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Hello, I want to buy you plugin but i have a question before.

I have : cat A cat A1 cat A2 cat B cat B1 cat B2 Etc… Can i do a filter to only show on dropdown list the cat A & B ?


The child categories A1, A2 and so on will have an indent in the dropdown so you can quickly distinct them from the parent categories.

Hi now that I have the plugin is there no way to mass move photos to a media category? When I bulk select it only gives me the option to delete items not add them to a category.

Hi, have you already created some categories? After that you can bulk add images to a category. Look at the first screenshot for an example


Peytz Purchased

Media Library Categories Premium v2.1.5 not showing when adding pictures through widgets. When I edit images on pages/posts the Media Library Categories filtering appears above the images, but when I’m in a widget, hit “Edit Image” and go to the media library the filtering is gone. Is there any way to fix this?

I have tested it with the the default WordPress image widget and it works in WordPress 4.8.1. Maybe you are using a custom image widget from a theme or plugin?

Hi, before I upload images to Media Library via drag&drop, is it possible to select category, which the images will be inserted to?

The free plugin doesn’t allow this.

No sorry that isn’t possible with my plugin