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Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?

Can’t do that. Your purchase isn’t my direct income.
You pay to Envato, obviously no one can confirm for a transaction between me and you that never happened :)

Please use my profile form, this isn’t the right place for these matters.

Partialy it is (:, I get 3 invoices from evanto and see the fee of the author. I dont expect from you invoicing me directly, only document which confirms where you pay your taxes , nothing else, it is required by our tax office for proper bookkeeping. As I understood you dont have such certificate.

Obviously I have an italian VAT ID, but please let’s continue in private. This is not the right place to speak about bureaucracy ;)

Presales Question: I want to create a dynamic changing columns layout with a 1 | 2 | 1 | 3 | 1 | 3 | – columns ordering. I want to load my latest posts within.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Yes all of my woocomemrce items here its working without woocommerce: and since I ad woocommerce ite nothing goes see here:

Checking the code, featured image seems missing indeed. Would be possible to have a WP access to check directly?

PS: Please open a ticket

Hi, thank you for taking a look at. Ive registered and send info over your support system.

best regards Andre

Hi, i just bought your product… I have a question : Why can’t I use visual composer in Media Grid Item ?

Is simple but then you’ll have items searchable and reachable across the website. And they won’t look surely good.

Can you tell me how i do it if it’s simple ?

admin_menu.php – set line 47 to true

Is it possible, to have more than six colums? I need 15. Thanks

15 is way too much. Would be impossible to manage the grid builder and tiles would be absolutely tiny under full-hd resulution.

Media Grid (desktop mode) supports up to 10 columns

Thanks for your quick reply. Tiny is no problem at al. I’ll keep looking for that.

Hi, Pre-Sales question.

1) Is this faster than Essential Grid from Themepunch? I’m currently using that now but it feels sluggish to me.

2) Does this grid come with filter controls? I’m thinking of using this grid to display my Woocommerce products and would like to add filter controls above the grid.

1 – depends on what you mean for “faster” :)
In media grid you have control over thumbs quality and size. Then I can guarantee only necessary bytes are loaded. Nothing more.

2- Sure. You will have to manually assign product to media grid categories and they will be automatically shown on grids.

FYI: this is a layout-free portfolio plugin. Remeber you’ll have to insert products one by one into the grid builder and shape them (several customers think there are fixed prepopulated layouts)

Hi, Great plug-in with awesome features. Looks like it is going to do a great job,

BUT you have an updated version that significantly does not currently match the supplied documentation so it is a little harder to figure out.

I am sure that with the correct documentation I will find the plug-in one of the best WordPress plug-ins.

documentation is a guide to let you understand essential steps to setup the plugin. Each key step (and important features added) are listed there.

Which step isn’t clear?


p3ntagon Purchased

can i use dropbox as image source and add gallerys with images from dropbox?

this is a portfolio plugin based on WP images. You could insert show galleries using shortcodes into the lightbox though.

What’s the difference between a “Static Image” and a “Single Image”?

static doesn’t have lightbox ;)

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 103809024 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 39045121 bytes) in on line 514


Upload isn’t the same as create a thumbnail ;)

I understand, but I’ve built other galleries and never had any issues with thumbnails being generated for those. I’ll see what I can do to increase memory and experiment some more.

I should check directly to tell you why so many memory is needed. From the outside I can only interpretate the error message


katw Purchased

Suggestions for future updates:

Grid editor [Mobile mode button]

+ Allow author to add/replace grid items (so you can for example switch in better sized items for space available).

+ Allow author to delete items without destroying or changing desktop grid arrangement.

+ button to ‘duplicate desktop arrangement’ (so you can use the arrangement you made for desktop as starting point).

Grid editor – more preset box height and width options

+ populate list with more sizing 2/9, 4/9, 5/9, 7/9, 8/9.

+ populate list with more sizing 3/8, 5/8, 7/8.

+ populate list with more sizing 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7 etc.


1-2- this isn’t possible: what you see in builder (both desktop and mobile) are the same items. would be quite a mess to have (and specially manage) different items in different modes

3 – This because you are advanced. Unfortunately I have to care any customer and most of them already have problems among sizes/modes/layouts.

Your suggestions are most welcome, but basically (from your comments) you’d like a totally new grid builder :D


katw Purchased

Love the builder, that’s why I thought I would share my ideas on what would elevate it even further. Thanks

Don’t get me wrong: I also think the builder is a crucial point for the plugin and has new ideas. But your ones will mostly add complexity that almost no user will use

(just think that many purchasers don’t even know about mobile mode….)

question, I wanted to use this plugin for a video gallery I want to create but I want to make sure:

1.) Does it automatically create a featured image for the video? I do not want to have to upload an image for each video

Hello, are you going to use self-hosted videos?

Pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to put a repeating background image on the pop up? I’d be using the gallery pop up layout.

Thank you

not by default, but takes a couple of seconds to me to give you the custom CSS to do so ;)

Awesome, thanks :)

You’re welcome!

Every time we have to update this plugin, the Predefined Styles settings are lost. We have to reconfigure it every time. Poorly developed plugin, that does not retain previous settings. With the update to 5.11, the default selection “All Photos” is now missing, instead found left of the category buttons above the gallery, is an empty box without the text. Not cool.

Did you fill the “ALL” field in settings?

What do you mean exactly with “pred styles retained”? Once you set a preset style, options underneath are overrided. They matter.

Are you saying every styling option is resetted on update?

That is the problem. A seasoned developer would when adding a new variable field, in this case insert “All” as the default entry, since that had in all previous versions been the default. Since you added the variable that allows a user to change the text heading, it shows nothing since nothing is entered. The correct way of handling the field addition would have predefined “All” as an install default, allowing user to to change the text at will.

The second issue is explained correctly each time I write it. Your English is very poor, so you do not comprehend. Every time we have to update this plugin, the Predefined Styles settings are lost. Do you know where Predefined Styles settings are found in your plugin? I would hope so. See “Choose a style”? See the drop down “Select A Style..”? Every time the plugin is updated THAT choice is lost and has to be reset. A properly developed plugin would retain the users choice the FIRST time installed, but this plugin never does. I can’t explain it any better and the problem can easily be replicated.

Dunno if I am seasoned, but already do this as you can see :)

I love the way you insult me, but love even more the way you are occupying my weekend with expired support and not even understanding HOW plugin works (and this is not a language issue).

That dropdown is not saved.
As 10.730 customers correctly understood (despite of my “italian” english and my bad codes), that field is used to override all other styling settings.

You set a style -> all options are changed and kept. They change media grid style, not “Choose a style” field.

Now: if you have serious issues, renew the support entitlement and open a ticket. Otherwise, please, stop.


adasch Purchased

Is it possible to create own names for the new deeplinks? Like instead of ”/?mgi_31=1724/projectname#!mg_ld=1126” just ”/projectname” ??



adasch Purchased

Oh ok – this was my fault I guess. I completely overlooked the fild “XML sitemap – items base-url” in the settings. I put in it now and submitted it to google. That should do it, right? Thanks!!


LCweb Author

Yep, exactly!

(and you also just got support for free :D )


adasch Purchased

....and really FAST. Thanks man :)


voneff Purchased

Maybe I missed this in the item description and I didn’t thoroughly search through the comments before buying (like this one:

BUT – the grid that this plugin creates can not be automatically populated. As far as I can see, grid items must be created one by one, manually.

My aim was to create a grid that is automatically generated from a custom post type, and having the CPT content displayed in a modal / popup (I could not get my custom fields to be displayed, too. But that might be another story).

The plugin functionality seems pretty far reaching and well thought through but documentation needs an update as I could only find a few narrated videos that show an outdated UI. Money down the drain in my case.


LCweb Author

yes, is probably written in half thousand comments and visible in walkthrough videos :)

Media Grid is a layout-free portfolio. Not a gallery. Then (actually) items must be created manually and grid must be populated.

In future, I’d like to add a new builder to auto-populate grids though.


sethteter Purchased

Is it possible to use iFrame content as one of the slider images?


LCweb Author

not actually. Theoretically the slider supports any content, but not as implemented in MG.

However you could use a slider into the “inline text” item