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1. Photos , Videos, and Music should each have their own option on how many MB each one can be for admin to choose in backend.

2. When you upload a photo etc it goes 100% but it doesn’t actually output to the profile until you press save changes on your profile making it difficult if you want to add many photos.

3. The allowed file type is either yes for all file types or no. It would be good for us to allow to choose individually. For example some admins may not want gifs but want jpegs and pngs.

6. Noone can view the uploads besides the user which makes this pointless.

unless your logged in but don’t understand why guest can’t see.

7. I have tried for 15 minutes now even using two apple devices to play the mp3 song and it wont play.

This plugin is definitely in beta still. I hope to see some updates.

Awesome!!! :D. Thanks for this and for staying true to your promise that it would come – I’ve been eagerly anticipating this media add-on to the wonderful UserPro. I have bought the add-on it and will install it within the coming weeks.

Will it possible for users to organize their images into categories, by tags, by folders or similar?

As of now this is not available. But thank you so much for the suggestion :)

I also suggest the creation of folders, with the possibility to vote and extrapolation exif data from photos.

Thank you for the suggestion :)

I just bought the plugin and installed, but I get a weird error. It’s like @blackhatog said: the addon is in very beta state and needs a lot of modifications and fixes.

Here my suggestions based in two important things: sites with a very large number of profiles and the Server (bandwidth, uploads and stuff) limits — things the developers should think about BEFORE the addon release:

1) Total control over File Types and Sizes! Individual rules for each Media Type and an option to select specific extensions too.

2) Define how much items users can upload or the folders will “explode” and the server will overload sooner or later. BAD! BAD! BAD!

3) Option to change the Media Manager Position or support for individual fields (like all the others) for each media type. It’s a good way to use tooltips, placeholder texts, FontAwesome Icons and translate and customize terms. It’s a good option to create thematic albums too: vacation photos, family photos and stuff like that.

4) Support for multiple albums/categories inside the tabs.

5) Option to rename files and/or hide filenames, ‘cause “stuff.jpg” it’s very ugly.

6) Support for embed files from other sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram and stuff. Albuns with audio and video already hosted elsewhere it’s way better than allow people to upload files like that.

So far I think this is the most important. The items 1, 2 and 5 should be included in the next update, because they are urgent; 3 and 6 should come next all this… and 4 later.

As I said this are suggestions to save space and bandwitch in sites with a lot of users…. or people will give up UserPRO if the plugin don’t help with this things.

Thanks! ;)

PS: Waiting for the answer for the message I sent earlier about the error.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions – I am working my way through this list. Point # 1 scheduled for release early next week

point # 1 done – you can now set the max upload limit for files and also choose which file extensions you want to allow. Version 1.2 has been uploaded now – should be available on codecanyon within 24-48 hours after CodeCanyon approves it :-)

Wow! Great! I just installed here… I’ll test later. :D

Now we just need a way to limit the amount of media per user and per album too, and support for embed Video (YouTube, Vimeo and stuff) and Audio (SoundCloud, MixCloud and stuff) instead of uploaded ones.

Please, consider this for the next update! Thanks! ;)

Thanks so far! \o/

buddypress support?

buddypress support for what ?

I’d like to purchase and use this addon. But some of our users are still having issues uploading the standard profile image through UserPro on tablets/mobiles.

If this was fixed, I’d buy today. Any plans to sort this out?


We have added this in our to do list. But can’t commit for any date.

Same here.. will wait until its fixed…

Suggestion..Instead of uploading video files, can users just put video link like youtube/vimeo?

Thanks for the suggestion :)

does it support albums / subalbums? if not, can it in the future?

Hi, I get the following error.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/47/5949347/html/wp-content/plugins/userpro-mediamanager/functions/field-functions.php on line 12

thanks – fixing this now and releasing it – should be available on the dashboard by tomorrow

done – released yesterday – is available on the UserPro Customer Portal now



just activated the plugin, it shows up in the profile but the upload button is simple not there.


I have also noticed that when the plugin is activated it enlarges the width of the profile, and when on the profile page it removes the menu bar ?


Can you please share the url so that I can check the issue ?

Shortcode support would be helpful as it is right now it does to much damage to the few custom things I have done on the profile page. I am not to worried as Ahmed does fix things pretty quickly. I can wait till he does his mojo and fixes the problems. :)

You are saying shortcode for media manager ? Nice suggestion.. Thanks :)

Shortcodes to display a gallery in a sidebar or maybe the most recently added or random.

It is good news that you’re working on the fixing bugs… I’m kinda got stuck with the website because of this add-on. It seem that there is nothing else out there similar to this. Please hurry :) I also have warning: invalid argument… line 12 error as well. Also, all profile image are lost if I deactivate the plugin.

Looking forward to see this resolved.

I am fixing the warning issue and releasing it today. About the profile images issue, can you please let me know your website URL so I can see what’s going on ? You can send me your website URL privately via this

done – warning fixes released yesterday. Updated version 1.1 is available on the UserPro Customer Portal now

I get these errors: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in /home/laeventc/public_html/wp-content/themes/themerush/inc/functions/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 297

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sizes’ in /home/laeventc/public_html/wp-content/themes/themerush/inc/functions/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 299

Any suggestions? Thanks.

done – released yesterday – is available on the UserPro Customer Portal now

I just installed it and same issue. Same errors and same problems.

If you want to private message, I can get you in the backend and see for yourself. It’s pretty frustrating.

Are all the files stored on the server, including video/music. If so, is there a max file size?

Yes – All files are stored on the server. Right now , it defaults to the PHP.ini setting for max upload limit on your server , but I am adding a feature to control this using the Media Manager plugin settings , due for release next week

Hi Supporter,

I want to upload multi photos at the same time, not only one by one. I see the plugin does not do this. So, is it going to be released in future?

Thanks! Daotran

I have added this in our to-do list. Thanks.

can users share their albums??? via any url?

will you add the option to add audio to the front publisher?

pleae add it when is possible

hi, how can i translate the media addon?


Hey… 6 days ago i ask you a simple question…. how can i translate the media addon?

As of now media addon doesn’t support this.

Error plugin v1.2 to upload photo. SyntaxError: Unexpected Token <

Can you please confirm you have purchased UserPro media manager ? It does not show up as purchased for some reason.


test it with Default Theme and minimal Plugins. This is a campatiblity Error. best regards

Can you please confirm you have purchased UserPro ? It does not show up as purchased for some reason.

great plugin!

Thanks :)