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Great work! Good luck with sales! :)

I roughly browse source code.
I don’t see API key,it realy important on high traffic website.
kindly,please include it on next version please.
- I ever wrote on youtube API , I know only google spec.
I can include API key by myself (only 1 parameter on URL) but I think it will better on standard MediaApiWrapper script
thanks to make this script,it help me a lot.

I will add this in the next version.

Thanks! :)

This code is really useful. I agree with anek though. Supporting the Youtube embedded API documented with Google along with the addition of player controls would be ideal.

This code is a timesaver for sure.


Why was the vine class encoded? This is the first time I buy code sample and find it encoded :) Other than that, the code looks professional.

Succes cu vanzarile!

Pentru ca sunt niste headere pentru curl si nu vreau sa afle toti. Api e cam privat, nu prea gasesti pe internet.


Am scris si eu unul, dar am mers pe api cu user si parola. Oricum, imi place cum scrii cod!

The demo didn’t work. Can fix it?

The demo is off

Is it work with phpmelody?, does is mass import?

I can make compatible with phpmelody if you want

Salut As putea sa vad un demo? Merci si succes! Silviu