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Does this support livestream.com and ustream.com?

Can you integrate a search on the channels? If you add this feature i would purchase.

Maybe on update

Sure thing; i know 5 people who would buy this if it had Search integrated in Channels.

I see.

maybe on update

Code này ch? h? tr? stream .m3u8 thôi ah c?u?

support video file mp4

does it support youtube live channel? if yes i will buy it.

Can it support HLS live stream (e.g. stream from Wowza server)?

Does this use mysql or can I ring it on my windows server using sql server?

bacjkend use php + mysql

When you press the “Done” button, the app is not going back the channels list, how can we fix this issue?

Can we enable that “Done” button? Because the users will not aware this issue?


I think we have to put something here; “println(“moviePlayBackDidFinish: Custom Code Here”)” what do i have to put as code to get back?

You can add code to popback list chanels screen

will there will be any copyright issue for the channels if yes then how we will resolve that, as apple don’t accept copyright items.

Does this app support live youtube channel?

this’s TV video stream app

works with iOS 9?

RTMP support in series

Hello! Very nice system:-) Does it works with Xcode 7.2?

Code use swift 1.2 you must you old Xcode to build

Hello, I bought your application, but there may be errors swifter swifter version differs from how I edit

I might learn how I use whichever version

meanwhile XCode version 7.2

Code use swift 1.2 you must you old Xcode to build

Which version should I use XCode

I expect swift appropriate code in XCode 7.2

Sorry, u still support this product, i had bought from you but have a error.

codecanyon-11412102-media-tv-ios-swift-application/Native/MediaTV/RemoteApi.swift:33:66: Extra argument ‘error’ in call

if let json = NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data, options: NSJSONReadingOptions.MutableContainers, error: &error) as? NSDictionary {

You update to swift 3? Present not for swift 3.