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Discussion on Media Grid - WordPress Bundle Pack

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I’m having problems registering my licence on because my code canyon username has changed. It used to be piggybank and now it’s gravitystack. I can send screen shots of the changes as proof. I can’t request support on your system on this login issue because I need a validated license to get support. I’m in a bit of a catch22.

Update: I created a new registration on the licensing site and two of my 3 old licenses showed up. I was able to register my new license under the new registration.

NOTE. I had to change the email on my current support website so that I could register a new username to match the licensing site. There is definitely an issue that is caused when someone changes their Code Canyon user name!

A lot of answers and of chaos (at least, I’m totally lost).

1- thanks for purchasing a new license

2- as soon as you change the username, just get in touch and I’ll update the username too on the licensing system

3- this morning I checked in the licenses database and none waas related to the user “piggybank” already registered through old systems (NB: this means you never registered the licenses in my system, not that you don’t own them!)

4- Actually you should be able to register everything under the gravitystack username

Does this plug-in support lazy loading or anything to stop major slowdowns with a full load of content in a gallery?

of course, everything is lazy-loaded in the plugin context! ;)

Is it possible to change the styling of the sorting buttons, or link the sorting options to separate clickable images all together?

Filters sorting order it’s totally up to you.

Hi there, I have problems logging in to the support site. But maybe you can help me here. I today updated to the newest version via backend wordpress by clicking the button. But now my whole grid is being messed up. The images are missing and only the captions are visible but all over each othter. Can you help?

did you try saving the plugin settings to recreate the dynamic CSS file?

it worked, thx for your quick help, great support!

Hi Luca – My Media Grid bundle token suddenly became invalid and all my grids failed, which was embarrassing for me and my client. I have re-validated it and everything works. I suspect it coincided with my support expiring, which was 25 January. Could it be that somehow my Media Grid license token was affected by the support expiring? Whatever the reason, please could you try to ensure this doesn’t randomly happen again in future! Thanks!

That’s odd, because I had purchased support until Jan 25, which means that I should have received automatic updates while it was active. Strange – perhaps I didn’t have the correct settings configured.

Available updates are shown, but you always have to manually click the “update” button, as with all other WP plugins. To auto-update a software is a very very risky operation.

I understand. Thanks.

Hello- I love Media Grid. Top notch plugin (I bought on another codecanyon account). I’m using the Favorites plugin as I want users to be able select their favorite images to save for later. (It seems like the obvious next step once people have narrowed down the images using your system, so I was surprised it wasn’t built in.) They have a piece of shortcode I need to inject into the lightbox post, but I’m struggling to identify where the short code should go. Here’s the plugin: the shortcode they reference is: The favorite button can be added automatically to the content by enabling specific post types in the plugin settings. It may also be added to template files or through the content editor using the included functions or shortcodes. The post id may be left blank in all cases if inside the loop. The site id parameter is optional, for use in multisite installations (defaults to current site).

Get function: get_favorites_button($post_id, $site_id) Print function: the_favorites_button($post_id, $site_id) Shortcode: [favorite_button post_id=”” site_id=”“]

Media Grid works outside the loop. So you have to specify the post ID.

This said, the lightbox simply gets post contents and displays them. Shortcodes should be executed as well. If you don’t see a specific element, you should ask to the other pluggin developer.

Maybe it has troubles with AJAX contents loading


abelp Purchased

Why your plugin keeps asking to renew license to do updates?! This doesn’t happen with no other evento plugin!


abelp Purchased

FYI: Sounds like you should read Envato’s policies for authors. My Review was posted!

I simply explained you my actual terms and the Envato rules. Never used offensive words, maybe a little bit of sarcasm inn the end…but I was widely expecting your behavior from the first comment.

After 11 years and more than 46K customers, I know how things work, don’t take this personally ;)


abelp Purchased

You really should take this as personal as you could because you really need a course on how to deal with customers, you’d learn that sarcasm is not a good tactic, especially with a disgruntled customer. You would also learn that each customer is unique and incomparable – you don’t put all customers in the same bag! Two such basic mistakes you just made in terms of dealing with customers. But it wasn’t just sarcasm. It’s arrogance too. And it’s not just your lack of education, it’s your lack of professionalism.

After 11 years, couldn’t you understand that your customers are not all the same and that they demand commitment and professionalism? Finally someone appears who does not accept this. Take the opportunity to learn something and not think of yourself as the center of the world.

Hello, I am having 2 issues with the bundle:

① In the admin, the div with the class mg_desktop_builder is added a class called mg_not_even_w – on and off, which adds and removes one pixel from the grid, making it blink. This is very weird.

② Some items in the admin grid show correctly but not in the front-end… I have no idea how to even debug this.

① Fixes it if I change the page width, thanks!

Please wait few minutes to let the Envato API to spread.

PS: thanks for the renewal ;)

Thank you for doing an awesome job! Added the ticket. Thanks in advance!


dallenj Purchased

Just purchased this plugin, and I love it so far :)

Quick question: I’m using Media Grid to display Woocommerce products, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to display the product “short description” in the lightbox instead of the full description? I’d like to keep the text in the Media Grid lightbox short, but be able to include more detailed information in the full product description on the Woocommerce product page.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Hello and thanks for purchasing the bundle,
the plugi is meant to show the full text. If you want I could create a custom add-on to achieve this though.


dallenj Purchased

Ok. Any info you can share on what the cost would be?

Please contact me at

Hi, have a pre sale questions, this only works with media gallery? We need it to work with portfolio so that when clicked the item can open a new portfolio page. Is this possible, thanks?

it works with whatever public post type. If your Portfolio is a public custom post type, you can surely build a grid with its items and use the grid as “bridge” to open the portfolio item’s page ;)

I need help to reassign a license, i cannot do this change on my Lcweb profile

I just replied to your private request

1/ Elementor widget forgets its presets on update, letting the grid disappear from the website. 2/ Even worse, the grid item is not translated with WPML. the filters are translated, but no grid item can be found under the grid selector from the elementor widget in the translated version. I scanned the plugin in WPML, tried to find my grid name in the string translator, but nothing was to find there. Did I m miss something ?

1- obviously not. You have to check it only this time. Basically check the grid widget in your elementor page and select the grid you want to use

2- maybe related to this?

2/ I already tried it but doesn’t change anything. Looking to the HTML, I don’t see any Grid item loaded. 3/ Why do we have to translate the grid item’s names etc twice ? Once as item, and once on each page where it is used ? It’s super time consuming and seems like useless.

Please renew your support entitlement and open a ticket:

Hello! I have questions before buying: 1) is there a random sort (so that when the page loads, the order always changes)? 2) what theme would you recommend to use your plugin with?

1- yes

2- it works on any “professionally-made” theme ;)


I just purchased the bundle, but cannot register via license hub, keep showing me errors.

Is it possible to pre-set a filter? For example, I have cat 1, cat 2 and cat 3 in the filter, but I want to pre-set cat 2 by default when page load?

Are you using Advanced Filters (through the add-on) or a simple item’s category filter?

I’ve just updated the plugin, and my font-awesome icons are not showing up in the filters. I’ve checked that FA icons are working in other parts of the site. Is this a common issue? Is there a fix for this?

The code is the Media grid custom.css file, therefore somehow you added it in there ;)

Thanks Luca – i can’t see it in the settings, so that’s pretty weird. I appreciate your time. I love Media Grid, it’s awesome, as are you.

You’re welcome and thanks for the renewal ;)

Pre-Buy question
I would like to use your plugin as a photogallery. with wp library or portfolio
Is there a way to show in the lightbox only the image without the contents (white section with text)?
thank you

puoi usarlo anche come galleria, anche se è studiato per contenuti complessi. Hai visto però Global Gallery? Quella è una vera photogallery creata per gestire tante immagini velocemente

Si ma ho visto che anche per Global Gallery oltre all’immagine vengono mostrati anche i contenuti. Io dovrei soltanto visualizzare l’immagine.
E’ possibile mostrare la lightbox soltanto con l’immagine con entrambi (Media Grid e Global Gallery)?
Devo sostituire il Plugin “Essential Grid” che mi piace per come si visualizzano le griglie.

E’ molto più semplice farlo con Global Gallery. Basta una riga di CSS (che ovviamente ti darò) ed è molto più pulito di Media Grid per le sole imagini.

Per le “grid”, questi sono i layouts che puoi usare (chiaramente definendo liberamente colonne e dimensioni)

Sync issues with WPML & item categories : 1/the item categories are not synced with the WPML item translations. I also see that the quick edit option in items list view allows to edit other filter attributes, but NOT categories, making it even harder if I have to update translations one by one. - The “publish” state seems also to miss the sync now. Keeping old versions in review mode. - NB : it would be good to include that “Save draft” option instead of only the publish one. Can you have look to bring a fix here, especially for those essential sync issues ?

  1. WPML categories integration is automatically managed by them (there’s the wpml-config.xml file). No extra codes on my side
  2. same speech for quick edit: the category is associated to the post category through WP functions. Honestly I never ever thought about the quick edit function
  3. same for “draft”. MG items are a normal custom post type, what you see is totally automated by wordpress. No customization

In the end, the WPML translation process is explained here:

Hello, I already have the Global Gallery plugin but I would like to create a real professional photo library with several filter criteria. If I understood correctly, the Media Grid + Advanced Filters bundle allows this. Is it also possible that the public user adds photos to a “wishlist” that he would then simply have to transfer to me with a button for example? So that I know directly which photos interest him? Last question: is it possible to test this bundle a few days before purchasing the license? Thank you !

  • Media Grid is more a portfolio rather than a pure photogallery as GlobalGallery is. However the last major update introduced WP media library fetching and the screen-fitting lightbox mode: then is also suitable for galleries.
  • There’s not a whishlist function, but we can develop it to exactly fit your needs. Media Grid is surely much better under the extensibility side
  • Actually there’s not a trial version, I’m sorry. Since it’s open-source code, isn’t possible to blovk it once installed.

Hello! I bought this item 2 years ago. With the recent Wordpress update it looks the content is not loading. I bought another license to open a ticket, but the site Does not allow me to open a ticket to contact you. It says the license is expired. Could you please help? The user email is legendmichael [at]

Hello, I see on your support entitlement has been checked on 2022-02-15 16:51:29

It is still marked as expired by Envato APIs….but I see it is renewed here. It’s always good to rely on Envato ^ _ ^

Please try opening it again now (to refresh the check). If you still don’t suceed, use the profile form

Buongiorno, dobbiamo spostare il plugin da un sistema di test al sito di produzione ma se eliminiamo la licenza per spostarla ci cancella tutti i dati da mantenere in area test come possiamo procedere? Grazie

qual’è il dominio di test e quale quello definitivo?

Buongiorno Luca il test è: il definito è


Ok, resettato ;)

I have very interested in purchasing this product again for a new project we are having but I need to know if we can list WooCommerce “PRICE” on the thumbnails/list? I know it supports title and excerpt but not sure about pricing which is extremely important. Thanks!

you have to use the specific placeholder: WC-PRODUCT-PRICE

The documentation link is

Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed. Meeting with client this week and purchasing again. Amazing job on these plugins!

You’re welcome ;)


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