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Before buying this theme i would like to know if i can make it so that people can only upload videos from their computers to this theme?

Thank you in advance

Hello supahotfire

No video uploading not possible.


Awesome Script to Use for Gallery! Great Support as well. Definitely recommend.

can you scrap everything on this and just use it for images only

Purchased this last year installed again but wont accept the purchase code

Hello scotty68

If i’m not wrong we have already send you updated version. If you didn’t get it just wait for 2-3 days more untill envato approves the update.


Interested in this theme. Do you still update it? Has been well over a year since you have updated it so I would be worried about support. Tried to test out the site but not allowing the test site to post doesn’t allow me to see exactly how it works….


MMahtab Purchased

I have purchased but purchase code error during installation, no support by the author for this issue , very poor support , I don’t get reply from author for this issue till now 10 Days has been passed but no reply from author.

1- Can you add RTL support to the script? 2- Can you add “Instagram” and “Twitter” features same as YouTube? 3- Can the user login using his Twitter account?

Hello sera3

1. It support but flipping template will be not easy.

2. I have look for this.

3. We are looking forward to this in next update.


I have to ask, when is your next update planned.


w4s Purchased

I have purchased but get purchase code error during installation at ‘MYSQL Settings’ page. What should I do?

Hello, I have taken a quick look at your theme/script and first things first nice job its been a while since I have seen one made with such quality in mind. I haven’t had a chance to go in depth so I figured it would be quicker to ask here is it possible to make it so anyone can submit media ( None Registered ) user? either via a setting or a little change of the code.

I ended up buying the script anyways just due to the looks but I’m experiencing a “Invalid Item Purchase Code” error.

Quick Email support and even offered to help me install it free of charge. The product is just what I have been looking for and I will be suggesting a couple new features for him to add. 10/10 support and I will even be buying the extended support just in case I run in to any problems in the future. The backend is very easy to navigate and got everything you could want without customising it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hello, I have purchased this but am unable to install due to an invalid purchase code. What should I do? I’ve sent a few messages…

Hi im purchased your script. Im trying install but error: Invalid Item Purchase Code

Hello vnarmanli

Please send us email we will provide you updated version.


How to make money with this?

Hello affiliatedropship

By placing ads – doing paid promotion, there are many other ways to monetise things. It totally depends on type of idea you want to work on.


During install, error shows “Invalid Item Purchase Code”. Already emailed author for days but no reply yet. Please help.

still no support so far…

I get the same error “Invalid Item Purchase Code” ..

Nice script. Couldn’t find the collections features which I would love to see like it’s available in the Hackers News script.


hi, no updates since 2015 ? its still supported and up to date ?

hi there.

i intend to start a video-contest, where users can submit their videos and a jury votes for them so there will be a top10 list in the end.

can your script offer the following features?

- a (standard)frontenduser(group) that can upload videos, but cant see any other videos from other users. only the ones they submitted themselves?

- a (admin)frontenduser(group), that sees all submitted videos by all submitters. they should be able to rate the videos, add them to favourites etc.?

- can rating be via stars-rating (1-5 stars)?

thanks and greetings