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Your script is great. May I please know if there can be two paths to the images folder for example assets/images (to store image files) and assets/documents (to store documents like word and pdf)

Need to purchase the script as urgent as is possible, its great!

Thank you

Hi there, You can have as many paths to media files as you like. The directory to media files should exists, because script doesn’t create folder itself. Will add this thing in next release. Thanks

Hi, we have successfull installed your plugin in our website. We would like to change the redirect page after a sucessfull upload of a photo.

Where can we do that? Could you help us understaing where is managed the redirect, please?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for purchasing the item. There is a function in media.php controller file named do_upload() located in ./application/controllers/media.php. This method is called to upload images. Change the last line of method from redirect(’/’.CN_BASE, ‘refresh’); to whatever redirect you want. For more assistance you can directly write me email on

Regards Prashant

Hi there, is possible to set the maximum number of upload? I want to set that users can upload one image at time.

Thank you

Hi, in ./application/views folder open index.php file. On line no. 39 in js file uploader code set file upload limit to variable ‘maxFiles’, currently it is 10.

Best, Prashant

Hi I want to know if the system can divide the files by user, because I need that kind of functionality, when a user enter that he can only see the files that he upload regards

Hi, login and registration system is provided with script. A logged-in user can only see his uploaded files. Files info is stored in database with user ID. Link to documentation is provided on item page. Thank You

Hi, we’re using your plugin in our website.

We have set allowed file type in both json file, but when we try to upload a not allowed file we found a issues. The file isn’t upload but it show the icon of right upload istead of the error icon.

How can we fix this?

Hope i explain the issues, if not just tell it. Thank you

Hi, I can’t say anything till I don’t check the issue myself. May be it is a bug. If you can provide me issue details like file, settings you made, the right icon etc, or can give me access to your website I will be happy to provide you fixes.

Thank You

I see the user’s files? Is this possible?

Hi, each registered user can manage and upload his own media files.

HI. Using this media manager, is it possible to create a shortcut of a file in the folder?

Hi, Sorry such feature is not provided.

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Hi Prashant -

Is there any way to force the folders to sort alphabetically, with numbers first – like the image files? The folders seem to sort randomly…


Thanks, Ray

Hi Ray,

Sorry for delayed reply, I will provide update regarding this issue. If you want to fix it yourself then you need to sort array of folder names that you can find in function get_folders_list() following the file path:


Regards Prashant

Thank you for your quick service!

Hi – great script!

I noticed when uploading some smaller images, thumbnails are not automatically created. What is the minumum image size that will trigger the script to create a thumbnail?


Thumbnails are created for images that have size greater than 200px.

Regards Prashant

Hello sir,

I want to purchased your superb script. can I resize, crop and other functions perform for images in it? pleas reply me soon its urgent

Hi, Sorry but no such features are provided now, will soon provide updates related to image manipulation.

Sorry but, I want that features right now Regards

Hi Abhi,

As it is urgent for you, I suggest that you should have look of other popular scripts available on codecanyon, that already have such features.


How Can I change the Images from subdoamin to main_site. I have the Admin section setup on a subdomain but all the images are saved ion the front end main domain

Figured this out

I am having a problem when the image is up loaded then it is redirecting to my main site and not staying on the subdomain where the script is.

Hi There, Redirecting to main site can be a problem with base url configuration. I will check this issue and will get back to you with proper solution. You can directly connect with me on Google hangout with my email address: If possible I can personally check the issue on your hosting.

My Best, Prashant

Hi, I tried the script on sub-domain and it is working fine. Is it still showing issues on your side ? - Prashant

Hi Prashant,

I’m wondering if I could pay you to customize a version of Media Manager?

We’d like the admin to have all rights for creating and deleting all content – and the users to have read/download only rights. So all users would see the same content that is created by the admin (or super-user). We’d like to use this as a tool to distribute media materials to authorized members on a team project.

Is this possible with modification?

Thanks – Ray

Hi Ray,

I have sent you an email on your email address regarding the customization. We can discuss about modification requirements via same email process.

Thanks Prashant

I need help installing.

Platform : Ubuntu 14 Webserver: Apache

Database: local User Name: root Correct password database: mediamamager

I get following error. Please advice,

Vaibhav A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2005): Unknown MySQL server host ’<hostname>’ (0)

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 135


File: /home/vaibhav/workspace/mediamanager/application/controllers/Install.php Line: 136 Function: database

File: /home/vaibhav/workspace/mediamanager/index.php Line: 292 Function: require_once

Hi, I want to let you know that the installer script is provided with script. Although installation and customization services are not included in item support, you can add me over skpe with my Id: prashant.pareek11 . I will try to help you out. Thanks Prashant

Hi Prashant, i am interesting in your script, if I am know about codeigniter is possible added another options in each file, for example autorization of other user to see this file or asigned categories from a dinamic list? I’m asking you because i need added other functionalities but your script it is a perfect base. Thanks in advance…

Hi Jonycleva, Thanks for showing interest in my script. Please share your requirement details on my email address: If possible I will try to provide features in next release. I do provide customization services for different client’s requirements. Please let me know how we can proceed with your required functionalities.

Regards, Prashant

Hi, there is a significant issue with utf characters. If you try to rename a media to a non English characters then the media doesn’t show up. thank you in advance

This is a fix that everybody should have access to. The bug is straightforward.

First I want to let you know that this is not a bug. The script is not provided with multiple language support. Anyway give me few more days to provide the new update. Thank you.

Hi, have you tried to change the collation of media table column to utf8_general_ci from latin1_swedish_ci. This should work to fix rename, delete and upload function. I am working on adding multi-language feature. Thanks


i saw your script and looks interesting, but when i login as admin it shows the same features as demo user.

is there a admin panel, and how can i see it?

Hi, yes the script has admin panel too, you can access the script following the url:

admin panel user: admin124 pass: admin124 front end: user: demouser pass: demo1234

Thank you

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Severity: Warning

Message: mkdir(): Invalid path

Filename: drivers/Session_files_driver.php

Line Number: 117


File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\application\libraries\Base.php Line: 27 Function: library

File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\application\controllers\Install.php Line: 22 Function: __construct

File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\index.php Line: 292 Function: require_once

An uncaught Exception was encountered

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Message: Session: Configured save path ’’ is not a directory, doesn’t exist or cannot be created.

Filename: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\system\libraries\Session\drivers\Session_files_driver.php

Line Number: 119


File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\application\libraries\Base.php Line: 27 Function: library

File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\application\controllers\Install.php Line: 22 Function: __construct

File: C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\health\wardrobe\index.php Line: 292 Function: require_once

The problem are the thumbnail images are not showing up due to loss of direct link. I mean for example if you are to display an image: <img src=”./images/photo.jpg”> it won’t display anymore because the location has been moved out of the server’s reach from within the scope of the root.

But I have a trick for this to solve it. I use a php file to fetch the image data from the other drive outside the root and throw it to the server. The php file will serve as the fetcher and link to the images like this: <img src=”image.php?q=photo.jpg”>

I made it a practice as much as possible to separate the data from the web server hosted pages for security reasons plus the drive is Truecrypt encrypted so if someone steals my drive they won’t be able to read the data.


You will have to set the anchor url of files to fetch images. You may need to use routing and make a php script to respond url with right file. Keep trying, you will get the proper solution.

Is this something that I can use with CK Editor, as the file & upload manager?

Hi, this is simple CodeIgniter based PHP script to upload images and other files in the specified directory. Whatever specific requirements you have, this script needs to be customized.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: page

Filename: install/index.php

Line Number: 29


File: /home/indoware/public_html/ Line: 29 Function: _error_handler

File: /home/indoware/public_html/ Line: 74 Function: view

File: /home/indoware/public_html/ Line: 292 Function: require_once


Hi, I have problem (when install setup database) like above. How to fix it?

Please share your hosting details like operating system, web server, php, mysql and their versions. I will check and will get back to you with the proper solution.