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I have some questions:

Check this picture for my requirements, please

1) Do your plugin able to display based on that sample? ( like on number 1 we can see the grid show photos category, and on number 2 we can choose photos to show based each category, and on number 3 we can see each image with small thumbnails for other images)

2) Are we able to upload 360 photos and able to rotate to experience 360 in each single image mode?

3) This one not primary my goal, but, is it possible to give effect to each image?

Thank You

Hello again,
Global Gallery is surely more appropriate to achieve this. Media Grid is a portfoio plugin and its lightbox isn’t made for this.

Pre-sale question:

Hi. I am looking for a grid that changes the posts in the whole theme, not just for a shortcode or on a particular page.

With many plugins you only get a grid if you use the blog module and if you go into the category, search or archive pages etc you get the same boring layout. The default blog page cannot be changed and that is what is needed.

Can this grid change the actual theme files so that all posts throughout the site are automatically using the same grid style? Thanks.

what you need is simply impossible since Wordpress works using layouts. Then whenever you reach the category page you will recall the theme’s file to display a list of posts.

This layout can’t be overrided. Only changing theme’s layout on that page (hardcoding it) you can achieve what you want.

Thanks for your reply and explanation. Appreciated

You’re welcome ;)

I have upgraded to v6 and now plugin has chosen to not show images any longer…only image titles, please check out the screenshot of my issue. I have r-installed, saved my settings, nothing is working. Any advice? Screenshot of error here

You’re welcome! (just remember to renew the support entitlement for further questions :P )

Sure thing boss!

Problem Solved: If you use Sucuri on your site and you cannot clear the browser cache the normal way. Log into your sucuri account and clear the cache from the proxy they serve your site through. Took a long time to find a solution to a one click fix.

Hello.. I have created a media grid on my website – But its not getting displayed on the home page or any other pages – can you please help?

please open a ticket

Also note that your site seems on maintenance mode

1. Is it possible to have the title below the image and not attached to it like here:

2. Is it possible to add a little

text under the title like in the link above?

3. Is it possible to customize the overlay and remove the second the second overlay without buying the addon?

Thank you

Sure! :)

Hey, I just bought the plugin and watched the videos but I don’t understand:

1. how to add padding between the images like here:

2. How to make the font size of the title under the image bigger and centered.

Welcome onboard!

1- you have to set margins (in settings or in shortcode wizard)

2- In settings > typohgraphy. Just give me the link to your grid and I’ll give you the CSS code to center the text

Hi, I am facing on page cashe problem… i.e. i had displayed a portfolio using all filters…. when clicked on any one at first time… it properly displays all images… after closing it… and opening any other new… it again shows me the old images i just saw before… i am sick of this problem… pls tell me whats the issue?


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how do you get the plugin? You don’t have the buyer badge


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I saw a comment before that if you activate the plugin on one domain, then you cant move it to another without needing a new license.

Is the license needed only for automatic updates or is the plugin unfunctional without activation?

Why I ask is that we are an agency and all our projects are done for clients. For that reason we always build the website on our developement server and after everything is 100% finished and approved by client, we move it to clients server/domain.

It would be a bit insane if we would have to buy separate licenses for both developement server and client server.


LCweb Author

remember that Envato licenses are valid only for a project: then you can legally use the plugin only on one domain at once.

Stated this, what you mentioned is related to auto-updater. There is no restriction on functionalities.

In your case just do not enable the updater on the dev server ;)


alf127 Purchased

Perfect, thank you for such prompt reply:)

Auto updater functionality is not needed on our dev server anyway. We dont work that slow:D And I think that Envato licensing will not be an issue as our development servers are not accessible for bystanders and are deleted after the clients site is up and running.

Thanks again and have a nice upcoming weekend!


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Thanks for purchasing!

Hope you’ll have a great weekend too :)

Grid thumbnails are not appearing on mobile devices. The grid preloader appears, so I know it’s working, but it eventually just loads a bunch of white space and then continues the preloader spinner forever. If i click in the white space it does pop up with image details. But the thumbnails themselves never load.

I cleared caches on browser, CDN and page; I deactivated and re-activated plugin; confirmed URLs were correct; confirmed all grid items have featured images; etc. It works on desktop so i know it’s not a thumbnail or javascript conflict issue with the site itself.

Also (for both desktop and mobile) why does it have to load all thumbnails at once, why is it not lazy loading? That would make the grid load so much faster.

(Yeah, sorry I meant that i’ve never seen any notification that an update was available, and in the Plugin list it said the version we had was up to date.)

Either way, luckily updating to the latest version fixed the issue! Thanks for your responsiveness.


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Hello! Is it possible to change the thumbs size in lightbox slider?

LCweb Author

is possible with a bunch of custom CSS, but you should also tweak plugin’s PHP (a tiny tweak) to have crisp thumbs with the new size.

If I buy a plugin, will you help with this?


LCweb Author

I can surely tell you what to do, but PHP tweak needs to be done after every update.

As side note, I’d like to add a settings option to control lightbox thumb sizes. Then in future you shouldn’t need anything special :)