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My purchase code is nowhere to be found on my account… I’d like to update my plugin but it is asking for the purchase code, so then I’m stuck…

I see you don’t have purchases on Codecanyon. Did you take the plugin from Elements?

Anyone has an idea with this error code? please help Notice: Trying to get property ‘id’ of non-object in /wp-content/plugins/media-grid/classes/lc_plugin_auto_updater.php on line 331

strange warning triggered because of the WP global $current_screen isn’t set. On which page are you getting it?

Anyway is easily solvable turning that line into:
if(!is_object($current_screen) || ($current_screen->id != 'plugins' && $current_screen->id != 'plugins-network')) {return false;}

Hi i can’t see where to input my purchase code. Also is there a support site/videos?

in the plugin context, the purchase code is only used to enable the auto-updater (in the WP plugins list).

Here’s the doc:

awesome one more question. I am using filtering. How to I make it so on reload it always goes back to “All” instead of one of the categories

You have to disable the deeplink system (in settings)

Thanks in advance for your time. I’m interested in Media Grid and am interested to know if it’s possible to have a layout that uses rows (rather than columns), doesn’t crop the photos (most of mine are 2×3 aspect ratio, either vertical or horizontal, with the occasional square image) and could feature all of the following:

1) Rows with 3 horizontal images

2) Rows with 3 vertical images

3) Rows with 2 horizontal images

4) Rows with 2 vertical images

5) Rows with 1 horizontal image

6) Rows with 1 vertical image

I would like to be able to control each individual row to be one of those options. Is this possible?

My apologies if this question has already been answered elsewhere. If it it, I didn’t see it. Thank you!


Just upload it here and post the url:

OK, got it. Here is the url:

That is the kind of layout I am hoping to achieve. For context, this is for wedding photography. Each couple would have their own grid/layout.

A) If I understand things correctly, as a masonry based layout, there are officially no rows, but I’m hoping that if I stick a certain set of rules, it will appear as if there are rows.

B) Note that this is diagram is just an example, and it would presumably be different on every page, depending on each selection of photos. For example, I might want one gallery to start with one large vertical image, and another with 2 horizontal images in the first row, etc. and so on.

C) I would never have more that 3 photos across in each “row.”

D) The aspect ratios of photos would always be either 2×3 (vertical or horizontal), 4×5 (vertical or horizontal), or 1×1.

E) I would want the option of having all of the photos NOT be cropped.

E) I would like to be able to set the spacing between the photos to always be exactly the same (12px or 20px, etc.).

F) I’m okay with the layout being the same on both desktop and mobile.

G) While I would like to be able to include rows that have one horizontal and one vertical image, if that is not possible, I’m willing to give up on that. In other words, if necessary I would be okay with only using one particular aspect ratio and one particular orientation on each “row.”

D) It would be great if I could create templates and just move things around, drag and drop style, rather than start fresh each time.

Gratzi, Luca!

It’s a quite simple layout to be achieved through media grid, there’s nothing complex.

Just one note: the maximum height you can use is 1/1, then item can be as tall as wide. Because of this, to have a super tall item you must use the “auto” height parameter along with an image having a precise aspect ratio.

A/B- of course, you compose the layout you prefer, there is no fixed scheme

C- You define the layout, you create 3 column rows ;)

D- You have to manage it using fractions. They are linked to the grid width. Otherwise if you are a photographer and will create super-precise aspect ratios, you can also use “auto” height for each item, bypassing fixed heights

E- It is set in settings (and can be also set for each grid)

F- on mobile smaller item sizes can’t be used (lower than 1/4). Resulting sizes would be too small on phones

G- As said, no fixed layout. No columns, no rows. You set it as you prefer

H- you can clone grids and get ready for a new one in seconds

Is anyone else having issues with photos not displaying on the final result when selecting Lightbox Slider option? This only happens for new or cloned items. The ones already set are working fine.

Give a try disabling Autoptimize (to check if it is the culprit)

Thanks but I tried it just now twice and it didn’t make a difference.

I need to inspect deeper then.

Please give me a WP access through a ticket:

Does this support ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and Elementor?

Do you have a link to this “Advanced Filters” addon you mention? I’d like to review that along with Media Grid tomorrow when I review your plugin with my colleague to make a purchase decision. Thank you for all your help!

Have a licence that was used on a website that is no longer online but now can’t set auto update on a new site. Can’t write a support ticket without purchasing a new license…. Bit annoying. Any help available for this situation?

can you check why i can not log in with my email

You used a third-part plugin to import videos. WP doesn’t have a way to import videos automatically into a specific post meta value.

Listen, your plugin is integrating with these posts, but my need to show the video posts as inline video layout. So you are a author, you need to think how to to this?

A plugin customization would be needed in order to achieve this, but I’d need to know how video URL is stored.

Obviously would be a pay job

how Media Grid supports any public post type. You wrote in description that posts will be dislayed with associated lightbox. How to do this?

You can compose grids using public post types associated with public taxonomies. Just select those sources while composing the grid.

PS: obviously those posts must have a featured image

So, my posts has a featured image, and the post type is video with linked YouTube. And associated with taxonomies and categories. How to show them in a grid with inline video layout?

I already explained you why multiple times: that youtube import is performed through a third-part plugin creating custom post metas. WP doesn’t have a “video” field


boheema Purchased

Solved the issue.


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Hi, I would love to know if this is compatible with the divi theme and if it is how do I access it to put it on my website?

it’s surely compatible, but not natively integrated. You need to create the shortcode and copy it into the related Divi shortcode widget.


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Can you please reset my license key with domain?


10ten92 Purchased

Hi, i don’t see any domain reset answers?

remember you can validate your purchase code just once and it will be strictly linked to your domain

The “just once” part means you can’t.

element30, Did this issue get resolved? I have a site with Betheme and am considering using this plugin.


LCweb Author

Hello, sorry which issue are you referring to?

I’m using BeTheme and DIVI and need this plugin to work well in them. Saw this post in the comments and wanted to se if it was resolved and if there are any other issues you are aware of with your plugins and these themes I often build in. Also: What media files do the thumbnails pull from? Can you specify that for each? I want to be sure it’s not pulling down large or full sized images.

from 2 years ago: “When scrolling through a project (lightbox) in MOBILE it is very choppy. This is happening in 2 different sites (Composer theme / BeTheme) on an iPhone 6 plus Safari. On one I attempted to add some CSS to address the issue but it’s not totally solved. Still jumpy. Please help. and"


LCweb Author

A lot of things change in 2 years :)

Sincerely I never heard about issues with BeTheme recently.

About Divi: there’s not a native integration, then you need to create the shortcode in a normal WP editor and paste it in Divi.

Fantastic, I wanted to know if this gallery is possible to hide it with css and then shown with jquery, don’t always work with galleries, this one? And then there will be a way to export the galleries of the old plug in to yours? Thanks I will definitely purchase


LCweb Author

la situazione non mi è totalmente chiara. Potresti rispiegarla in italiano? Da quale galleria vorresti esportare i dati?

how can i increase the size of thumbnail in lightbox video