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Hi, After i update this plugin the preset overlay is gone. How can i put it back? Thank you

I forgot already, Since there is a new update so i use it, when i install and activate the presets is gone. Is there any way to import the presets?

Only one way: deleting any overlay, disablig and re-enabling the add-on

I have tried that one before but still the presets didn’t come. Let me do it one more time and i will let you know.

Before buying I need to know if its possible to change the image on hover ?

yes you can set an image on hover. It is fixed for each overlay, but, using custom CSS you can theoretically set a different image for every grid item.

PRE ORDER QUESTION Hi, Is it possible to add specific social sharing buttons ? I need to be able to share through whatsapp and mail. Thank you, Emmanuelle

sharing options offer only true shares: precise image with precise texts.

Will your shares require item’s lightbox URL or just the page’s URL?

Just the image URL will be ok !

Could be a problem then. You should use the “description” field, ute the HTML code to insert a linked logo (for social share) and manually paste the image URL.

A bit unhandy in my opinion.

demos doesnt appear, only searching dots

Could you please check now cleaning your browser’s cache?

I’ve turned off the cloudflare cache, now it works for me. Maybe was just an error on their side.

Thanks for the notification!

My Support is Expired and I don’t want to buy it. I have taken Support for same issue quite a few times, and every time, you fixed it. And It looks like all is working. But every few days, it starts behaving same again. My Website is And you can see that overlay manager is again stopped. Even I have updated everything latest.

I mean: if you flush caches and it works, issue is not in MG codes. You have two caching systems at the same time (theme + W3TC) and this could create a lot of issues.

Tests should be run, but as said, I already told you too much to not have support entitlement.

I know is an unpleasant situation, but Envato forces us to do so.

As I told, I even Disabled w3. And it still doesn’t work.

Last suggestion, then I must ask you to renew support.

Check CSS source:

W3 is active and is minifying codes