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How to use custom categories for the WordPress Media Library?

By default the WordPress Media Library uses the same categories as WordPress does (such as in posts & pages). If you want to use separate categories for the WordPress Media Library add this code to the file functions.php located in your theme or child-theme: /** * separate media categories from post categories * use a custom category called 'category_media' for the categories in the media library */ add_filter( 'wpmediacategory_taxonomy', function(){ return 'category_media'; } ); //requires PHP 5.3 or newer
Or if you have an older PHP version: add_filter( 'wpmediacategory_taxonomy', create_function( '', 'return "category_media";' ) ); //requires PHP 4.0.1 or newer

Can I upgrade from the free version to the premium version without problems?

Yes, you can delete the free version and then install the premium version. All assigned categories will be remembered.

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