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Pre-sales question: I’ve bought this plugin for client’s websites in the past, but I’m wondering if it can support a functionality a client is asking for on a project I’m working on.

I had two questions:

1) When putting a page break in a grid you get a “page 1 of x” box at the bottom of the grid with the option to click back and forth between the pages. Is there any way to move the location of this box and arrows from the bottom of the grid to the top of the grid?

2) On a single image grid item is it possible to have some text above the featured image when it shows on the screen so that the image comes mid-way through the text rather than as the first thing that you see?

Thanks for this. It will help me to know if the latest version of the plugin is right for this project.

Thanks for this. I think that is beyond me skill set. Would you be able to offer the tweak in 1) as a separate paid service? I don’t have a huge budget, but I’m not sure who long it would take to adjust the code if you know the plugin really well?

The first one is not too long, but requires a bit of trials and CSS code to have a clean result. If you agree, I can give you the code charging an hour of work (contact me in pvt to know details).

Same speech for the overlay, but is ok for you to cover a part of the image?

I’ve PM’ed you just now. Thanks, MS

Hi there,

Great plugin but unfortunately awful poor optimization rank. I made a one page website based on code clean template with only this plugin and I got from google speed page 40/100 desktop rank and 13/100 mobile rank. Basically google angry for using not optimized and uncompressed images although I used compressors for the original images it loads uncompressed new images created in the plugins cache folder, there is no option to disable this action. Also the custom design option makes a mass css code that slow down the page loading time, including unminimized JS CSS plugin files, using 3rd pard minimizers breaks the display.

Please advise.

(Looking forward for fixing optimaztion issues in the next plugin version)


Sorry but.. what :D
Really hope you are running v2 of this plugin to say this

  1. You have control over thumbnails quality in settings. Plus setting grid max-width you can have image of exact sizes
  2. Every element is lazyloaded. No image is loaded when page is opened, then no impact on page speed at all
  3. javascript codes are all condensed and minified into one file (frontend.js)
  4. CSS are differentiated for better management but you can compress/merge it using a free plugin like this one

Is there any possible margin for further optimization..? If so, your suggestions will be warmly welcome ;)

Question about “items mobile height is missing” error.

While I realize my support has expired I want to know if this issue has been resolved before renewing it. I have found in the comments that others have asked about this question but no answer was posted.

Yes I have done an update with latest files per instructions. Error is still there when trying to add one more item but when it is dropped it saves fine.

I am good with additional support time but only if this has been solved otherwise I will look for a new solution.

Thanks John Overall

Hi John,
point is that… this has never been a bug :)

Only cases I remember were about too many items in a grid. Then database element couldn’t stand the amount of data and some bits were lost.

I would like to add a contact (Inquire) option button/link within the pop. Is there an add-on I can buy to achieve this? Currently i was able to create an “Inquire” link that opens to a new tab with a contact page but I am not able to carry over the item number as a reference for the contact form. Can you suggest a solution that may work?

Ideally I would like the “inquire” option to open within the pop-up even as a new page would be fine but I need a way to reference the media I had open when I selected “inquire”

If I can utilize a social media share button to complete the “inquire” feature that would be sufficient too. Please let me know what options I may have.

Also I was not able to login to your separate support site. It said my username was already registered so I tried to reset the password and I have not yet received an email to reset.

Thank you, Andrew

No errors, lightbox is shown, but I don’t know how contact form is made. You should ask support to the dev who built the contact form n lightbox :)


Zam244 Purchased

Hi, I have the contact form working in the pop-up but I am getting an intermittent error I was hope you may be able to help me resolve. At times when I clink in the input field I am able to enter text but other times I click in the field and I am not able to get a cursor to enter text. My developer says that a layer it appears a layer is covering the input field. After refreshing it occasionally resolves the issue. Do you have any idea what may be happening? Does your plug-in create a layer?

Here is the example of the form (it opens when you click the link):


LCweb Author

remember that would be better to speak on my support site. I can reset your password if you contact me in private.

It seems to be happening with chrome, but in my plugin there’s obviously no layer above lightbox contents. If you enable right click I can see what browser “sees”, but actually there’s nothing strange on code’s side.

I noticed that clicking on labels, field underneath becomes active, but here speech is always the same. Only forms dev knows why :)

sure, Media Grid works with every properly built theme!

Hi there, I have the “can’t find variable mg_get_h_size” issue. I believe you mentioned you had a patch for it? Could I email you to get that?

no known issues about this. I should check your site (but you should extend your support entitlement)


toddlash Purchased

Great plugin! is it possible to exclude category links in a media grid? Here’s what i’m looking for. I have each item categorized in two categories. category set ABCDE and 12345. example, media item x is categorized as A and 1. I want to create two grids, one that shows categories ABCDE. and one that shows 12345. I don’t want category 1 to show in the first grid. Thanks.


toddlash Purchased

i plan to renew support plus buy overlay mgr, but need to know this…

sure is possible, requires just some custom CSS ;)

Hi, I recently migrate my website with media grid to another server and all my thumbnails are missing. I don’t know what happen, because I import all the settings and images property; now I see an error: Thumb creation failed. What can I do for solve this?

I have tried too but it doesn’t work… it says timthumb.php 400 bad request error in console. I have Tried Wp easy Thumb and doesn’t work

Try disabling and enabling again the plugin (to be sure paths are updated. Then again timthumb).

If also this doesn’t work, only way is to unlock permissions. That FAQ is all I can say to help you from my side

Hello. I have an issue when inputting things like <h9> or <h10> in the item description. When in the Text mode, it’s fine. But, switch to Visual and those tags disappear for whatever reason, leaving just the text between <h9> and </h9>

they simply aren’t HTML tags. Media Grid doesn’t manage anything in editors, is everything up to WP.

And as said before, HTML headings ends at 6


toddlash Purchased

hi, i’ve purchased an extension to support for media grid yesterday yet the support system still shows that it’s expired.

In the edit Item, custom content, light box options, what does “text on right side – one third” do? I’ve added content and tried different options but i don’t see any difference. there’s no documentation of this feature. Thanks!

please use my profile form if you still face validation issues

Layout option shouldn’t be visible for that item. Custom content type simply shows what you insert in lightbox contents.

If you just updated, I suggest to clean your browser’s cache

Hi A ) Can you use an ACF video field to display in the thumbnail?

Can we put on the thumbnail B ) tags (limited to 10) ? C ) ACF fields ?

If not, would you integrate it soon in a future release?


Okay, let’s try to understand then:

You want to use a custom element as background image + place tags over it. Right?

My question is: how you fetch article tags? Is there a shortcode using the article ID?

HI, a video as background image + place tags over it. Yes!

I think you do not do the integration of ACF fields like some of your competitors. They retrieve the custom fields directly. Another possibility would be insertion via {name} for example

Do you have a documentation, photos or administrator access that would allow me to better understand because I do not speak English well


The video background is a really interesting feature! I’ll add it into my notes for next update.

Actually you should use html + css to set the video background. But still don’t understand how you can fetch ACF and don’t understand why you should use it with Media Grid.

In my plugin you have to manually create each item (is a portfolio). Then is surely faster to manually insert the text

Hey! I see from the comments that you were considering integrating the use of multiple levels of filters a while back.. Is this feature offered yet? Thanks!

this will be offered in future but still don’t know if sold through an add-on. Actually there’s only one filtering layer


Stucazz Purchased

hi just bought this and this doesn’t seem to allow any form of bulk uploading images from the wordpress media tab. Can I get a refund please?


LCweb Author

you can do that: bulk upload images into WP and then select them to be added into a gallery (remember you can select multiple images as you do in windows, keeping mouse clicked).


tessattie Purchased


I purchased media grid today and I configured it in my wordpress. When I add the media grid to one of my pages, the grid does not appear and instead the shortcode appears as pure text on my page.

I do not know why it is doing that…? Thanks


LCweb Author

Hello and thanks for purchasing,
shortcode is added globally, then this shouldn’t be possible.

Are you using a good theme (one purchased on themeforest or developed by pros?)

Hi there, I LOVE THIS PLUGIN! I have only one question: What am I doing wrong?

On my site on this page – – the titles are showing for the videos.

But on THIS page – – the titles ARE NOT showing.

How can I get them to show? I’ve tried everything.

Thanks for your help. :)


LCweb Author

I said “shortcode”, then is shortcode wizard (check documentation if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Please don’t let me ask you to renew support for such a trivial matter ;)

Yes, this is a trivial matter and I don’t need to renew support. I bought this a long time ago and simply forgot about the documentation. Thanks for a great plugin and for all you do! :)


LCweb Author

No prob ;)