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Just applied the update for this and now cannot upload images to the media gallery anymore. Images upload but when “save” is clicked, they are not saved any longer.

I’ve assured that both UserPro (2.23) and UserPro Media Manager (1.6) are both at the latest available and have cleared the cache/maintenance tab.

When I tail my httpd error log I’m seeing a bunch of errors related with sql code in them

Small sample of the error log:

Sat Feb 07 13:46:47 2015 [client] example/\\”;s:14:\\”thumbnail_path\\”;s:88:\\”

Basically, no one can upload images anymore currently.

Latest version of Media Manager is 1.7.Can you please update to latest version and check ? If you still face any issue, please drop us a note via –

more of the error:

\\”thumbnail_path\\”;s:78:\\”\\”;s:8:\\”media_id\\”;i:1978;}}’ WHERE `option_name` = ‘userpro_media_gallery’ made by do_action(‘wp_ajax_userpro_media_upload’), call_user_func_array, userpro_media_upload, userpro_media_add_new_media, update_option, referer: Sat Feb 07 13:53:01 2015 [client] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/example/ on line 6, referer:

Latest version of Media Manager is 1.7.Can you please update to latest version and check ? If you still face any issue, please drop us a note via –

Getting the same error, it’s actually a huge error generated each time you try to upload a photo. too massive to paste anywhere but identical to the bit i pasted above.

I’ve got userpro 2.23, userpro-mediamanager 1.7, wp 4.1. Tried disabling all 10 other plugins, cleared cache, stale db options.

When I upload a photo and hit “save” in the profile and tail the httpd error log it starts scrolling like i’m compiling a program for about 15 seconds.

The error text generated is quite large. The error log is currently 465MB because of how many times this has happened until we noticed. People who successfully uploaded pictures previously are still there but can’t add any new pictures

For support, please drop a note via the Code Canyon contact form That would help create a ticket and track this to closure . It is hard to do that via comments here.

Hi, I am also interested in hitpro’s suggestion of limiting media uploads to certain roles in the same way that it works for your payment addon where you can charge different amount for different roles. You should be able to set which roles have media uploads from you addon. Can you help with the line of code for this please?

This is in our release plan and is in progress and will be released soon. Thanks for your patience :-)

can a pdf or doc be uploaded?

I am afraid this cannot be done . At present media manager only allows to upload audio,video or image files, however this can be achieved by doing some code changes at backend. Thanks


Is it possible, or will it be possible to have automatic watermarks on the images?


As of now such feature is not available with this plugin , anyway nice suggestion, let me check what I can do for this.

can the images and videos uploaded be filtered with a shortcode? Like whenever user uploads, they must fill in which category that media belongs to…then we can generate a shortcode to show media according to that category or Tag. Hopefully too, on that gallery shortcode, there will be multiple gallery layout options like masonry or grid..or ajax or page etcetc..

I am afraid as of now such feature is not available with UserPro , however nice suggestion and will check what I can do to implement this, will keep you posted . Thanks :-)

Please let me know if in next update you have plans to integrate ALBUMS, this is a basic feature for a Media Manager and since you don’t integrate it this plugin isn’t really useful (imagine a user uploading hundreds of photos, how do you find a concrete photo? do you have to scroll to infinite?, the solution is to have albums and sub-albums to organize all photos, videos… Thanks

Yes , its really a good suggestion but scope is too big for this feature, hence will need more time to analyze and implement it . Will keep you posted . Thanks :-)

Ok, with the features added in latest updates, for me this is the last basic feature that this plugin needs to be really useful. Thanks.

Plugin need a lot of changes! WHEN I ACTIVATE PLUGIN MY PAGE WAS DOWN. LOL I incrase PHP Memory limit and still the same. A lot of database connection errors – I am disappointed

Does this issue happens with UserPro or UserPro mediamanager addon. If it is happening with UserPro, the fix for this issue has been released . Please install latest version 2.25.1 and let me know if you are still facing the issue . Thanks :-)

Please add the following to Media Manader addon ASAP.

1. User Albums 2. Option to remove the image URL/name from view (admin side). I don’t like seeing 903999220.jpg everywhere, it should not show anything unless the user specifies a title name for the image, audio or video. 3. Capability to allow certain user roles to upload unlimited photos etc and other roles to set limits.

FYI, Capability to restrict the uploads to certain roles has been released in version 1.8 and regarding other two suggestion let me check what I can do for it. Thanks :-)

Hello, I just installed the plugin for media manager and am now recieving this message:

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /wp-content/plugins/userpro-mediamanager/functions/field-functions.php on line 308

How can I fix this?

Could you please try to save the settings of UserPro media manager once . If problem persist please drop a note via – . Thanks :-)

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/content/34/9172734/html/HowToGetRich/wp-content/plugins/userpro-mediamanager/functions/field-functions.php on line 308

Im getting same error when I applied the 1.8—-ON EDIT.

Could you please try to save the settings of UserPro media manager once . If problem persist please drop a note via – . Thanks :-)

URGENT: I have 2.26 version with 1.8 media uploaded. Although Media Manager shows the Upload button is not showing! Please help ASAP

This issue has been resolved

Thanks for letting me know . :-)

hello I just installed Userpro media add on but i can’t upload photos to gallery can u please help to sort that problem out ??

my irl is

Which Userpro version you are using ? Please go to Userpro -> Media manager and Save changes once. It may solve the problem.

hi i have a few questions… i would like how is the content published, is it using the native wordpress galleries and media system? does it creates content that can be queried with shortcodes or php? like a custom post type? I have userpro, i love it. im trying to marge into my proyect and need to see a demo of this extension. can you provide a link that works?

All media is uploaded in uploads folder by Media manager addon. Its not a custom post type and can’t be accessed with shortcodes. For demo please use this link –

What do you mean by uploading videos to WordPress ? As of now it does not support embedding.

hi, please can yo tell me where i can test the media part? i cant find in the link, i would appreciate if you help me find the place with the demostration of that specific function, i need to test before I buy for my priject. by the way, I love your plugin is really amazing.

Thanks for your kinds words :)

To check the demo, please go to link – On profile page, click on Edit profile and scroll down till you find the section Media Gallery. Here you will find 3 tabs, Photos, Videos & Music. Try uploading media.

Just wanted to let you know – I’m using BuddyPress version 2.2.1 with UserPro 2.27 and Media Manager 1.8. When any user goes into their edit profile and scrolls down to the Media Gallery section, this error message appears right before it:

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/userpro-mediamanager/functions/field-functions.php on line 308

It still seems to work, though. But I thought you should know about it.

Yes, this is been added in our list and will be fixed soon. Thanks :) Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/content/34/9172734/html/letsgohookup/wp-content/plugins/userpro-mediamanager/functions/field-functions.php on line 308 can you fix this onload ajax.

Yes, its in our list and will be released soon.


I like what you are doing with userpro as it becomes more advanced. For the media page, uploading files etc.

Can you make a page that displays all media, similar to pinterest. This would be ideal for media sharing and improved hits and user interactions. Take a look at my current site you can see there, it’s similar to pinterest in the style, but it’s not word pressed based. This is not good because my front page is wordpress.

I believe USERPRO would be a great all around script to use if you could enable features like this or like the pinterest clone

You currently have a lot more features than them but lack the media share page

Thanks for the valuable suggestion :) I have added it in the list.

What gives with the removal of UserPro?

A security issue was detected , due to which UserPro was temporarily off the air. It has been thoroughly reviewed , fixed and tested now and up again.

Hi, I need User’s to be able to upload PDFs even after initial registration. Since Media Manager does not allow PDF upload. Can I change the “Images” label on the Edit Profile page to be “PDFs”? And then I would change the Allowed Extensions in the for the images to allow .pdf.

Would this process work to allow users to be able to upload PDFs to their profile? If so, is there a function you can give me to put in my functions.php file that will change the “Images” label?

And last thing, why has the UserPro plugin been removed from Envato? I need support and Updates!

You can add the upload field using Fields section where people can upload PDF documents. So no need to change the existing fields.

Userpro is undergoing a few major changes , so it is off the air for now. Should be back in action soon. Look out for the update notification.

For any support you can always send a note via

The coding of this plugin is soooo BAD! Total noob made this plugin!! there is everywhere hardcoded PATHS.. like WP-CONTENT, NOBODY uses harcoded paths in plugins.. What if i dont have wp-content dir? maybe i renamed it. Also images are uploaded originals. NOBODY in the whole world is using full size images in web. You should add some setting to resize images. nobody displays 20MP image in browser.

Just wanted to know about which plugin you are talking ? I can’t see as Purchased for media manager addon.

About this plugin. I had to install this to my friend so i have seen the source. it’s awful. Firstgrader’s job. Im .NET C# programmer, and php just for fun but still i do better coding than this plugin :) Next time you just hardcode table prefix in your sources to “wp_” why bothering to get it if you can just harcode it :DD