Discussion on Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

Discussion on Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

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Hi folks,

on iPhone and iPad the opened image windows are almost uncloseable with the x in the upper right by touching it. Works only in extreme magnification – and only sometimes, looks like pure luck to find the right spot. Same for the left and right arrows.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanx, Joerg

On my Android phone and on an iPhone it looks good. The close box is not big but is visible. It’s all ok :)

I agree on improving it, I’ll do it for sure in the next release ;)

Okay, so I wait for the update, thx

Ah! Never mind, sorry, I didn’t see that I was supposed to set a ‘featured image.’ All good now. Awesome plugin!!!

Great :)

Many thanks for purchasing!

Hi, I hope you can help me. My images are invisible, though I can see the grid layout, and have tried “everything” (that I know how to). I tried changing the options in “Advanced,” and regenerated all of my thumbnails. When I had the images set to “Single Image,” the thumbnails did pop up in the lightbox, but I made the images static, since I don’t want the overlays. I even changed one of my .PNG images to .JPG thinking that was the problem, but it didn’t help. My theme is Suffusion, everything is updated, and I’ve deactivated all of my other plugins. Can you possibly tell me what I’ve done wrong? Thanks! URL is:

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me! worked perfectly!

Thanks :)

Having problems with 2 thumbnail images being cut off on the right & left sides. I’ve been looking at the CSS but do you have any suggestions of how to get these 2 images to not be cut off? I previously had a lot more additional images and they looked fine but these 2 are giving me problems.

Link is here:

Thank you, CK

Hello CK and thanks for purchasing,
please note that grid images are cut to fit perfectly the cells, so is normal that someone is cut.

Tru to use a slightly different images, maybe with more white around the subjects.

Okay I will add some white around those images, thank you much!!!


Hi LCweb,

thank you for developing an awesome plugin!

I am curious whether or not its possible to have the media grid displayed on the homepage of my wordpress site. I’ve tried inserting the shortcode in home.PHP and a few other things but it seems it only works in a post. is there a way to display it without displaying a whole post on the homepage (e.g. I want just the grid and no post title or author info next to it as it displays if you use the “sticky” feature of wordpress. Thanks in advance and sorry if I come off as a noob, I am haha.

Hello, thanks for purchasing and for the kind words!

You can place grids everywhere you want. If you need to use it directly with PHP code, you must use the do_shortcode() function. ;)

It seems i even don’t get a picture in there when i place a picture it isn’t shown in the set featured image like in your video’s. but i see it in the [;ace where you put the text (the visual content) what doesn’t happen in your video. need some help here.

Thanks, Thomas

Hi when i put a youtube video in the grid, you don’t get an image of the video. Is there an option for that or can i only set a picture in there through set featured image. So you don’t see the first image of the video.

Thanks, Thomas

Hello Thomas and thanks for purchasing,
no, the “video” item’s lightbox displays directly the video. The featured image is shown only in the grid.

However you can do that tweaking the plugin, is not too difficult, but you has to be a developer :)

Ok Thanks, as mentioned beneath somehow i don’t get a picture in the lightbox.

It seems i even don’t get a picture in there when i place a picture it isn’t shown in the set featured image like in your video’s. but i see it in the Place where you put the text (the visual content) what doesn’t happen in your video. need some help here.

And i’m no developer are you gonna implement this in the future. It seems logic for this plugin and probably more demand for it.

Thanks, Thomas

Could you give me a link where I can check the image issue?


I’m real happy with your plugin. The video’s on my site look really nice and all is working fine. All but one thing.. I only used Vimeo video’s and they work great but I recently added a Youtube video but it does not load, even though the url is correct. Any ideas?


Hello and thanks for purchasing,
have you used the youtube sharing link? (the one with

Thanx! That was the winning answer:)

This looks really great! Is this functional on a website not utilizing wordpress? Can I implement it into the html/css code? Thank you!

no, you have to use it with Wordpress

Ok I solved the problem! I need to use the Old jQuery! Awesome plugin btw…

Great :)
thanks for purchasing, have a nice day!


I have done a demo on my website, but it doesn’t seem to show anything.

Your help will be much appreciated:

Hi, I will purchase your plugin and this theme:

Is your plugin compatible with all themes? (because of your plugin works with a shortcode. )

Im waiting for youe help. Thank you

Hello, for sure it is. You can use grids everywhere in a website. :)

Can you tell me why all of the MediaGrid CSS and Javascript is being included on every WordPress page instead of only the page that has a MediaGrid shortcode? Also, why is there CSS being embedded in the page instead of a css stylesheet? It seems to be making a mess of my html source code.


Hello and thanks for purchasing,
any plugin enqueue styles and JS on the website. Avoid issues and multiple calls.

CSS file is quite small and JS is an unique minified file. The loading impact is almost insignificant :)

For the embedded code: it is used because your server doesn’t allow to create a custom CSS file. To avoid this, enable the permission on your server, re-activate the plugin and save the settings.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is it possible somehow to automate this process? Say, add the option – show the original size.

Not for now. Since many customers has suggested to use an improved system to display different image sizes, I’ll try to develop it in the next release.

For now there is no way out

Hi is there way to show picture in original size? for example, picture 200×300, in lightbox this size became 400×600 and photo quality drops, I used Item Container Width and Item Container Maximum Width but I want use recommended settings (70 and 960) and original size photo. Thank you

Hello and thanks for purchasing,
you have to use the max-height value in the “edit item” page.

Remember to sat a smaller value than the image.
(ex: if the image is 400px hight, you have to use 399)

I have a 4 monitor setup. Two monitors are 30” using 2560×1600 resolution. The other two are vertical, using 1200×1920 resolution. This happens on IE on both resolutions (and does not happen on Chrome, Safari or FireFox).

Best and thanks for your support!

I have a 4 monitor setup. Two monitors are 30” using 2560×1600 resolution. The other two are vertical, using 1200×1920 resolution. This happens on IE on both resolutions (and does not happen on Chrome, Safari or FireFox) .

Best and thanks for your support!

Strange, because your layout appears only if I resize the browser.
Anyway there is no errors, I don’t know why but on IE your grid container seems to be smaller than normal

Hello LCweb,

I have some issues with SSL security related to your plugin.

Whenever I go to an SSL -protected page (I am forcing https on certain pages that require secure transmit of information), the media-grid plugin breaks my SSL security by making calls to http-based assets from within the https page. This results in the browser not showing the “lock” icon that guaranties the users that their information is safe.

Its worth mentioning that the https pages do not even use the media grid…. However, when I open the Google Chrome console I see the following messages (example):

[blocked] The page at ran insecure content from

There are three such notifications (for forntend.css, style.css and

I tried to search for direct http references (hardcoded) in your code, but couldn’t find any. You used the proper wordpress methods for obtaining URLs and directories, and I was not able to find the problem.

Can you please help me resolve this issue? Here is a link to the problematic page:

All the best!

I see wrong “http” in the custom CSS file. Nothing serious, please open a private tivket here, I have to send you a patched version.

Alright thank you! I opened a private ticket where you specified. I look forward to the patch.

Hi again,

one more thing: If I add a grid with filter – can I have just one category opened up when the page opens, and not all the categories?

Thanx, Joerg

I’ve told you is not very easy :D

When the page loads, the script has to hide all the items and show only the ones with the proper category class.

Of course has to be done with codes ;)

So no chance for help? My wife would cook for you. And she’s a great cook! ;-)

AHauahauahauh :D

I’m sorry but I really don’t have extra time. Nowadays I cannot do it neither as paid work :)


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