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Pre Sales Question – Nice Clean looking plugin…

Example: 100 different companies with their own UNIQUE gallery of ONLY their images.

A new image is uploaded to WordPress Media Library:

1) Can the gallery AUTOMATICALLY add images?

Best, IC

this is a portfolio, then no.

Global Gallery instead could fit your need.

Basically you’ll have to create a gallery for each company. But NOT from WP library. Is the only source not having autopopulation system.

So what you are suggesting is that:

I use Google Drive or folders on my server… creating a UNIQUE folder for each company?

And that will allow me to upload images to those folders… automatically updating the galleries?


Will the plugin work with Amazon S3 & CloudFront?

Exactly: images will be automatically updated.

Nope, unless theose sources give an RSS feed, they aren’t supported.
Probably for your case the best is to use Google Drive or Dropbox

Ciao. Secondo te è possibile usare questo tuo plugin per costruire un motore di ricerca di immagini ad uso privato, magari con il private content per le utenze?

L’idea è quella di condividere con i collaboratori le immagini disponibili in archivio, rendendole ricercabili per parole chiave.

Possibilmente senza dover creare dei post se non solo per le views delle griglie. Immagini e keyword dovrebbero essere inserite e richiamate direttamente dai media

Media Grid è un portfolio, quindi non ti consiglierei di farlo, a meno che ogi galleria non dovessere essere composta da poche immagini.

Global Gallery è più indicato, ma per ora non ha ricerca delle immagini per ogni singola galleria (vorrei implementarla nei prossimi mesi però)

ok grazie!

Hello, I’m looking to implement an Orbit slider within the custom content section of the media grid however it seems that the JS isn’t loading within the lightbox… Is there a way around this that you have come across? Thanks in advance.

you have to be sure that slider is ok with AJAX contents. Lightbox contents are recalled asynchronously

Is there a way to remove captions from appearing on the images. I get a caption when I hover on an image and I would like to remove this…

Yes, is possibe with a bit of custom CSS.

However, please note your support is expired, you can renew it anytime though.

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About to buy but have a question. Using the Be Theme and their Muffin Builder. Will this plugin work within a text module that supports visual editor and html?

If that editor supports shortcodes, then you can use MG shortcode.

If you are referring to shortcode wizard, it is integrated in wordpress editor.

MG is also natively integrated in Visual Composer though

Hi, may I ask, is it possible if featured image appear on top of the text instead of overlay style?

Basically you can use “text under items” in shortcode wizard. For more complex results you need to use the Overlay Manager add-on

Hi, thank you for your reply. That’s what I want. Will buy it. Thanks again!

You’re welcome! ;)

I want to add a grid of soundcloud playlist , is this possible with this plugin?

actually “audio” item type supports single tracks. But isn’t a problem at all.

You can use a custom content item and insert the Soundcloud embed code. Result will be perfect.


dafar Purchased

Missing the Masonry grid at <872px so images get a wrong size and look, so it makes no sense for me.

do you know you have to shape items in mobile mode too? (in grid builder)


dafar Purchased

eah found itout after i wrote that – sorry :D and thanks for the quick answer

Can a gallery be created with a portfolio, album or channel from Vimeo?

you probably misunderstood how this plugin works. You have to manually create items.
Then, you’ll have to add an item for each video.

However, yes, vimeo is natively supported for Video item type

Hello, I need to download version 4.041 because I’m facing some issue with the latest version because I’m using another theme framework.


LCweb Author

please contact me through my profile form and I’ll send you that version (but would be better to solve issues, specially with the forthcoming v5)


Hi, Presale question: I am looking for a front end website search page. I want our customers to search for our media which contains over 10000 images. Result page should be in a lightbox enabled grid with image title, captions to be displayed as an option.

Does this plugin perform the above? I am using visual composer and shopkeeper theme with responsive lightbox. Please let me know, so I can make a purchase. Thanks. Thambi


LCweb Author

nope, media grid is totally different. Is a portfolio plugin and you have to manually create items one by one.

Has nothing to do with searches

thank you. do you have recommendation of a different plugin for what am looking for?


LCweb Author

Dunno anything adapting at this requirement unfortunately

Hello :)

It’s a presale question :) I’m ready to pay the price for what I’m looking for :)

I’m looking for a plug-in to create a simple and nice gallery to expose my photographer’s work (70 images in the same pages) (just images, no comment, no title) in a simple and nice lightbox like ” Easy SwipeBox ”.

I need pagination (to have a fast load of the gallery, no the entire 70 pics in one time)

I need filtering in the same page, no filter tag click reloads the portfolio.

I need filtering (Weeding/Portrait/born/...) and faster picture “tagging” in the back office.

I need the pagination work with the filtering. When i click on a picture to open the lightbox, i would like to view all the picture of the tag filter => all pics are not loading before with the pagination limit.

Sorry for my english… i hope you understand me :)

Can I find those things on your plugins? :)

Thanks for your help.


LCweb Author

you question stops at “70” images per page. Media Grid isn’t a gallery but a postfolio. You have to insert an item (in your case, an image) per time.

Global Gallery could fit you though:

But it doesn’t have filters on galleries. Just on collections