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Hello, I want to buy you plugin but i have a question before.

I have : cat A cat A1 cat A2 cat B cat B1 cat B2 Etc… Can i do a filter to only show on dropdown list the cat A & B ?


The child categories A1, A2 and so on will have an indent in the dropdown so you can quickly distinct them from the parent categories.

Hi now that I have the plugin is there no way to mass move photos to a media category? When I bulk select it only gives me the option to delete items not add them to a category.

Hi, have you already created some categories? After that you can bulk add images to a category. Look at the first screenshot for an example


Peytz Purchased

Media Library Categories Premium v2.1.5 not showing when adding pictures through widgets. When I edit images on pages/posts the Media Library Categories filtering appears above the images, but when I’m in a widget, hit “Edit Image” and go to the media library the filtering is gone. Is there any way to fix this?

I have tested it with the the default WordPress image widget and it works in WordPress 4.8.1. Maybe you are using a custom image widget from a theme or plugin?

Hi, before I upload images to Media Library via drag&drop, is it possible to select category, which the images will be inserted to?

The free plugin doesn’t allow this.

No sorry that isn’t possible with my plugin

Hi, Jeffrey. Great plugin.

I’m not seeing the category dropdown sort option when adding an image to a page or post using page builders like Elementor and Cornerstone. It is present on the default “Insert Media” screen when adding media to the default wp content editor.

Is there an option to enable viewing the categories sort dropdown from within Elementor?

Screen shot of default “Insert Media” view with category dropdown:

Screen shot of Elementor “Insert Media” view with no category dropdown:


Sadly some plugins don’t work with the standard WordPress media library popup (but luckily most do). If this is the case for you and you are unable to use my plugin you can always get a refund at

Hi Jeffrey, I have installed the premium version. We have media files categorized. That is great. Where the trouble is when I search by the URL category so as to see all of the media files associated with it – I get “Sorry, no content matched your criteria”. Thanks for helping!

I don’t fully understand, could you give an example? Where and how do you search by the URL category?

Absolutely! We have loaded four songs for the Asbury choir to practice and chose the asbury choir category when we uploaded the media. When viewing the category – – this message is displayed – Sorry, no content matched your criteria.

I see the confusement. The category assignment is only available in the backend. And for image galleries in the frontend.

Hi, I just bought the Pro/Premium version of the plug-in. I do need to use the Media Categories instead of the normal Post Categories to organise my media. I pasted the code into the functions.php as described in the FAQ. I use the UNCODE theme from Once I uploaded the code the Post Categories disappeared but the Media Categories did not show up. After removing the code again the Post Categories showed up again. Can you please let me know how to get the Media Categories activated. Thanks for your support, Florian

Hi, maybe the taxonomy category_media is already taken by another plugin or the theme. Please try another name for example category2_media.

add_filter( 'wpmediacategory_taxonomy', function(){ return 'category2_media'; } );

Hi, thanks for the quick fix. Works perfectly fine now!


I have just installed your plugin Media Library Categories Premium.

I use it mostly for WC. I’m trying to filter my media while editing product but can’t filter my categories. Could you help me?

I can do screenshot or video.




For what field doesn’t it work? I’ve tested with content field, product short description and product image in WooCommerce and all of them are working. Does it work within normal pages in WordPress?

I would like to be able to FILTER by Uncategorized Media Images…

How can I do it? Is there some code snippet that I could add to my functions.php file that will allow me to perform this filtering?

After the upload the images are by default added to the category “Uncategorized”. But I think you want to filter on images that have no category assigned. Technically this is not possible in WordPress :(

All works fine only when i create a new page & select to insert media I do not see any drop down to select the category!

Are you using a pagebuilder plugin?


I have some questions:

Check this picture for my requirements, please

1) Do your plugin able to display based on that sample? ( like on number 1 we can see the grid show photos category, and on number 2 we can choose photos to show based each category, and on number 3 we can see each image with small thumbnails for other images)

2) Are we able to upload 360 photos and able to rotate to experience 360 in each single image mode?

3) This one not primary my goal, but, is it possible to give effect to each image?

Thank You

Hi, this is not possible with my plugin. My plugin ads the option to use categories inside the WordPress media library.

Hi, Before to buy I want to know if it can filter using 2 or 3 drop down category filters. Thanks

Thank you for your idea. I will take it into consideration.

Have you planned a date to add my suggestion?

Hi Dennis, I have not planned a date yet. If you are in a hurry or have very specific wishes I’m also available for freelance work. You can contact me for prices at


Xteve Purchased

Hello I’m using the free plug in, when i create a new page & select to insert media I do not see any drop down to select the category, if i I buy the premium all is ok? i am from Italy, excuse me for my english :)

Yes the premium includes this function. You can upgrade without any troubles your assigned categories wont get lost and stay in place.

Hi, I have deleted 1500 products from the woocommerce but the media still exists in the Media Library so Can I search the images from a particular category using your plugin?.

Regards, Alice.

Hi Alice, If you haven’t assigned the images to a category before deleting the WooCommerce products then you cant.

Hi Jeffrey. I have been using your plugin for a while and created hundreds of categories for media. I now realise the categories are duplicating to my categories taxonomy and when you click on them they dont even bring anything up so they are not indexable. I dont want my media library indexed anyway as very little of it is optimised. I tried your code and it does separate the two categories however, all it did for me was push all my media categories to the categories taxonomy. So now not only do I have an inflated categories index the images in my media library are not categorised. I need the media categories separated from my categories taxonomy so that I only submit categories in that taxonomy to google. Then I can keep the media categories purely for my own organisation purposes. Can anyone help ?

I will try to answer your question(s) in your latest comment:

Jeffrey. I just meant to extend my support licence but accidentally purchased the plugin again. Can you refund me and advise me how to extend my support licence please

Hi, thank you. You can get a refund at More information about extending and renewing item support can be found at

Thanks Jeffrey. Ive requested the refund but I dont know why youve sent me a guide on renewing support. This isnt where I would go to renew support, the option should be here. From what this guide says there are only two reasons I wouldnt be able to renew support 1) I already have more than 6 months of support left 2) you are no longer providing support for your plugin. I dont have any time left on my support, so are you no longer supporting your plugin ?

Hi I approved your request. I still provide support for my plugins. The option to renew or extend support should be in your download section.


ahamaton Purchased

Hi I am having an issue with categories being duplicated. I tried using the code you refer to above but it doesn’t fix my specific issue. I have been creating categories using your plugin for ages and have over 100 categories. Last year my SEO ranking was bad no matter and no matter how much metadata I added it didnt improve. So because my business is seasonal I am using the winter to try to fix all technical issues. I noticed in google search console I have over 100 categories in my categories taxonomy which I use purely for blogs posts. I have only just started using this and should have just one category. However, I now realise that every time I create a category using your plugin in the media library its being duplicated in to the categories taxonomy. So I have two indexes. First of all I dont want to index the images as a lot arent optimised and secondly when you open them in the categories taxonomy google cant find them anyway so this obviously creates a technical indexing issue. So I need to fix this. I tried the code you refer to above and that did successfully create two separate indexed however, it pushed the categories from the media library to by categories index. That means I have an inflated categories index with categories Im not using and on top of that they no longer work in the media category. I need your plugin purely to help me organise my media library for my own use. Not for indexing. So can you help me separate the two indexes so that I only index the categories I have created for ‘posts’ and leaves the categories I created for the image gallery where they are attached to the images in my media library. I hope that makes sense but feel free to ask any questions, thanks

Hi, the first step to do i to separate the media categories from the post categories (the default WordPress categories). I think you already know that, but just to be sure…
Add this code to the file functions.php located in your theme or child-theme:
/** * separate media categories from post categories * use a custom category called 'category_media' for the categories in the media library */ add_filter( 'wpmediacategory_taxonomy', function(){ return 'category_media'; } ); //requires PHP 5.3 or newer

Step 2: option 1
Migrate all categories to the new category_media for example using the free plugin Taxonomy Switcher (WARNING this plugin also removes the categories under posts)

Step 2: option 2
Create each new category manual and add the images to the desired category (this could also be done trough bulkactions).

As you know, if you are not satisfied (or I can’t help you) you can always get a refund.

Taxonomy switcher wont work as Media isnt a taxonomy. I have tested the plugin just to make sure as well. I have over 120 categories, manually recreating them is not an option. If you cannot fix this, I need a refund on the support as I will have to pay a developer to fix this which will probably cost even more and thats after theyve advised me to speak to the plugins author

The categories under media are a taxonomy and these are the ones you want to migrate. (If you hire a developer he will problaly also use a plugin to copy and migrate the taxonomies). If you want a refund thats not a problem. You can get one at I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you.

You keep responding with the same code which I keep explaining just moves the categories I created for the media library (Which your plugin is for) to the posts categuries, this means my categories taxonomy still includes loads of categories not related to posts, google cant index them, I dont want them indexed anyway and all the images I tried to organise with your plugin are then disconneted from the categories I used your plugin to create to organise my library. I am going to have to pay a developer to fix this. So can you refund the support contract i just extended to get your support with this please

Sorry Jeffrey ignore this. I read a review about this in your reviews section and thought it was a response to my question. Apologies for any confusion

ok no problem :)