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I sent you another email about it not working. If you can’t help then I will need a refund. I am running it on an https site. I installed it on another website and it worked except uploading caused a json error. Please look at my email and advise ASAP. I need this to work. Thank you.

you must fill out all settings from web app -settings. Then it works.

Hello Sodah,

I have just purchased and installed your webapp. I am interested in utilizing private galleries and noticed that if I only have private galleries the index page remains at the grey 0% screen. If I create a public gallery then it loads fine, but I have no way of seeing that private galleries exist. Is there a way to show that a private gallery exists with a link to login? I plan on using private galleries exclusively.

Thank you in advance.

private galleries are hidden. You must use the deeplink from preview-button in CMS. :)

Sharing doesn’t work properly when the gallery is installed in a subfolder. How can this be changed?

yes, this will be fixed in the next update.

Hi how to add video this script.?


this is currently a little tricky. You need a MP4-file and a screenshot from this file in the same resolution. Upload booth files via ftp in your web-gallery.


I have 2 questions:

1: Facebook share does not work, it does not load the picture in FB 2: Is there a way to make it load quicker, I have quit some pictures in the galleries.


i see is a bug in my gallery. I will fixed this. Sorry!!!! Next update a.s.a.p.

Update is online…

-> Media Gallery

Good day! I’ve seen the videos from your gallery app and it makes a perfect impression. I’m interested in buying this app, but only if the following is possible:

If users upload their image to the gallery folder via an upload function, the image will automatically be displayed in the Gallery or only if the image has been cached via the backend?



Or is there a free upload function in the Frontend for users?

the gallery used for each gallery a own folder. Set you upload-folder to the galleryfolder.

how to delete gallery