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This app needs a lot of work it doesn’t work. I made everything right but when I build the signed apk into my s5. You can’t register you can’t login you can’t get your password and username at all if you forget what kind of app is this.

everything is working fine accept singing up using Facebook or login using Facebook it says: Not Logged In: Your are not logged in. Please login and try again thats what i get when am i try to sing up using Facebook or login.

I already setup everything don’t have no idea what this error is


yaserin Purchased

Hi , Thanks for app and document ! when running install.php I got this error any idea ? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’’ (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING) in /home/arsel/public_html/config/db.inc.php on line 67



yaserin Purchased

NOTE : The error was because GOOGLE info Firebase has upgraded the server keys to a new version. You may continue to use your Legacy server key, but we recommend that you upgrade to the newest version , so when I put the new google keys makes everything stupid its really long long key you ay consider to fix your db.inc file to use it : the server key the new version looks like this : AAAA5EUaZvI:APA91bEgHJttgIVwITjLMkxPyc0CcMGQnx-tXY0UQEz8-nG2EmjpFZQTxlPu1tl_isT4Bh54BIWwjsWPPCDkd4IhI7It2QiQSMtnE8_VMXakbIsUi5fOwGL5clCrLmUZWBp7PTi95KJ7SctCU71xGrhZuYcDMJCiHw imagine what this will do in some editors . happened to me :)


yaserin Purchased

Great App ! All Works Jus perfect :) but what you mean by news link ? by the way how to remove some links from the drawer ? that’s it

file res/menu/menu_nav_drawer.xml

Thanks for the comment :)

If I am Buying Applications singer if can be helped to install and configure up to be used in full?

What I have to prepare? if need hosting for this application?


Need web hosting and domain.

I’m sorry, I do not do the installation and configuration for users. I helps with problem solving.

Oh like that,

unfortunately I do not understand about the web. If there is support for the installation to be used would be very helpful.

How easy is it to translate ? i know how to do , just asking ,are the string.xml designed such a way that all strings can be that it can be translated to as my langauages

Sorry, support only for costumers

i know support only for customers , my question is pre purchase ? why are you rude to all the questions above ?? my question is simple , can the app can be translated easliy , Yes or No ? if you say Yes i will buy the app , if no i will look else where..

and what you are suggesting is if i buy the app then see the string are hardcoded and cannot translate ,i will lose my money

Actually this information should be included in the description of the item , can be easily translated or not

I’m sorry, but I have a 6 am, and still did not sleep … very easy to make a translation: all text constants in strings.xml file

How can I increase the size of the images in upload? ... Just upload photos small hours. Thanks

You can aitarmi then with these two files? I would like to set the image at maximum 1920×1920 pixels with .. I would be grateful… :)

This is very bad.

Less is better.

512×512 – optimal size.

800×800 – not bad

1024×1024 – normal

Large file size will lead to long loading and uploading.

1024×1024 – normal :) ok

Hi Qascript,

I would like to buy this app but i have your dating app installed so my question is, can this app work with the Dating App server and database because i already have users on the dating app Kumali or do i need to do a brand new install? Thanks.



It is not possible to use the Media Network application with server part Dating App!

Applications have different database structure.

Hi, At first this is massive app, congratz! I ve few questions about this code, 1.Can i change package and contents and release it on Googleplay? 2.What kind of hosting do you prefer? (i.e i expect 2k user-200live same time) Is basic godaddy hosting will be enough?

For first question i wrote it for Regular licence :)

I will buy it soon(could be this night :D)

Sorry for bad English


Thank you!

1) Yes. You obliged to do so :)

2) I think that for 2k users godaddy hosting will be enough


yaserin Purchased

Hi , Question ? when I remove check box from admin control panel ( Allow authorization for users ) it becomes activate and checked automatically again ? any idea ? also I need new users to verify email address before login , how?


1) If you uncheck “Allow authorization for users” – no new users can be registered.

2) Email with a link is sent to the user activation email automatically (constant APP_SEND_SIGNUP_CONFIRM_EMAIL in db.inc.php). SMTP must be configured in db.inc.php file. The user can sign in without a confirmation email.


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Hello Qascript , i have sent you email about when loading data error has occured please check your network connection.

Dear, it’s Media Network and Consultant Network ??

What’s the question? Where are the other files from the server?

I do not need your screenshot!

Dear, it’s Media Network and Consultant Network ??

I see that this Consultant Network.

If it’s Consultant Network – write comments here https://codecanyon.net/item/consultant-network/19261061