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Hi, After i update this plugin the preset overlay is gone. How can i put it back? Thank you

I forgot already, Since there is a new update so i use it, when i install and activate the presets is gone. Is there any way to import the presets?

Only one way: deleting any overlay, disablig and re-enabling the add-on

I have tried that one before but still the presets didn’t come. Let me do it one more time and i will let you know.

Before buying I need to know if its possible to change the image on hover ?

yes you can set an image on hover. It is fixed for each overlay, but, using custom CSS you can theoretically set a different image for every grid item.

PRE ORDER QUESTION Hi, Is it possible to add specific social sharing buttons ? I need to be able to share through whatsapp and mail. Thank you, Emmanuelle

sharing options offer only true shares: precise image with precise texts.

Will your shares require item’s lightbox URL or just the page’s URL?

Just the image URL will be ok !

Could be a problem then. You should use the “description” field, ute the HTML code to insert a linked logo (for social share) and manually paste the image URL.

A bit unhandy in my opinion.

demos doesnt appear, only searching dots

Could you please check now cleaning your browser’s cache?

I’ve turned off the cloudflare cache, now it works for me. Maybe was just an error on their side.

Thanks for the notification!

My Support is Expired and I don’t want to buy it. I have taken Support for same issue quite a few times, and every time, you fixed it. And It looks like all is working. But every few days, it starts behaving same again. My Website is And you can see that overlay manager is again stopped. Even I have updated everything latest.

I mean: if you flush caches and it works, issue is not in MG codes. You have two caching systems at the same time (theme + W3TC) and this could create a lot of issues.

Tests should be run, but as said, I already told you too much to not have support entitlement.

I know is an unpleasant situation, but Envato forces us to do so.

As I told, I even Disabled w3. And it still doesn’t work.

Last suggestion, then I must ask you to renew support.

Check CSS source:

W3 is active and is minifying codes


diegpl Purchased

What was the changing on the last versions? They aren`t on the changelog. Thank you.

changelog are updated for both plugin and add-on. Latest release is v1.33


BMacko Purchased

I love your plugins!

I have three questions:

1. Could you please tell me, when turning a WooCommerce product on to be used in the grid: is there anyway to add Search Helper words to that product?

Or is the Search Helper something that only works for the Media Grid / Add New Item area?

2. For the overlay feature I’m currently using the “Central sliding text + button” which looks awesome. It’s currently showing a Title + Read More button. Is it also possible for the overlay to display an additional button, text link, or excerpt that can have a unique url? (basically it would serve as a WooCommerce product specific add-to-cart link)

3. Is it possible for the search feature to pull up results on different pages of the pagination? It seems like at the moment, it only filters out the results on the current page.



Hello Bob,
1- very nice point. I have to be honest: I totally forgot about this feature for WC products. I’ll try to implement it in next major release!

2- any click on the tile will end opening the lightbox. Then no matter what you insert (through custom text), the behavior will be the same.

This unless you change plugin’s javascript, ignoring your custom button.


BMacko Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m looking forward to that WC update in the next release!

Also, I added a third question above:

3. Is it possible for the search feature to pull up results on different pages of the pagination? It seems like at the moment, it only filters out the results on the current page.

(I’m planning on adding a lot of items, and use the media grid as a store directory)


Nope and I know is a limitation. It sticks together filters acting only in current page.

Is not simple to reset pagination on the grid engine. Is a thing I’d really love to improve, but requires a deep engine rework.

During v5 works I tried to find a “quick” way, but no luck. Requires a lot of time. Hope to be able to achieve it in the near future

Hello LC!

Media Grid has been my first, and favorite, wordpress plugin for some time now! I am excited to implement it – particularly the overlay manager – but am having some trouble.

No matter how many times I have tried to create a custom overlay, that of which looks great on the backend, but does not reflect properly on the front end website. I have updated the plugin but to no avail.

This is not the first time something like this has happened – do you have any insight of what to do? It would be a shame to have to use a different plugin system – as our team have spent hours building the grids – and just need a nice overaly.

Thank you – I would love to PM screenshots and logins if need be -

I hope you have a great day – keep up the great work! – Alex

Hello Alex, I should take a look at your setup and the final result. But your support entitlement expired.

Please renew it and open a ticket


Zam244 Purchased

Can the social media share buttons be made to share the item rather than the website page?


Zam244 Purchased

That is really terrible… When you say deeplinked URLs, how do I find those for each item? And couldn’t those be tied to the share functionality?

I would like to be able to click the share button and share it on my business page.

This is automatic. Shared URLs are already deeplinked. In fact if you share an item and click on it, that item will be opened directly.

It’s not a matter of adding a sharing button, FB and G+ technologies are these. Even using their embedded tools you’ll just share an URL, nothing more

Just a little update on Google+: the link I use is correct. But Google fails redirecting you after login :)

Then, nothing broken


bbq797 Purchased

Hi, I purchased your plugin for a domain I know longer own…how can a switch the license for my current domain? Thank you.

please check this FAQ. Remember one license == one domain


bbq797 Purchased

Okay, thank you (and thanks for quick response!). Does that go for a development site on a local server as well? Is there a way to use it for development to build the website, but not attach license to it until I have it on an actual domain?

The key is linked to the domain you used for auto-updates setup.

On dev environments you normally don’t have to update or can update manually, downloading again the plugin

can i activate this on my localhost and still activate it on my website?

Yes ;)

snap, I don’t have the mmedia grid, i thought it might work alone, what do i do?

Is an add-on. Then you require Media Grid in order to use this


Bruce1 Purchased

Is it possible to link a static image just by clicking the image without showing the overlay. A nice option you could add to take care of this would be to add the “show overlay no/yes” in the LINK MODE on the item page :)

isn’t possible to do it like this, but you can hide overlays only on link items with this custom CSS code

.mg_link .mgi_overlays {
    display: none !important;

Hi Luca,

Already purchased the Global Gallery and looking for this one to see if it does the job.

I want that my client have the possibility to add video as featured image for a post. This is the workflow.

User inserts a post and specifies that is a video post (wordpress video template). In the MG it will appear cronologically with title (link), post introduction and Read more button (link).

Will MG be able to fetch the video automatically and be able to play it(user has to click play) in the media grid (without pressing the title of the post) AND that it doesn’t open in lightbox but instead link to the post itself?

Hope to hear news from you.

thank you.

Then yes, you can auto-compose a grid with posts shown as links.

Basically user just has to check an option into the “edit post” page and each grid item will link to the original post page ;)

Thank you!

Just one more question.

Is there option so that the video that it’s inserted inside the post can not be viewed in the grid (in the grid would just appear image thumbnail)? So that the user has to press on the title of the post to view the article and video.

Is automatic: using posts as source you can (actually) use it as lightbox trigger or simple link.

Checking the link option, you get your desired result

Hi LCweb, On the version v1.3 you added a price placeholder for wooCommerce. Where this option can be parameterized to place the price under the item’s excerpt for example ? Thank you for your support. Adrien

I’ve never tried to achieve this, but you could try using the placeholder in “custom text” layer and place it under the description’s one

Hi luca, it seems there is an issue with the last update available today, the facebook share option share the page where the grid is with some Html Code from my theme instead of sharing the time gride (a video in my case…)

wow, ok, thanks for the info ! ** censured * of facebook !! that’s why the sharing of my item was not working on facebook since my last video release lol (i had to share it directly from facebook :( ) Damn !! Thanks luca i will check the setting immediatly !

It’s working ! Thanks Luca !!!

Hello! Sorry for my English : )

My problems:

1) I can not apply “MG Overlay Manager” settings to my grid. I already select it in main settings:

2) I already disabled any borders and paddings in settings menu. Select “dark style preset without borders”, but I still see horrible grey solid borders around items.

Thank you!

Please, look how it works now on my site:

you contacted me everywhere but in the pace you should :D

Please open a ticket:

The builder issue is due to a javascript conflict you can fix using a little HTML code. I’ll send it in the ticket.

While I’ve not understood the overlay issue: please elaborate a bit on it (in the ticket)

I created a ticket. Waiting when you send me a little HTML code :)

I am interested in buying your plugin. However I am a little concerned by some of the performance comments. If there is a noticeable decrease in performance would you authorise a refund please?

Sorry this comment is actually related to purchasing the Media Grid Plugin.



Hello Ian,
sorry, which performance issue..? Performances are surely an upside :)

Bad performance reported by some of your customer reviews. Is this a real issue or just grumpy customers? How “heavy” is this plugin on resources (page load times etc) compared to standard Wordpress galleries?

Uhm.. if you can link me something I can better answer. However Everything is lazy-loaded, then there is absolutely no impact at all on page’s speed


My current portfolio page template is:

I would like to replace my gallery with your gallery. Am I amble to specify 2 columns wide like this setup?

I have been through all your screenshots and can’t see this option.

The theme is:Aalto by Edge Themes:

All the portfolio content is pulled from the main Visual Composer body as a side panel, and the gallery content in placed in the two columns.

The gallery is an option in the template setup and not pulled from the VC main body.



The theme is not a problem, but I can’t give you a refundbecause you don’t like it (Envato rules allow it only for serious issues).

Then Media Grid is ok, but remember the image won’t be limited to the screen. I mean: if you have a very tall image, you will need to scroll to see it completely.

This because Media Grid lightbox is focused on texts and not only on media.

Doesn’t sound like it’s responsive enough for us. Don’t like wasting money especially if users leave quite a few negative comments.

If you come out with a plugin more akin to what we’re after please let us know.



Plugin has got one mobile threshold and you set layouts. Anyway, as you prefer :)


I was wondering if it is possible to target/launch the lightbox for specific grid from a hyperlink, either on text or an image not formally associated with the grid.

So, for example, I could have text within a sentence that more or less says “View the video” and it would launch the grid containing the desired video item.

Thanks in advance…

since items could be deeplinked, yes, can do it (I’ll tell you how ;) )

ok great! uh . . . when? ;-)

also, just realized that i posted in the overlay manager comments by mistake, sorry! i was wondering why it didn’t say “purchased” next to my name, now i know!

Obviously when you purchase :D

Then just open a ticket!