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Hi, It seems that the Central sliding text + button overlay always closes immediately. It happens in the Live Preview ( and also in the version I purchased on Friday. Can you take a look and fix it, please? Cheers, -Rauno.

Hello Rauno,
yes.. I must have missed blurred layer z-index. I’ll fix it this morning, hopefully will be on Codecanyon today.

In case, open a ticket, I will send you the fix ASAP.

PS: thanks for having reported it ;)

Thanks for a quick fix. It works now.

You’re welcome!

A feature request: I would love to use an existing overlay as a basis for my custom overlay but currently there doesn’t seem to be a way to copy & rename an overlay. Thanks, -Rauno.

Yep, cloning feature is coming all the way for next major release :P


Hi! I bought media grid and overlay manager. I would know if there is a limit’s number of item for a grid or no ? Which quantity recommend you ? Thanks for your answer!

Pas de quoi

^^ You’ve a better french level than my english level!!

Studied it for 10 years but don’t remember too much :D

I’d like to apply a different texts overlay to different items in the same grid. So first item show text “photo friends” and overlay color red, second item show text “photo family” and overlay color yellow, etc. Is this possible?

overlays are applied on a grid basis. Then you can differentiate them for each grid.

Sorry, english isn’t my language. Can I set different texts for different items in the same grid?

Yes, you can set different texts

Hi. Overlay on item mouseover dosnt worck in any browser. Any help?

how do you get the add-on? You don’t have buyer badge

PS: just seen your question on main plugin. Nevermind :)

Hi, i want to ask if i can add logo at overlay?

not directly (I have plans to add an image layer though) but is easily feasible if you already have the image.

I’ll be glad to send you the code

Hi, is there anything we can do with mobile version? .. take a look at on desktop and on mobile .. can we set different overlay on mobile? At the moment on mobile vistiors doesn’t have a clue what this means .. not whole image, not whole title .. thank you

I see the same thing on both desktop and mobile, however also deskop version has got an issue with bottom position.

Have you got latest OL manager version?

yes .. latest Media Grid and OL

Have to chevk directly then, please open a ticket givng a WP access. Also, please describe the issue you are seeing.

I’ve still not understood if you are seeing what I see.

Hi there, I was very satisfied with the plugin, but it looks like it isn’t working anymore after the Wordpress update. I hope I don’t have to renew support, just to get the plugin working again? I messaged about my problem before, but it looks like my message isn’t here anymore, therefor a new message. Can you let me know if you are okay with looking into the error that occured?

be sure everything is up to date. New wordpress update doesn’t involves systems used by the add-on.

For further help, yes, you have to extend your support

PS: just found a little bug with curtain effect. If you are using this, please wait few hours to get the fix. thanks

PPS: another pretty serious display bug that was mistakenly hidden by my caching system. Just update to v1.28 whenever it will be approved (or use auto updater)

the three links you have for tutorials are leading to a website in which multiple outbound connection around port 60000+ are attempting to become established

can you upload the videos on youtube, thanks

But.. since is just a plain text link… what would I have to investigate? I appreciate your report, but is clearly a false positive.

Is just dailymotion!

For starters, it looks like the website is still using Adobe Flash to display the video. As soon as I allowed it to run, my defenses started blocking dozens of outgoing connections by or something

Really don’t know what to say honestly. Is a simple HTML embed by the third most used video hoster in the world..!

Hi, I really love your plugin!

But now I’m having some issues with overlays… There’s some way to add a custom overlay in each cell of the grid? I mean, I’m going to do a page with multiple type of content, there are some restaurants that are going to be in the grid and I want the logo of each restaurant to appear when you put the mouse over, other ones would be post content cells, and I would like to have a preview of the content on the overlay and on other ones I want to have no overlay… So, there’s some way I can do that? If not, there’s some way to choose in which cell I wanna use overlay and in which not?

Thank you in advance!

Thanks! That was a great idea, I didin’t thinked on it!

Now I have some problems with posts content on the overlay, can I put a limit of characters to display? I just wanna show an extract on the overlay… But it displays everything!

Thank in advance

Ok, I’ve solved it, I was writing the extract on the item instead of putting it on the post :’D

glad to hear you solved! :)

Hello, Love the Media Grid.. have purchased a couple licenses.. I then boughgt the Overlay Manager Add On expecting great things.. To my dissappointment I have been unable to set an Overlay with text while simutaneously having the Title Displayed below the image. Everytime I activate Title or text under.. the Overlay Manager STOPS working.. and no overlay effects or text appear. THIS IS VERY CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.. I REALLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO CREATE OVERLAYS AS WELL AS HAVING THE TITLE displayed permanently under the images of the grid item. Thank You for your time.. Wish you a wonderful day!

Thank You :) I will still give it a shot and take a look around the files and see what I can do.. I will report again ;) It is just that I would like a grid displaying items which have titles below them all the time.. and then when mouse hover over.. it is “mouse-aware” and displays only the excerpt on the overlay.. while the title remains below the item.. I am sure in time I will figure something out. I already was able to change Max Cell Radius from 25px to 180px allowing for Circular overlays :) Anyways.. Love the plugin.. Thank you for your time.. Have a great day :) Cheers!

OK I believe I have a solution.. I just have to sacrifice the effect with (on mouse direction) and switch to (bottom) .. then I can have the desired Title permanently displayed and on mouse over the description/excerpt etc.. on overlay :) I can continue like this :) Awesome

Oh a rough workaround but may work :)

Reading through the forum it seems that it is not possible to assign unique overlays to individual items, only to an entire grid. But I did see some mentions about using CSS to assign individual colour overlays to individual items. I want to be able to assign different colour overlays to categories. i.e. Video items = blue. Audio items = pink. etc. So every time I use those categories the items will have a predetermined overlay colour. (With the title in the middle). Is any of this possible. Asking here in case someone – not just LCweb – has solutions to my questions. Thanks, Isla

yes, you’re right: isn’t possible to assign a different overlay for each item.

However, since each item has got an unique class and also categories-related classes, you can easily write custom CSS to override colors.

Hello, I have just opened ticket #3620. if you could give me a quick hand, it would be much appreciated ;)

Just replied, but I’m still waiting for server change (have you missed the warning on top?), so your ticket could suddently disappear. Be quick :)

indeed I missed it :) At least I was able to include the attachement so that you can see where I want to go :)

hello, nice plugin ! does it work with woocommerce products images ?

I suppose you are referring to the core plugin (Media grid). Yes, is natively integrated in WooCommerce as you can see in my demo


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I have multiple questions:

1. Overlay screen is jumbled. I have tried Edge and Chrome.

2. As I select overlay in settings, no overlay appears on front end.

3. I want to show Additional Attributes text on Overlay, how can I do so?

4. Can I show media grid with Load more option?

please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

No, actually there is only the “standard” pagination system (due to the layout-free builder)

Hi can i set a text on overlay manager ? I dont want to use the icon. I want to put a text instead using corner shape style

can u help me to make my image not stretch ? the image that i put all stretch in mobile mode

the mobile view make the image from square to rectangle

Probably you’re referring to mobile mode. Please check that in grid builder

Hello, I’m interested in this plugin.(Have Media Grid). Please can you answer my question before I buy it. 1. Can I add more social media button like Xing, Instagram, s.o.? Or is there only a limited selection? 2. When I want to use the overlay “the Curtain + type + icon socials”, can I also add text too? Or use Flickr style can I add there social media button too?

  1. No, since I prefer to use only proper sharing system, to share precise items.
  2. Yes, image will reveal also text
  3. Obviously preset styles can be customized as you prefer :)

Would be awesome to have a list of the available text elements for the overlay (categories? meta data? custom fields?) and also to have linked elements ;)

sorry what do you mean with this?

You can use custom fields through shortcodes and use custom texts using items excerpt

Hi, why my overlay dont have a lightbox? Am I missing something? Kindly advice. Thanks.

Another thing, how to insert external link into button? Each of the item have different link. Kindly advice.

overlay manager is only about items. Lightbox is part of main plugin.

Every item has got a lightbox, except for static image and link items


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Hi there, is there a way to adjust margins in between boxes?


LCweb Author

this is a media grid related question. Anyway, sure, you can control margins in settings or through shortcode parameter