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Pre-sale question: I saw the demo and I have one very important question for me: is possible to able admin see whole media added by all users?

Hi, you can have a look at admin panel here: user: admin124 pass: admin124 Admin panel is very simple, you can check total media and users added to script and update its settings.

My Best Prashant

Thank you for quick reply, but: my question was about to able SEE whole images or files uploaded by users, not only numbers of files. Can you reply again? Thank you

No, that feature is not available in script. Thank You.


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Is it possible to upload and download audio files such as “m4a”, “ogg”, etc.?


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I still can not upload the “m4a” file. Is it correct to be fixed when it is updated?

Can you please share the file that you are trying to upload to my email over my skype: prashant.pareek11


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<> I sent you a mail.


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A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: page

Filename: install/index.php

Line Number: 27


File: /var/www/html/GP/Script/s2o_media_manager/application/views/install/index.php Line: 27 Function: _error_handler

File: /var/www/html/GP/Script/s2o_media_manager/application/controllers/Install.php Line: 75 Function: view

File: /var/www/html/GP/Script/s2o_media_manager/index.php Line: 315 Function: require_once

I have an error installing it. How do I fix it?

Apache / 2.4.18 (Ubuntu) PHP 7.0.22 MySQL 5.7

Let me check the issue, I will be back to you soon.

I could not identify the issue with installer script. Please provide your email address, I will send you installed version.

i tried the front-end and see error : In order to use the encryption class requires that you set an encryption key in your config file.

Check now please.


I’m having issues installing this. I go to the index page of the directory I’ve uploaded this to and click on the ‘Setup Database’ button but when I do, it can’t find the page it’s meant to be going to and I get redirected to my hosting providers ‘Page Not Found’ page. I know the page I need is there because I’ve found it in the ‘application/views/install’ directory. Please help.

Hi, can you give me details of your system environment details, like os, server, any xampp, or wamp package you are using? Or provide me your, email address I will provide you the installed version of the script.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. My e-mail is

Hello! Pre-Sale Question: I’m a developer and my goal is to be able to change project files, directly on the client, without having to use updates. My projects are made in codeigniter. Is it possible to change or replace files in my project? I imagine that your application would be installed in a sub-folder, so it would be important the reading to be to an earlier level.

Hi, the script is intended to store media files, so your requirement seems different. The script can’t detect files already stored in file system, their details need to be saved in the database. The script will require many customizations to meet your requirements.