquery video I saw that you upload a php file into the hosting, I don’t have that file, my zip archive contains only webapp folder and documentation folder, Did I miss something? Thank you


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Hi Sodah but I’m quite sure at the moment: In your tutorial video JQuery Plugin, first step: uncrompress and copy the content from in your web folder… I don’t have folder. Please, I’m stucked. Thank you.


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Sodah so sorry, now it works, only a question, maybe an advice for future update: is there a way to make GIF works in Homepage? Thanks and sorry again

Hello, GIF is on the way.

Hallo gibt es eine möglichkeit die Passwort geschützte Gallery auch auf der Startseite anzeigen zu lassen?

Danke für die schnelle Antwort Aber das die Passwort geschützte Gallery Standarte mäßig auf der Startseite angezeigt werden ist nicht möglich?

leider nur über die o.g. Möglichkeit. Die App selber ist ja eine Multi-Gallery.

schade aber hier ( ) werden auch die Passwort Geschützen seiten auch in einer Navigation angezeigt

I have (2) pre-purchase questions:

1. Is there a way to get the videos in the gallery to seamlessly loop?

2. What’s the ETA on GIF support?

So, I posted a pre-purchase question (9) days ago and got NO RESPONSE (see above).

This should have been an indicator as to how support was going to go: NONE

After purchasing the code and requesting help/support via contact form: NO RESPONSE

If you’re going to “offer” support to sell your product BUT not actually give it…

I’d like a refund.

hello, sorry on this platform give it just support for issues. The price is to low for more support. Look at here:

Your customer service/support SUCKS!

Hi, can you add Watermark on photos?

I purchased this app few months ago and requested a fix, because mine locks up after reading 40% . Have you come up with a fix? I did disable the exif-function nothing changed, I am still waiting for the fix, any progress? Any ETA on next update?

Are you planing a button for full screen for video, I could use it in my presentations. Any chance of getting a Muse Widget for this app?

hi there! please i want to know how to accept arabic caracters. THANK YOU


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Hi there !

Thank you for this pretty item. Please, how to set arabic as name of category?


sodah Author

sorry is not included. Just Google Fonts….

hello I like your media gallery . however I am wondering is it possible create this offline so I can view this without loading up on there server but loading the images from a local folder? also using the cms back office could I use this on xampp like you do with wordpress?

if I bought the wordpress version will I also get the html version ?