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1)Is it possible to add some captions to the images as overlays or any other way ?

2) Possible to keep a image in 2 albums at once.?

I am basically looking for option to add image and description. Do let know once you add this feature

currently you can set a image title directly in windows with a right click on your image. And then you you open properties -> details. The title of details will be look at in gallery.

Multi upload feature ? Adding 100+ photos at once ? Album page feature? & than pressing on an album opens it with all the pics in?

ja ist genau so einfach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNgc-heEKSM#t=67 Per drag and drop direkt in die Gallery ziehen, fertig.

more tutorial you can find here: http://www.mediagallery.info/#tutorials

Hi Sodah thank you for the nice app I purchased It and I am ok with uploading pictures and customising it – but I was not able to upload any mp4 video.The progress bar goes up as if it is uploading correctly but once at the end It just disappears. Checked the folder for the gallery but no video is in there .Any ideas? .

Hello, yes uploading from video will just work over ftp, because is the php script time out. If you use video, make a screenshot from video in original size. Filename from video and jpg must be the same. In next time I will make a video tutorial for use video in gallery.

hello, here is the tutorial for video upload: http://youtu.be/2MaC-OHJEm4

I bought yesterday and besides no documentation come with files, I just follow the links from the Youtube videos for installation and Upload and nothing loads can you help?


Hello, is no documentation folder inside the zip?

i have here online the current documentation: http://www.mediagallery.info/envato/documentation/

Is there any option of adding captions of Images and some description, not EXIF?

Hello, no this web app work’s without database. All information are inside the image. You can set the exif information in cms.

This is the web app including WordPress plugin with large shortcode generator. The other one is exclusive the WordPress plugin.

Hello how to remove the cursor link for email in the gallery? I know is in the mediagallery.js file line 83 but from where to where?


Hello, this is not in settings, but coming soon.

how soon?

I think the next update is coming in Juni 15

Hi Sodah, hello from France. Congratulations for your nice job ! I have tested your web app on my computer and my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S). The app works correctly on the computer, but on the tablet, it’s impossible to close an image by clicking on the close button : I can’t go back to the gallery. Do you know this problem ? Thanks…

Hello, yes this is a issue. I work on a big update. I think in the next month is the release.

Thanks for your answer. A last question : is there a demo version to test your application on older browsers ? My website should be accessible from computers in public administration, using internet explorer 8 and Firefox 17.

just for html5 browser. Older browser will not correctly work

Hi, just checked the script today, it’s awesome and new update of description makes it more lovely.

I wish to add some more fields in images information like name of photographer,location etc. If I purchase script, can you guide me how to customize it ?

Also in the full version website www.flashalubm.info , is it possible to link image with wordpress read more link ?



this feature is set on my wish-list:


But the read more link, is to heavy….I don’t know i can’t this implement.

I also want to include some custom fields as in photographers contact no etc, is it possible? Can you guide me if I purchase this how to include ??

Secondly, is it possible as the lighbox opens with description, a link of read more can be included with every image which should take him to wordpress post ? If you can guide me how to include both these things, will purchase it asap

How easy its to add own custom fields with images? I can purchase the script now if you can guide me

And If I wish to add my custom fields then? which means I need new fields apart from the existing

hello sodah – it doesn’t save my username and password. i double checked all… what could be the problem? thank you so much. dimitri

hello, your webserver have enough right? You need CHMOOD 777.

Will there be update soon? Thanks.

Moin! Ich habe soeben das Plugin erstanden und bin mit den ersten Tests sehr zufrieden, spitze! Eine Frage: ich werde eine einzelne lange Gallery haben. Kann man am Desktoprechner das Scrollen per Mouserad aktivieren? Vielleicht mit einem kleinen Hack? Beste Grüße, Stefan

Hi, hmmmm…. leider nicht, da das Rollrädchen ja nach unten scrollt.

Hello, this script will be perfect for me if the script should scan folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder… Possible?

hello, this gallery use a own CMS. In this CMS you can upload multiply pics. look at the videos: http://www.mediagallery.info/#tutorials

I look at the videos… but my question is the: script auto detect folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder? or can i ftp all my pictures included in some folders and is the script can find any folders and sub-folders and sort the pictures? I don’t want to use the “backend admin page” but just FTP pictures… thx

I look at the videos… but my question is the: script auto detect folders and detect sub-folders and sort finally pictures from sub-folder? or can i ftp all my pictures included in some folders and is the script can find any folders and sub-folders and sort the pictures? I don’t want to use the “backend admin page” but just FTP pictures… thx

I purchased this twice on accident first off, i thought the WordPress plugin was separate. so i bought the web app and the web app with WP plugin. not sure if you can fix that by refund one?

second the web app doesn’t seem to let me upload images. i logged intop the cms and set up a gallery. started to upload files. looks like its doing what its supposed to but no images in gallery after upload complete.

any ideas?

thanks for the stellar support :P i think i will just try for a refund on these they are broken

hello, i think your webserver have a problem. You wrote you get a Error 500. Look at here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes Here is not installation service included: http://codecanyon.net/page/item_support_policy Best way is contact your provider for this problem. Maybe is your PHP not correct updated/installed.

php 5.6, and i only get that message when i try to chmod 777 i have tried on a couple different servers same result


ich habe mich genau an die Anweisungen zur Installation gehalten (auch wenn die Ordner im aktuellen Download entgegen der Anleitung NICHT gezippt waren, man sie also nicht bei WP direkt hochladen kann!)

Habe nun das Problem, dass sich die Web-App leider nicht die Einstellungen merkt. Werde auch bei jedem Klick im Menü oder auf Save zunächst wieder auf das Login-Feld umgeleitet, erst dann zum gewünschten Menüpunkt.

Hast du eine Idee? Muss ich für bestimmte Ordner noch Zugriffsrechte einräumen?


Hi, nur zum Verständnis. Du hast zuerst alles auf einen Webserver kopiert. Dann wurdest Du beim ersten Mal aufgefordert einen Login anzulegen. Danach bist du die WebApp-Settings alle durchgegangen und hast gespeichert. Welchen Browser und welches Betriebssystem nutzt Du?

Evtl. hilft es tatsächlich den Webapp-Order incl. aller Verzeichnisse auf CHMOD 755 zu setzen.

Hi there,

I am trying to find the webapp.zip file….but no luck. I do not need the wp installation…

Can you help please

yes. Open the ZIP and copy the wp_mediagalleryplugin directory on your WordPress Plugin-Folder. Activate it and now you can set all parameters with a shortcode. Look at here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYHMnAMI0Ck


fnkjd Purchased

Hey there, is it possible to generate galleries in masonry style? Without horizontal scrolling? Whatever I try, I always get the result, that my images are scrollable horizontal… Also, vertical scrolling does not work for me… Got the latest version running. Any ideas? Bests, Stefan

yes you can set the gallery vericaly in masonry style. Activate VERTICAL SCROLLING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmAJZefaZWU

hi there! can i put ads from google into this cms? thank you

Hello, the cms is just for create/edit a gallery, customizing the complete look and upload/delete images.

To use this ($32) on WP as plug-in, do I need to purchase the $32 CMS as well ? Please clarify further ..