Discussion on Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

Discussion on Media Grid - Wordpress Responsive Portfolio

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Hello, I have a URL where I am temporarily developing the site. Can I activate the license at the temporary URL and then activate it at the final one?

LCweb Author

sure! You can have a 6-months staging activation token ;)

Filter function can not be found Hi, I have just installed the trial version prior to buy it. I manage to understand the plugin but what I couldn’t find was the filter function. Where can I activate it so that it shows it on top of my grid?

You first have to delete the single products (don’t worry nothing will be lost) and enable/activate the bundle

Great it worked and now I will be quiet. Big up for your great support, It all worked like a charm, happy day!

You’re welcome! ;)

Hi, have som pre sale questions, 1. Is it compatible with Elementor, 2. s it compatible with Wordpress 6.1 and can it be used on portfolio and when we click on a portfolio item it opens it’s portfolio item detail page?

1- sure!

2a – yes, it works with WP 6.1

3b- as said on the Bundle comment, yes as soon as your “portfolio” is a public post type

Hello, how can i open images in lightbox. because when i select lightbox slider. Than it opens in a popup. It looks great. But the images are not clickable to enlarge them.

Hello, that would be a lightbox in a lightbox.

You should probably use the media-centric lightbox mode and if it’s about a single-image item, you can enable the zoom function

No there are few extra images in it. Why is it a “lightbox in a lightbox”. It is a popup with a main image, with tumbnails below it and text on the side/below. It would be nice if there would be a lightbox mode for this. Or is there a other plugin that i can install to make the image in it clickable?

Otherwise it would be not use able :( it is all about the images, right.

Please open a ticket attaching a link to the lightbox:

Hello, my purchase code doesnt work?

what do you mean precisely? On which step are you facing troubles? Which error are you getting?

So now I can no longer automatically update the plugin through my WP dashboard because you are demanding we “renew our support entitlement” and now have to do it manually. What a dirty trick to play.

Not a dirty trick, things simply change sometimes to maintain standards:

Or maybe do you prefer the auto-updater enabled on an abandoned project? ;)

“Maintain standards”. I call BS.

Hi, you know me since a long time (lol). one question and one comment. the second one is just a comment, i just add my words to the other people here, i would have not expected to see so much words about it.

1/ since yesterday, i’m receiving facebook message about Mediagrid api graph deactivated, and asking a more recent one. I re actived it but one day later it has been deactivatd again. don’t know what this means, if an issue on your side or mine but we need the facebook share button.

2/ the licence token issue lol. like someone else said, i have my own licence since a long time (boring at each manual upgrade but i’m used to it now and accept it, but i’m sure you can understand that it’s an issue. we understand that it’s a necessity against piracy, to assure your financial protection, plugin, job (we all understand that) but it’s a different thing when we must manage other website , customers, etc… For now, your plugin is one of the best on the market, i love it, and don’t want to redo All the work on my website and the one of my friend who bought your plugin on my request, but the manual upgrade / token is an issue.

He’s unable to do the upgrade, too complex for him, he failed to activate the plugin when he bought, i had to take control of his computer and fix this myself.

you can imagine the issue when we have more than several client. i’m lucky i have only “one client”, but what about the others where doing website is their job ?

I hope you’ll find a better way to manage these manual upgrade. Actually i can’t upgrade at all the plugin on my friend website. H’s busy, job, work, have kids etc… it’s really a problem.

there is the automatic upgrade “price”, but it’s impossible to ask to “normal customer” like us who don’t even earn anything with their website to pay such a price twice a year for only an automatic upgrade. i’m sure you can understand the situation.

all the best.

1 – this is the share system used through the APP ID (the URL-based one). I don’t see any new notice or specific requirement. For any further support, please open a Ticket and let me inspect deeper

2- There have been a couple of bugs in the past months (one was a typo in the link), however you can find everything in the documentation.

The activation procedure is actually very fast once you registered your licenses and it’s forever. Once you validated the license on a website through a production token, you won’t have to care about that anymore.

Please note I had some troubles at the end of August switching to the final platform, if your licenses have been deactivated in that period.., I’m sorry about it. But in future this won’t happen anymore.

Updates without the auto-updater are super easy:

  1. download the package from Codecanyon
  2. upload it on the website (without disabling the plugin)
  3. replace the package

1/ I don’t have the money to renew the licence for now, so i’ll search around before, thanks !

2/ Wow, i see, yes certainly it’s happened during the issue on the plateform, it was not working like this at all thanks for letting me know !

have a nice day ;) !


lyvsy Purchased

After update I cannot create new post (not new grid but e regular wordpress post). https://*******/wp-admin/post-new.php redirects me to https://*******/wp-admin/index.php?page=dike_wpd&author=lcweb

yes, you have to validate the license. That page already instructs you on how to proceed.

If you need further help, please check the first doc chapter


lyvsy Purchased

So if a user didn’t provide the license key, instead of blocking just your plugin’s functionality, you block the part of the core wordpress functionality? Do you think this is smart?

The block is exclusively targeted on plugin pages and plugin elements.

To be honest what you report is a sort of a “logical bug”: since Media Grid post options are locked and they are displayed also on normal posts, they affect also other post types.

I’ll fix it in future updates ;)
In any case.. is a nonsense to have an inactive plugin enabled

I want to confirm how I plan to use the grid before purchase. My use is pretty simple. When you click on the thumbnail/tile in the grid it takes you to a linked page with more detail. Can you confirm if I am able to accomplish this with media grid

sure, you can use the grid tiles as a direct link to other pages.

You can manually create “link” items specifying the URL or automatically fetch your existing posts and set the grid to point to them.

This plugin causes CLS issues which affect the google rating of the whole website. Plugin has 0 height during pageload, and then suddenly gets height and pushes content down. Is there a way to prevent this, so grid already has correct size when it is not initialized?

height is auto-calculated through javascript basing on the wrapper’s width and items height. Obviously there’s no way to know its height on server side.

If you are worried about it, you could set a fixed height to the grid wrapper through CSS (and use different waypoints to set different sizes)

Ok, will do, thank you

Hello, I hope you can resolve my problem. I use your plugin for severals years. thank you

which problem?

hello, I write this message because a person of LCweb ask me to post an message here to show that I purchase the plugin, because I can’t post a message on support online :(

Nope, not here :)

Use the profile form here (on the left):

Hello, I managed to activate my plug in after I purchased it and everything is working well. I have 2 more questions.

1) Is it possible to have the filters collapsed the way it is on mobile view for desktop? I have a lot of options for the filters I would like them to be collapsed if possible.

2) Since my grind will end up having more than 400 projects, is it possible to have only 100 load and then have the others load as people scroll down the portfolio?

I’m gonna answer your ticket right now ;)

blyerts Purchased

I just deactivated media grid + overlay + filter a couple of hours and when I activated it again all my licens were flushed. So now I have to create new token just by just deactivated. All media grid has beed replaced by just the shortcake.

Is that a bug or a feature?

PS. This licens feature is a really bad business solution and I cant use any of your plugin on client projects anymore. But it such a fantastic plugin, compered to none, so I use it in my own project. Please reconsider so I can use it in client projects and get you more clients.

I never delete any database record related to my plugins upon deactivation. Specially licenses are never erased.

The only case where you won’t see stored licenses is changing the website domain, but in this case the tokens you added wouldn’t be valid.

Therefore, technically and theoretically, is impossible you get them erased if your domain is identical.

The licensing system became mandatory with “actual market conditions”. See it in this way: or customers start adhering license terms or I simply can’t stand the whole business and my plugins would stop existing ;)

blyerts Purchased

Thanks for feedback. I’d love to pay for your plugin because its one of the best. Today I pay for 800+ of licenses for 30+ plugin for my customers (elementor, fluent forms, stackable, WPMUdev suite, brizy, and so on). BUT the workflow is the problem, not the cost. This is the workflow today for myself and then if I included your plugin to my customers in scale.

TODAY: I deactivated 3 plugin for a couple of hours, I’ve been using them for several months with the new activation system. Then I activated them and an hour later in the middle of creating items to a grid, all the licenses was deactivated and the grid where replaced with the shortcode. I did not do anything connecting to the license what so ever. Then it took me 30 minutes to activate the plugin. I had to send a mail to get a code to login and activate the licenses again.

CLIENT: If I had 100+ licenses and this happend I would have to manually send each customer a request to login and the let all clients send me the mail with the code and their login to their Envato account so I can login to copy the key and the login to customer site and manually put in all the licenses. With a hundred licenses it would take me a week to do this. During this time their site would be down because their grid will be replaced with a shortcode.

SO: This is the reason I cant use your plugin to my customer. It’s the licens workflow that is a mess. Your plugin are some of the very best for wordpress but I cant use them for my clients. I hope you see this as a friendly feedback from a customer who wants to buy more :-)

As said, what you experienced is surely strange: unless token is refused, it shouldn’t be removed at all.

I have a database log about refused tokens, if you tell me the domain and the token I can check if the command was returned from my systems or due to external causes on your website.

Plus, I’m finalizing a system update caring a lot about this point: I’m totally with you when you say you can’t install X licenses without having daily control over them.

Because of this:

  1. A red message containing the refused token will be displayed on your website if it is effectively refused (in this way both you and me are certain about the reason)
  2. The system will send an e-mail warning about the refused token. In this way you will know about potential troubles in real-time

If you have other suggestions, please share with me. Keep in mind I must maintain the licenses lock with constant revalidation ;)

PS: obviously you can use the offline validation token! It can’t be remotely disabled (but doesn’t enable the automated-updater)

Hello I have some questions, I am about to purchase the plug in.

1) I am using the trial, once I purchase the plug in, where on my site back end do I go to enter the plug in KEY?

2) On the back end Media Grid – Grid Builder, is there a way to make the new items I am adding to the grid go to the top vs being added all the way to the bottom? I ask because I am having to scroll up and down to manually move them up. I want to control manually them overall but instead of being added to the bottom I want them to the top. Is this possible?

3) The light URL is is there a way to make it so that ?mgi_40=8391 become something like portfolio vs just random numbers?

1- once purchased, you will need to register your purchase code on and you will get the definitive activation token. This does NOT involve the plugin uninstall, so you can just activate your actual trial build ;)

2- In the settings (first tab > “Various” section) there’s an option to define that beahvior

3- nope, an unique (and safe) identifier is needed

Thanks man! amazing plug in I love it so far, I am glad I took my time to do research, this is exactly what I was looking for.

I’m glad you are enjoying it ;)

Hi. In the media grid, when I add an excerpt more than some specific number of characters, the excerpt text does not show up but shows ”..” instead. Then, above 1817px browser window width, excerpt shows up. When the excerpt does not show, it adds class=’lcts_shorten’ to mgom_descr div. The excerpt contains html tags like span in the post’s field. Would this be the cause? How do I make it not happen this way. I want the excerpt to show up all the time. Thanks.

The red circled parts should be excerpt text.

Very very nice customization, I didn’t recognize it as a grid! However I’m not sure this tweak couldn’t conflict with the shortener.

As said, you have to extend the support entitlement to get more. The last suggestion I can make here is to set a minimum height for the description block

.enter-strongholds .mgi_txt_under .mgom_descr

Well. I tried that right now and apparently it doesn’t seem to work. One thing I found out now is that the excerpt containing html tags reduces the maximum limitation of characters. Without html tags the excerpt can display up to about 150 characters while it is reduced to about 50 characters with html tags.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help. I’m going to look into it a little more by myself before giving it up.

Have a nice one.

flippn Purchased

After trying to unsuccessfully upload, I purchase another license because my support was expired. I continue to get the message:

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

How do I get style.css stylesheet?

two mistakes in this:

1- this is a plugin, not a theme. You must install it under the plugins section

2- you must unzip the package downloaded from Codecanyon, to reach the true plugin pack

flippn Purchased

Yes, I realized eventually. Is there a demo I can import to set site up?

Again… is not a theme, is not about setting up the website :)

You just have to compose a grid and display it:

Please tell me why it is so difficult to update Media Grid. When I install it I’m told I need a token, but as usual I can’t figure out how to get a token. I keep trying to sign into LCweb and it keeps telling me my credentials are wrong, but when I try to recover my password it says I’m already registered. WHY ALL THIS TROUBLE GETTING AN UPDATE??? I paid for this app many years ago and it really shouldn’t be this hard. Please help.

first of all: did you have troubles logging into

Then: your support entitlement is expired, so you can’t use the auto-updater anymore. You can always use the manual way though (know more)

Thank you. I finally got the token and updated. This is an excellent plugin, just wish it wasn’t so tricky sometimes. :)

It’s just a one-time activation, don’t worry ;)

It would be good to add an alphabetic letter filter, to make it easier to search for publications by letter

I want to know if I can add my plugin to my official website because it won’t let me use it, what happens is that I have added this plugin on two test pages and now I want to install it on my page and it won’t let me… I want it to Help me please, I also want to buy the filter to add the letters…

can you remove the access to the other test sites that I have added??? and I can buy the new support and also buy the letter filter to add more categories

The license is from 2017 and linked to
Can’t be moved to other projects

Hello there! Great Plugin! But there are some questions and issues with videos. 1. On mobiles they will not be displayed. I have checked that on my iPhone and there is no video visible (doesn´t matter if using lightbox or not). 2. And on an ipad they are visible but do not start automatically. 3. The aspectratio for videos on the desktop-browser is wrong (lightbox), there are small black bars left and right. On an ipad it is correct (no bars). 4. When using a lightbox with text on the left/right side, is it possible to size the lightbox&video bigger? 5. I have tryed to contact you using your support page.Unfortunatily you have a very complicated registration process, and after done all steps succesfully, frustratingly i cannot login because your website does not send any login password to me. Also not, when hitting the “lost password” button nothing is sent to me. So- this is my only way to contact you. I really like your plugin and would be happy if you contact me to solve this things. My username DFVIDEOS – my email info[AT] – Best regards, Dennis

Yap, that was the 1st idea i had. So i logged in to the server of my webpage hoster to check the mailbox online on the server. The Junk/Spam folder is empty. Thats why i have asked you for sending me the password one day ago. Okay, however, i just used the contact formular from your link. Please, send me a password manually. Thank you!

Sent ;)

Received! Thank you very much :)

Good day, can this plugin allow my site users to upload their own images from the frontend?

nope, this is a gallery/portfolio plugin. Images must be already uploaded in the WP backend


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