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Hi, We already bought the plugin but how can we get the latest update for Media Library Categories Premium 2.1.2 ?

Hi, if you bought the plugin you can download the latest update at your Envato account. Also make sure you login to Envate with the same user as which bought te plugin.

Hi Jeffrey When I go to upload images using your plugin, it doesnt allow me to choose from the categories, which for me defeats a large part of the objective. Are you planning to develop this feature? Thanks Andrew

Hi Andrew, I’m working on that feature. It will be included in a future release.

Excellent, is that coming soon ?

I hope to have it ready within a week.


deeve Purchased

Great plugin. Works perfectly in Media Library view. However, I have a schedule plugin that launches a media modal to ‘Select An Image’. Would be amazing if I could utilize your media category filters within that modal window’s toolbar. Is there an easy way to include them? Thanks

I would like to check out what te possibilities are. What is the name of the schedule plugin you are using?


deeve Purchased

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the reply. It’s called ‘Responsive Timetable for Wordpress’ on here & launches an instance of the modal when allocating an image for an event. Would be really useful to filter the library using your categories as could save me an age looking for them!

You need to add the following to the open call for it to work frame: 'post',

Hi Jeffrey, I would love to minimise the amount of media on my site to help prevent it from slowing down too much. Loads of my images are labelled as unattached and when I click on the permalinks they tend to take me to a page that isnt linked to anything. However, after deleting images labelled as attached i find that it has deleted critical images and even restoring files isnt enough i have to restore from database meaning i lose work. Is there something i am doing wrong ? please advise; thanks, Andrew

Thanks. When im in the media library it doesnt highlight if the label is unattached so that doesnt really resolve what I would like to achieve but I think I understand your point and it does raise another concern. I was trying to tidy everything up the other day and noticed you could attach files and as I say loads were unattached so I thiought well if I cant delete them I may as well attach them to something or maybe they will be seen as broken links by Googles robots (probably using unfounded logic) I have a lot of images so went through them as quickly as possible so its very possible i would have attached some of them to the wrong pages as some of the images are used on multiple pages. Could that cause me any issues?

Thanks for the advice by the way. Now that you have explained I understand you are going over and above in order to help me

Google robots (and Yoast SEO plugin) don’t see any difference between attached or unattached images. And it won’t cause any issues if an image is someway attached to a wrong page of post.

Hey Jeffrey, I am using yoast for SEO and its noticing that I need to add alt attributes to images. Im not a coder so wondered if its possible to do that through your plugin

It’s a function in WordPress (you don’t need an extra plugin for it). If you click on an image in the WordPress media library you see a list of fields you can fill in. One of them is called “Alternative Text” (I don’t know the Spanish version). In short alternative text is called alt text or alt attribute. After you add the image to your post the alt attribute will be added to the image.

Also see

when i added new media categories it merged all together with my custom post type categories. how do I undo this?

You can solve this with the first question in the faq (displayed above the support section)

Hi. Were finding Image Categories plugin extremely useful (and cannot understand how people use WordPress without it).

I was wondering if there was a way to call the plugin somehow from media library screens that are generated by other plugins. For example, we also use the latest RoyalSlider plugin for WordPress. When adding an image to a slide, the media library grid view opens in a popup but there is only other option to filter via an ‘All dates’ dropdown.

Is there any way we can get the Categories dropdown to appear? Any action or hook etc etc? I appreciate we are dealing with a third-party plugin but wondered if displaying the media library was still a standard method that can be dealt with.

Thanks very much Neil

Thank you. My plugin works with most other plugins, but some don’t use the “default way” of calling the media library. The third party plugin should be changed by adding the following to the open call for it to work frame: 'post'

I just want to double check before I purchase this plugin – I see that you can sort by categories when you Insert Media. Does that also work when you are creating a Gallery?

Yes, to only show images from one category in the gallery you have to add the ‘category’ parameter to the [gallery] shortcode. The value passed to the ‘category’ parameter can be either the category slug or the term_id, for example with the category slug: [gallery category="my-category-slug"] Or with term_id: [gallery category="14"]


i’m interested in the function to view all records which have no category; i do not mean “uncategorized”, that is a named category. .

Is it implemented?

Best regards Frank

Sorry, this is not implemented. I did some research and think it’s not possible with the WordPress architecture.

Recently purchased and installed including changing php file. Not seeing a way to use bulk edit. Using 4.7.2 and your version1.5.2. had previously installed free version and deleted? Any suggestions

Are you supposed to be able to add files to category via built edit?

Version 1.5.2 is the free version. Please download your copy from CodeCanyon, the latest premium version should be 2.1.5 The first screenshot on the profile page shows how to use ‘Bulk Actions’ such as add or remove categories.


baden32 Purchased

Hi Jefrey, I just bought and installed Media Library Categories Premium and can easily defined media categories (+sub-cat) and assign images/doc to these definitions.

Now my WP instance is using Page builder “Motopress” and unfortunately, when a image bloc content is used and I want to select an image, the interface shows all the medias without any possibility to filter by category.

Is that a known problem or do you know a way to get the media filter for this Pagebuilder?

As we are going to build another WP website which will use “Fusion builder” or “Visual composer”, can you let me know if the category filter is available with these Page builders?

Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, Joël

Sadly some plugins don’t work with the standard WordPress media library popup (but luckily most do). If this is the case for you and you are unable to use my plugin you can always get a refund at

Uninstalling the plugin will not remove the categories under Media? I have uninstalled the plugin but the categories are still showing under Media. Any ideas?

You can temporary install the plugin again and remove all categories with the bulk option in the media library.

Dear Jeffrey,

Great plugin! I’m currently using the free version of the plugin for my WordPress website. I only struggle with one thing so I want to know if this is possible or do I have to buy the premium plugin? Currently I have different categories for my posts and every post has a slideshow. Every image of this slideshow has a specific category. The problem is that I want to display in my category.php file the posts of that category but also from every post that should be displayed only those who have a certain category. Currently when using the shortcode it displays all the images that have that category but not only the images of that specific post that have that specific category. Is this anyhow possible or do I have to buy the premium version?

I hope I can make this possible.

Looking forward to your response.



I have updated the free version. In this update there are some extra options for the gallery shortcode. The premium version will also have the new options but will be released later, because I’m working on some extra things (besides the gallery shortcode) for the premium version.

Use id attribute in gallery shortcode and show attachments in selected category and uploaded to post ID.
[gallery category="my-category-slug" id="123"]

Leave id attribute empty in gallery shortcode to show attachments in selected category and uploaded to current post.
[gallery category="my-category-slug" id=""]

I think this would be the option you are looking for?

Amazing!!! This really works!!! You’re the best! Thank you so much!

Glad to be of assistance. And good reviews are always appreciated ;-)

Hi Jeffrey, I’m planning to buy your Media Library Categories plugin. Is it possible to display all the medias of a category on the page of that category? Best regards, Guillaume

Yes, for example you can use the gallery shortcode for that. [gallery category="my-category-slug"]

I just purchased media library categories premium in order to set or change the categories of multiple images in bulk. However, there is nothing like change or set category in the bulk actions drop down. What am I doing wrong?

Please look at the first screenshot on this page You don’t have this dropdown? Or doesn’t it have the options?

Responding to your question: Please look at the first screenshot on this page You don’t have this dropdown? Or doesn’t it have the options?

My library screen has the dropdown but the only options it has is to add uncategorized, remove uncategorized and remove all categories.

Please be sure to add / create some categories first under Media → Categories.

Hello Jeffrey,

I uploaded images and they appear normally on the original language (Croatian) page. But on the translated language (English) page images disappeard, even though I’ve put check mark on “Duplicate uploaded media to translations”

What seems to be problem here?

Best regards

Does it also occur when my plugin is disabled? Just to be sure it’s not a WPML bug ;-)


furto Purchased

I am using the code from the accepted answer here to display a bootstrap gallery. Is there a simple way to make this work with your plugin?

The problem with the post_gallery filter used in your example is that it overrides the default gallery template and disables the custom attributes (for example category=’1’). So it seems there is no simple way to make it work with my plugin.