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I sent you another email about it not working. If you can’t help then I will need a refund. I am running it on an https site. I installed it on another website and it worked except uploading caused a json error. Please look at my email and advise ASAP. I need this to work. Thank you.

you must fill out all settings from web app -settings. Then it works.

Hello Sodah,

I have just purchased and installed your webapp. I am interested in utilizing private galleries and noticed that if I only have private galleries the index page remains at the grey 0% screen. If I create a public gallery then it loads fine, but I have no way of seeing that private galleries exist. Is there a way to show that a private gallery exists with a link to login? I plan on using private galleries exclusively.

Thank you in advance.

private galleries are hidden. You must use the deeplink from preview-button in CMS. :)

Sharing doesn’t work properly when the gallery is installed in a subfolder. How can this be changed?

yes, this will be fixed in the next update.

Hi how to add video this script.?


this is currently a little tricky. You need a MP4-file and a screenshot from this file in the same resolution. Upload booth files via ftp in your web-gallery.