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Hi. I’m an Elements subscriber and using this plugin that you have on there.

I can’t seem to be able to enable the text under the media item option anywhere – I can’t find it.

I went into settings and clicked the pre-set style “Light-Made for text under items”. and it still doesn’t work.

Can you please help out. I’m having a very hard time with your tutorials.


as written in the documentation, you have to enable it in the shortcode wizard ;)

Ah. Can’t believe I missed it. Thanks!

Hi, my license code not working I have only one domain

which is the error you are getting?

PS: remember it is only about the auto-updater


Could you let me know if this layout is possible –

I need the ability to add post meta over the featured images, so would need post Title and Post date.

Many Thanks


OK great, I also need to be able to display the Wordpress post date, if I purchase would you help with setting up the grid?

Also is there a load more function?

As I said, the date can be displayed through the Overlay Manager add-on.

About load more: not actually. Because of layout-free engine, wouldn’t be so easy to manage between builder and frontend. I’d like to find a solution in next major release though

If you click on grid thumbnail to view images and videos and try to close it, “ㅁ” will appear like this. Originally it should appear as “X”.

And the arrows on the left and right arrows also appear.

This phenomenon only appears on the PC. (It works normally on mobile.)



pretty strange to see it only on desktop anyway give a try:

Disabling + re-enabling the plugin
Saving again settings

If you are using a cache or minifier plugin, clean its cache

Disabling and reactivating the plugin solved the problem. Thank you!

Hi, when I edit an item page – the page stuck and not fully loaded!!! probably because it loads all the wordpress media images (checked on network tree on consul). It is a poor solution edit the item media this way instead of using the wordpress standard gallery edit. I turend off all plugins and used wordpress twenty theme – it still stuck! Please advice or chagelog for a fix because my website doesn’t work.

pretty strange, I also use WP thumbnails on backend then the server impact is very small.

Please open a ticket giving me a WP access to check:

is media grid plugin PHP 7.2 compatible?

sure, no problems

Ciao. Non mi è chiaro se esiste la possibilità di creare album con foto di copertina che aprano differenti gallery. Grazie Flavio

Se vuoi la mia lightbox li supporta alla grande (è un altro prodotto) ma Global Gallery è totalmente incentrato sulle immagini.

Per avere i video dovresti fare l’implementazione jQuery nel sito

Ho bisogno di fare gli album… Ok jQuery, ma nel BO eisterebbe già il campo per aggiungere il video?


C’è il campo link. Dovresti intercettare il click e lanciare la lightbox.
Non proprio il lavoro più facile del mondo, ma in teoria è fattibile.

Hello, before buying I would like some information. If I understand correctly, we create a page, including a gallery containing items. I would like to know if we can open an item in lightbox on another page than the one that includes the gallery? Thank you in advance for your answer. Cordially.

the lightbox is contextually shown where you have the grid.
Probably I didn’t understand your aim but what is the point to have the lightbox on a different page where you don’t have the grid?

I did not get any item titles on grid. Is there a minimum column width or something for titles? Would be a very cool feature to enable a title tooltip

if your items are tiny, then there’s an automated system hiding texts

Hi there! I believe there is a new update coming out from you. Do you know when? There were some features I was hoping to use for the update. I’m building a new website and I just wanted to make sure we’re moving forward.

I’m not understanding which section you’re talking about though. Could you elaborate?

When you go to Media Boxes > Click a Portfolio > Then go to the Source tab > then under Post Type, “Custom Media Gallery”, I add the images, but there is no way to categorize each image. And I’m not sure where I would add the caption?

Sorry but this really seems another plugin. I don’t have any string named “custom media gallery”.

Could you post a link to a screenshot? Thanks

The new update stops the plugin from working. All already created grids don´t work anymore.

I only see a borken searchbox and text filters without anything more on pages, where grids where set

and another bug:

The A-Z sorting for single grids don´t work with all german letters. We habe “Ä”, “Ü” and “Ö” and those are set to the end. Maybe you can customize the filter, cause Ä can be handled like A, Ö can be handled like O and Ü can be handled like U

Latest release is identical to past ones but brings shortcode wizard among WP editor buttons to be compatible with Gutenberg.

That issue is related to a missing custom CSS. Basically you just have to save again settings. If issue persists on the next update, try enabling the “inline CSS” option in settings.

The non-latin letters matter is interesting: please open a ticket and tell me how is the system sorting them actually:

Presales question. Is it possible to include an album into the grid? So to start with the album cover picture… linking to the album itself?

imagely is essentially NextGen Gallery.

Media Grid is more a portfolio plugin, you should check Global Gallery: it has direct NextGen integration to create galleries.

You could create a collection wrapping up different galleries or also use other ways to achieve what needed. Please check its systems


I am wanting to see if its possible to duplicate the following using the plugin.

There are 9 boats a page and they create new urls like

I have 2 options i can either use images or the preferred option is i have all the boats already created in smart slider 3. When i go into add item i can see the option to input them.

I have already purchased the plugin but my support has run out. If this is all possible i dont mind paying for support.

Many thanks


I should check your settings and maybe give you custom CSS, but your support entitlement expired and I already made an extra answering your first post :)

Hi i have paid for support but just goes to blank screen. Thanks Danny

Envato renewal page goes to a blank screen? Sorry I’ve not understood the subject.

I’ve replied to your ticket though


TERRI10 Purchased

Porn pics showing up when clicking on the green auto updater tab to use new credentials.

I meant a whole server scan through the hoster.


TERRI10 Purchased

If that was causing the problem, I would also be seeing the photos when I log in.

The auto updater is a remote call to my server, then is a completely different process.

Hi, I cannot get my Purchase Code to connect to my site. I had it setup but recently had to deactivate it to test out a glitch. I’m now trying to activate it again but I keep getting this error message, “Error connecting to LCweb endpoint. Please check your cURL server settings.” I tried to open a ticket in your support but I no longer can as my support for this product is expired. Please let me know if this issue can be resolved without me having to pay for support again. The plugin is working just fine, I only need to connect my purchase code for auto updates again.

Yes, what email can I send access to?


LCweb Author

Please use this form:

And support[at]

I sent the info to you through the Contact form link. Thanks!

I have been using the plugin fine for months, but suddenly the entire page on which the plugin is active becomes blank when I add a new item to the grid. Removing the item from the grid makes the page visible again. It looks like the problem is the featured image; when I upload a new image the error occurs, but when using an already uploaded image everything works fine. I’m running the latest version. What causes this?


LCweb Author

Give a try adding this to the URL, while page is blank: ?mg_php_debug

Should highlight the problem

This is the debug info:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromstring() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/easy_wp_thumbs.php:402 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/easy_wp_thumbs.php(1108): ewpt_editor_extension->__construct(’\x89PNG\r\n\x1A\n\x00\x00\x00\rIHD…’) #1 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/easy_wp_thumbs.php(1166): easy_wp_thumbs->load_image(’/var/www/html/w…’) #2 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/easy_wp_thumbs.php(1491): easy_wp_thumbs->get_thumb(’/var/www/html/w…’, Array) #3 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/functions.php(527): easy_wp_thumb(‘266’, 300, 300, ‘95’, ‘c’, 1, ‘FFFFFF’, Array) #4 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/items_renderer.php(1266): mg_thumb_src(‘266’, 300, 300, ‘95’, ‘c’) #5 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/items_renderer.php(594): mg_items_renderer->get_item_thumbs(Array) #6 /var/www/html/wp-content/ in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/updatemedia-grid/classes/easy_wp_thumbs.php on line 402


LCweb Author

Call to undefined function imagecreatefromstring()

Something in your server changed, since that function (included in GD library) isn’t recognized. Please report this to your hoster


saell Purchased

Jus purchased the media-grid plugin and need the purchase code and have no idea were to get it? anyone knows?


LCweb Author

Sorry, I didn’t understand: what didn’t work and why?

The grid is not displaying as a grid. it worksfine with the basic version so I switched back to the basic grid and would appreciate it if you would refund me the money for the bundle I purchased this morning, thank you

But the two plugins are identcal: there’s no difference between the “standard” MG and the bundle. Coud you please give me a link to check the issue?


element30 Purchased

Is it possilbe to show a white background (or customizable color) within the single lightbox when transitioning to next project? Please see this as an example. They’re using a different plugin but same concept.

Currently, on our test site, if you click the arrow for the next project, the lightbox “disappears” then shows the loader and then the next project lightbox populates. Essentially I’d like to customize that look of the transition. This is our test site. Thanks!

Great. Do you have documentation showing how to achieve this or is it something you can show me? Do I have to renew support?

It’s a custom thing.

Normally I would charge for this but since you have to renew support I’ll try to make an extra :)
Remember to open a ticket though

I appreciate that. I’ll open a ticket.