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Media Grid V6

I just updated to the v6, and… all my grids are empty. Does any one got the same issue ?

In the settings panel, I can not spot anything wrong.

LCWeb ?

Please use my profile form and give me a wp access. You don’t have support entitlement, but since is a huge release and I want to be sure everything’s perfect, I’ll take a look

Thanks to on colleague, it works again!

So I supposed one need to re-install the plug-in AND then to clear caches.

Have a nice day Regards

Well.. yeah. Caches have to be cleared once the updated has been installed :)

Hi, I purchased the Grid and I have a Envato Market plugin installed in my WP. I installed it to update my CodeCanyon plugin automatically. When I installed your plugin it doesn’t appeared on the Envato Market plugin, do you know why cause I would like to update it automatically than manually ?

sorry but I’ve not understood too much of your message. Have you used another “tool” to install my plugin..?


Draxeiro Purchased

I ran into the exact same problem as nicolasdet: updated to v6, and grid is empty.

I see that on the link nicolas provided it seems to work again, how to solve this problem?

you have exactly the same issue: old version number in CSS files. As if your custom CSS file awsn’t updated.

PS: I replied to your e-mail


After updating to V6, all my grids shows very tiny thumbnails. Any ideas why ? Everything was fine before the update of course.

I am not entitled to support anymore but just in case it is a bug.

Example of the tiny thumbnails in website below, clicking on them brings up the lightbox correctly.

Thanks, Joe

Thanks, I will try that. But everything was fine before v6. All caching is disabled for pages that have Media Grid.

In the Media Grid settings, under Custom CSS, there is no box to enter the custom css. now. I remember I have some simple custom css there, and they are far on the right of the screen, outside of the screen.

Could you please give me a WP access via profile fom?

Hi, Luca, I have sent you the information.


peschaud Purchased

hi, I just update Media Grid to v6 and all my grid are empty. I cleaned media grid cache, web brower cache but still not working. Can I have v5.144Media Grid

Thanks for your help.

have you cleaned your website and browser cache? Tried saving settings?


peschaud Purchased

Problem solved with v6.011 Thanks

Only minor things changed in v6.011 but probably it flushed your caches :)


solybarr Purchased

Hello, I just did the update and got the small empty boxes as well. I was able to revert to the previous version (the client site is on WP Engine). So what is the correct procedure then for updating?

you are probably the 6th customers with the same problem.

Everyone solved:

  1. insatlling plugin through the auto-updater or deleting/reinstalling it
  2. saving settings (this would be optional, but facing issues, surely helps)
  3. cleaning site + browser’s cache

As per others- I just updated via auto-updater and all my grid thumbnails were missing and my grids sizes were not displayed as configured. I cleared website cache, browser cache (tried in Firefox and Chrome), resaved Media Grid settings, resaved permalinks, no luck. I have rolled back. Just letting you know.

All with featured image?

Yes – I just rechecked. I have not changed them since v 5 which works.

May I have a WP access to check? (please use my profile form)

Hey !

I have no access to your 6.02 version, when i download your product, it’s the 6.011 version but your bugs it’s fixed in your 6.02 version.


Envato takes few hours to approve it. Actally you can grab it wit the auto-updater though

Ok ok thanks :)

Hi there, I just updated my Media Grid and my images are TOO BIG! I don’t like this. I don’t remember the settings I used to get them the way I wanted them. They are now two BIG grids on a page with a right sidebar. Used to be four grids on a page with a right sidebar. PLEASE HELP. My support has expired but I didn’t make any changes other than to update. Thank you! :)

Uhm.. seems I forgot that field in v6.
I’ll release a tiny fix asap

Thanks LCweb. Your customer service is outstanding!

You’re welcome!
BTW: v6.021 is available through auto-updater ;)

Hi, Luca,

All ok now, thanks !

After updating to 6.02 from 6.012 from Wordpress auto-updater, it says successful. However, Wordpress is still reporting it as 6.012 and asks me again to update. Repeating the auto-update keeps it at 6.012.

It probably is already 6.02, but the version number seems not to be updated.

Ehm.. I suppose it is called “be in a hurry” :D
Just update again, the veresion will be correct this time.

Many thanks for having reported this

Hello, I have bought almost all your products, you will see a client asked me to build a site and has installed half grid in his wordpress there I have to build a catalog of photo gallery that when clicking on the photo go to a certain url, I have configured it so but the link that shows is not the one that I put, it leaves me on the site and it adds the link that I give it …. the question if this is possible can be put together something that leads to an external url that also show the name of the photo at the bottom or top?

what do you mean precisely with “photo name”?

Something you inserted in media library or what?

Thanks for your answer. the foto is galery of photos to media library and i need clic to photo en portfolio and send to link url not show the picture

You can surely do that with Media Grid, creating one item per image.

However (unless you need a specific layout) is surely faster to achieve so with Global Gallery. You can have all selected images in one place and avoid creating multiple elements.


iosxpert Purchased

Hi there, I just updated my Media Grid and my images are too big.

I already tried:

1- insert somethin for the “all” filter in settings

2- Then you just have to lower the “mobile treshold” in settings

But still 2 rows with too big images.

Could you please advise? :(

Update: I have to set it to 400px. Then its ok on desktop. But what is the perfect size to have a correct layout switch for iphones and ipads?


LCweb Author

yes, it’s the mobile treshold setting. Now it is detected on effective grid’s width and not on screen’s width.

A value of 400 is a bit low for modern phones. I’d stick with 500

Hello, Your support login system isn’t giving me access once registered. Look here: The images aren’t displying until the lightbox is initiated and then they appear in there individual lightboxes. I think this a database thing. I’ve tried the deactivating and reactivating of the plugin. Also the Settings page doesn’t appear to successfully save any changes. Is there something I can change in the code so that the path gets changed to the proper url? This is the one it is trying for But it should be this one Essentially I need the database or code to remove ”/nas/content/live/encounterlife”. Please Help the site went live and then the problem happened.


LCweb Author

which error are you getting on the support site?

I register but then never receive a login details. I tried to reset the password also but didn’t get a reset email.


LCweb Author

Just sent you an e-mail ;)

Is there an option to turn off the lightbox for mobile – My client purchased this a few years back, but the lightbox on phone just resizes and the title and caption are hard to read(too small)


LCweb Author

there’s not a system to achieve it, but you have settings to control font sizes on mobile

Also is there an export/import option on the latest version?


LCweb Author

Media Grid deeply integrates (and founds its systems) onto wordpress IDs. Then only way to export a grid is to move the whole database.

Hi, we have been happily using the plug-in for some time now. We just updated it to the newest version and now noticed that it doesn’t work anymore on mobile. The grid loads, but when you click an image slider item, the overlay is shown, but without any image in it… You can see it live here:

I know our support period is over, but as it seems to be a problem with the update, I hope you are willing to help us.

There’s something (on your site) applying “position relative” under a certai resolution.

Just use this custom CSS
.mg_galleria_slider_wrap .galleria-stage {
    position: absolute !important;

PS: and I just gave you support for free :D

Thank you so much! That fixed it. :D

Do you think the problem is outside of your plug-in? I do think it is strange then that the problem occured just after the update. And if it is not your plug-in doing the position relative thing, and not any other plug-in, that means it is the theme right?

Either way, thank you for your help.

I think are about 2 years that this happens very rarely to customers. That relative position is applied via javascript, then I’m pretty sure is an interference

Hi again – my client has v2.32 installed – if we update to the newest version (repurchase) will all his grids and content remain and still function. I know it is quite a jump.

v2 is really really really old, but through years I tried to keep retrocompatibility.

Everything should be ok then

Thanks – we’ll give it a go!!