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just downloaded this app. errors on launch cannot build. can u list the fix

Hi, please go to support center , make new ticket and send screenshot and log application.



Where is the changelog of the update you put on Codecanyon?

Xcode 6.2 ready , support iOS 8.X iPhone 6,6+

Where is the update for Xcode 6.2 ??

Please can you reply for my ticket ?

we will respond to your ?icket. Studio open from 11 am to 18 pm Monday through Friday except holidays. Thanks.

GMT +3

Can’t reach your support panel. The out-of-the-box app fails while opening with the error :

could not read data from ’/Users/f1rat/Downloads/AppMultipodcaster/AppMultiRadioPodcast/RadioCloudTests/RadioCloudTests-Info.plist’: The file “RadioCloudTests-Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

Can I get support ASAP please?


1) open xcode project, find RadioCloudTests target and delete it.

2) go to https://studio76.pro/new-ticket and make new ticket.

3) Our studio is open 11 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. At the weekend we are not working. (GMT+3)

Please note, we get quite a large number of tickets from our customers. The response time of support ranges from 30 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the workload of our staff. Thank you for understanding.

Yeah it ran well. Thank you for the fast support and your new URL.

You are welcome&Have nice day

plase demo send me iTunes store app ?

we do not publish a demo application appstore. videos, screenshots and descriptions enough to understand how the application works.

You can configure the application to open only one radio directly? I’m thinking of using it for my radio station.

Good day!

Please make new ticket https://studio76.pro/support


Hi, I need this App but for Android, it is possible?

Yes, please go to https://studio76.pro/support and create new ticket. Thanks


The app crashes while getting station’s cover image. Also the pause button only works if you hit it twice. I wrote on your support page about these and got a reply saying these would be fixed upon the release of iOS9. I resent a message via your support after the release but I got no answer. Can you please assist? Thank you.

Hello, would you like to send me update or a refund?

Good day!

The policy rules codecanyon there are no rules that oblige us to issue an urgent update. We are doing this on their own schedule.

Studio76 purchase rules, Support notes and License : https://studio76.pro/studio76-purchase-rules-support-notes-and-license/

On your ticket answered

Yes you are not obliged to do so but every human being is responsible of what came out his/her mouth, especially in trade. Thank you very much for the link, I’ll test it in a couple hours and post the result here. Have a nice day.

Nice app i will buy when updated iOS9

Hi dear is the update coming? – 12 October ? Thanks.

Hi can you work on it to update i need to buy more than one license, Thanks!

Is shoutcast supported? I get crashes every time when I use a shoutcast IP..

For all questions we have support. Please go to http://hello.studio76.pro and create new ticket. Thanks.

Please, you guys should make an Android version of this.

Android Available?

Android Available?

I am looking for an app similar to yours but in my case, I don’t want the radio and the podcast. I want to upload music mp3 files at the backend and users can listen, download. Here is a brief details of what I am looking for;

Mobile App For iOS and Android

Music – download, play, add to playlist, create playlist and share. Music Videos – play videos embedded from youtube Gallery – images added and view in lightbox and next/previous buttons Articles- Article/news post for users to read.

All content categories come with subcategories

Users can comment, like/dislike and share contents to other app users

Ads – Below The header, within the main content area, sticky footer and Exit popup

Push Notifications Social Share

Can this be done?

Good day. Yes we can do it. Write me mail. Thank you.

give me your email address

Is there a way to disable the ads all together?

Good day. If you know how to work in xcode, you can disable the display of advertising yourself. Thanks

How exactly? Would I just comment out the ad code on each view?

Hi Tried to submit support request but your domain is sispended the app is not reading the remote xml on load so new stations are not being picked up by the app can you please provide a fix.

Hi – we are looking for such an app: 1) MP3 files will be loaded through WordPress to the backend; 2) the App will read the MP3 in XML 3) Users will need to subscribe to a plan or purchase the item to be able to download; 4) the app will have an IOS and an Android version.

Can you take care of it?


You planning on releasing this for android too?

Great app but i’m having issues connecting the facebook. it says it needs a new framework i cant seem to find..

your domain has expired