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abhimanyu003 does not currently provide support for this item.

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Mcrypt PHP extension required.


I do not seem to have installed on my server …. is the error message correct? (Mcrypt PHP)

How can I install this on my Plesk Onyx?

Greetings Thomas

Invalid Item Purchase Code

Bitte um Hilfe….. Please help…..

Hey, I have a problem with the installation, the error is “Invalid Item Purchase Code”, please you can help me? I send an email to you

Hi can you check the refund request please, i need to purchase another item. thk in advanced

I cant access demo site

I wanted to use this as a base for a project and code additional features. I thought this is open source. Is the code locked with a purchase key?

Can you embed HTML content such as video, music, google maps, iframe etc?

hi is it open source? we need to make changes to use

Will their be any updates? Is this script still supported?

Script is using SimpleMDE for Textareas. This does not work on mobiles and then there’s no need to purchase this script.

any update for this one ? please…

I intend to buy this product but I have money spread on two cards one visa and another mastcard all added in Paypal. When I try to make a payment, I get an error message to tell me that I must insert another card, which is understood as of course, Paypal charges on a single card. To complete 35 that is the total value of the sale of this product, I have $12.3 and $23 on another card, totaling 35.3 but the two cards are in a single Paypal account.

With that, you guys show me one went so I make the payment with so two cards or transferring from the Paypa. Or still if you don’t mind, I make delivery of the PayPal account code, I need urgent to make the payment.

If you have a chat or email where I can communicate with you, I thank you for sending me.

DO NOT BUY. Developer left a long time ago. Last update to his scripts was 2017. If you buy any of his scripts, you’re an idiot.

Are you planning adding points system ?

demo not working ?

Demo is down!!!!!! :-(

demo not working share working demo link plz