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presales – can a user upload video from your plugin directly to my youtube channel and then plugin will capture the youtube video id? Also, is there a voting feature in your plugin?


unfortunately this feature isn’t available. but voting is available and exists.

where do I vote on the video? How do I get stats on voting? I need to get #votes for the month. So basically I need the vote record to have video_id, user_id, date, like/dislike


you can see the rating thumbs under the video in video page. but there is no feature to count for the month.

Hello. I want to buy a script MediaCloud. But in the demo does not work with the youtube download videos. In the version that is sold this bug fixed? Thank you

I tried to add a video from youtube on the demo site. Error “Invalid Video Link.”

what type of links you added ?

You should put the hit counter by ip. Thus avoiding fraud in the hit counter. Many users are using auto surf to earn visits to get better ranked

Thank you for your suggestion.

presales question – Please quickly tell me how to put facebook videos on this plugin. If I give you a PUBLIC facebook video url can you display it in the mediacloud?

it works only with public facebook videos. you can test the demo by adding facebook video from front-end as user.

please give me a quick answer on how it works. do you use embed code, do I have to create a facebook app?

no you will need to great an application, all that will see it on the documentation file when you bought the script

Hello, thanks for the script. There are 2 bugs that I can not fix myself. Authorization via FB does not work. On the video page, the button does not work to share G+. And there are 2 questions, how can I take a preview of a large size. Whether it is possible to place on the mainpage lists and the best videos at the same time. Sorry for Google Translate

send me your site details in private message.

CPanel and Admin Login

Already everything is all right

thanks again)) For future versions I would like to: 1. SEO text for category 2. Description and seo text for collection. 3. Generate a unique description for tags pages

your documentation site is very slow!!!!


yes. the whole server is slow. we are trying to make it load faster.

Thank you.

Just download the script and cant find the read me instal files. not sure they have been included. many thanks

they are included in docs/documentation folder.

or you can also read them online at : http://wpsup.com/demos/mediacloud/docs/

Hi, Installed but get a internal server error when trying the instal/instal.php. any suggestions? public_html/video/script/index.php” is writeable by others

I guess maybe a .htaccess fix is needed. for now a little lost. server should provide for system requirements. Maybe suPHP 0.7.2 working through it. I know servers cause problems for the many scripts so not blaiming your script I had another before. just looking for a solution. thanks

suPHP is the problem. just disable it and everything will be normal.

Noticed in the Demo. When I try and vote it asks me to log in. FB or twitter. I tried facebook. one It votes it redirects with a error to your website and not back to the video page you just voted on. Thought I would mention this issue before loading the script to my servers

Hi Roudy,

i bought the script but i need customization of it to work with other social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram.

I also want it to be integrated with buddy press where i can grow a community of film makers,People can follow each other,or subscribe to each others channels.

Am ready to pay now.

Please reply to me and i will send you a brief.

Thank you

yes we can do it just send to us private message to send to you the fee and the time need that we need

just check if your MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x not more than that


majdiy Purchased

Hello ,, how can i update the google reCAPTCHA to V2

for now you can disable the captcha from admin until we fix it and send it as update


majdiy Purchased

i couldn’t find an option to disable it, can you please tell me from where i can do that

send your site ftp in private message to do it for you

Hello ,, how can i update the google reCAPTCHA to V2

i check for that but it will be complicated for you to update it so you can disable the v1 if you want

is nice but you miss add upload from PC

but it’s for grab the news from online site not to use it as CMS sorry for that


majdiy Purchased

I asked my question 28 days ago before my support expires

Creating Admin Account

Error Happened

send to me your site cpanel to fix it for you in private message


ninou04 Purchased

Hello, I bought your Super Video Aggregator CMS and found it a good idea to make an automated video blog site. Thank you for your service. As I know less about scripts, I would like you to install it for me, please. Thank you.

we can install it for you but it will cost you a little

send to us private message and will do it directly


ninou04 Purchased

for how much do you install it for me?


ninou04 Purchased

Hello, what should I put on “localhost” when editing the file please? what is “localhost”? Where can I find it? thank you.

normally you can keep it as localhost

Hello I sent my FTP access so you can disable the recaptcha for me.

thank you

When will the next update be?