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Reyji Purchased

Rock solid support. I always got an answer within 24 hours and helped me with some nagging issues.

Thanks for the feedback ;)


tammisue Purchased

On my website, i have the media grid implemented:

When you click on a category, for instance “websites”, you get the following URL:!mg_cd=37

Is there anyway to change it so it reads: and so on for all the categories?

Thanks, Andy

using latest version you have a true URL with parameters. Can’t be as your example, but is surely better

Asking here in case someone already knows answer. Can I move the Navigation arrows in Lightbox OUTSIDE the items, not inside?

I mean in the lightbox. Thanks, Isla

I found the answer! I had to change the image sizes. Now it looks great.

I’d have answered “the settings option” to change arrows position, but I suppose you meant slider arrows :)

Hello Sir, We have problem in the front end grid page, the images not load, when we check inspector we found this error src=”thumb creation failed”

We are using version 4.201 and we tried to update to the latest version 5.03 but still have the same issue beside the filters view is corrupted so we return to the last version 4.201

Also updated the main theme and plugins, tried to deactivate plugins to check if there is any conflict and activate them one by one but still have the same issue

please check it in this link


please note your support is expired, you can renew it anytime though.

For thumbs creation, please check thia FAQ

To get specific support, please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

Mediagrid plugin doesn’t work anymore with #1 selling theme Avada, the Fusion Slider video auto play doesn’t work anymore, when Mediagrid is activated. Could you check the error: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘playVideo’ of undefined” , would be too bad if plugin isn’t usable anymore….?

Tried to “beautify” the minified code used by Avada
function registerYoutubePlayers() {
    Number(fusionVideoGeneralVars.status_yt) && !0 === window.yt_vid_exists && (window.$youtube_players = [], jQuery(".tfs-slider").each(function() {
        var a = jQuery(this);
        a.find("[data-youtube-video-id]").find("iframe").each(function() {
            var b = jQuery(this);
            window.YTReady(function() {
                window.$youtube_players[b.attr("id")] = new YT.Player(b.attr("id"), {
                    events: {
                        onReady: onPlayerReady(b.parents("li")),
                        onStateChange: onPlayerStateChange(b.attr("id"), a)
The error is
TypeError: window.$youtube_players[d.attr(...)] is undefined

Then nothing about MediaElement (video player used also by Media Grid). Only suggestion I can make is to try “js in head” in settings

Hey , this is jasminder , web dev working for Lo . Thanks for your response. I already tried scripts in head . Didn’t work. One thing i couldn’t get when media grid is deactivated the fusion player video showcase works fine with autoplay but once activated its conflicting with the javascript . I believe the patch should happen on media grid side

Yeah but.. patch where..? There are tons of scripts in Media Grid :)

Since you are a dev I’ll give you a suggestion, but for further support (I’ll investigate personally) you have to renew your support entitlement.

in js/frontend.js file of media grid there are all scripts used. Try commenting out them, one by one

I have purchased but asking here in case others have an answer… I made a grid with 3 Custom Content items (instagram embeds) – and they preview ok in the Grid Builder. But as soon I publish the grid only ONE of the Custom Content items (an instagram) displays. The other 2 are blank. They don’t load in the lightbox. Any idea why?

Hi there LCweb, I investigated and yes, it was Instagram – a weird thing to do with its embeds and Wordpress. I found a workaround online. Don’t know how long it will last… Thanks for taking a look at it for me. As usual, support is always forthcoming. Much appreciated.

Apparently WP recently added Instagram to its oEmbeds – so you only need to use an URL to post instagrams (not their embed code). I found a solution which is to do as you suggest and find another way to embed them. I put the instagram URLs in iframes and they work fine. For now.

Great :)

Pre-order question

Is there a way to sort / filter, but not hide? I saw the opacity change. But i’m looking for it to actual filter and just move non-sorted items for that category to the bottom of the grid


isn’t possible with the Isotope engine.

It can add classes to filtered items: then I can hide, change opacity or colors. But order remains the same

I am looking for a gallery that can do the following: 1) It is filterable 2) When you click the image in the gallery it doesn’t open in a lightbox, instead it takes you to a WordPress page.

Can your plugin do this?

Hello, sure you can achieve it easily!

Be careful though, is a portfolio plugin. Then each image must be created and added manually (with a maximum of around 60 items per grid)

Hello Sir, we have purchase code for this plugin but it seems that one of our developer used it in testing site, unfortunately we can’t know this domain which use the plugin licence to can delete it and use it in live site, is there any way to know this domain?

Uhm.. there’s no record associated to AshrafMourad username

So why when we enter our purchase code e got message that the licence used in other domain name!?

I should check directly, but: your support period expired and not being related to the plugin, normally I don’t support it.

Let’s say that if you renew and give me a WP access with your purchase code I could check, but I can’t be sure it can be solved (maybe is a server issue querying my endpoint)

Hi, I migrated my clients site containing this plug-in to another domain. It’s a 1-on-1 copy together with the database. Now the thumbnails just won’t show up. I have tried this already:

- Regenerate thumbnails

- Save all settings on the new site

- The steps in “After a domain change, thumbnails are not generated / icons are not displayed”

- The steps in “I’m getting a spinning loader – Thumbnails are not visible – Nothing is shown”

- Duplicate Grid

The grids are huge, I don’t want to recreate everything… The newly created Items work fine.

if is an exact copy, it should work. I’d have linked you the FAQ but you already checked that.

Unfortunately your support period expired, so I have to ask you to renew it in order to proceed checking directly.

Hello, there is a way to import multiple images at once, instead of insert one by one? I have a site with multiple galleries and it takes so much time to create a new item for every image and set the options. Every image have the same exact option to select. Thank you.


LCweb Author

essendo un pòugin per portfolio, gli elementi (nel tuo caso immagini) dovrebbero essere differenti e con contenuti specifici.

Quindi non c’è una aggiunta multipla proprio perchè ogniuno deve avere i suoi parametri.

Credo a te serva una galleria (tipo la mia Global Gallery)

Grazie per la risposta velocissima! :) Andrò a vedere allora il tuo altro plugin, grazie mille.


LCweb Author

Di nulla ;)

Is there a problem everytime Wordpress updates?

I ask this as a few times the Grid has stopped working but when I update the pages it works again.

This makes it unreliable if I have tons of websites using it…..people will lose faith in it!


LCweb Author

I’m sorry then, I can’t help you. Be sure that framework uses latest MG version

as opposed to what version???


LCweb Author

As you can see in plugin’s banner, latest version is v5.03


tiwelle Purchased

Hello, I’m having a small problem with a 1px difference. I tried your solution of wrapping my grid with a smaller div, but still : with horizontal, vertical and square elements, some are 1px higher or smaller, and I got white margins in my grid.

How can I fix that? Thank you Emmanuelle


LCweb Author

is just a matter of finding the right value. Try with 99.9%, it works for me

Pre sale question: Can you turn off the titles and icons that overlay when hovering over an image? Your demo doesn’t show that option in the settings.

it just requires a line of custom CSS (that I’ll be glad to send you ;) )