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got 33 errors on xcode6. most of them i was able to fix – your PNG files are interlaced and need to be re-save. Following one i am still not able to go over: (null): File not found: Match-O Linker error: ld file not found: /Users/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Media_Box-arbxugswzxyizbevmpqbacyomuiz/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/Media Locker.app/Media Locker

its still linked to old name somewhere in your app and I still tracing where it is….

found it. You have to shut off test target MediaLockerTest in Schema to get rid of that error. You, most likely, renamed that app but didn’t clean up….

Sorry guys, This is developed in Xcode 5 And I will fix in the updates.

Yup…I deleted Test Target straight away but there are still images missing and not transferred to my phone. I tried making an Audio recording and Video recording and sharing to my email but it didn’t work. I got an email with an unknown file attachment that would not open in anything. The Recording UI is worse than bad as it is very confusing what is going on.

Damn…should have had a steak dinner instead of buying this thing that I will never open again :(

Messages are there. They just saved wrong. I fixed that by opening every PNG with preview and then exporting them as PNG overwriting originals. Just consult with the log – not all PNGs are bad. Only those in Theme folder and default launch screen and icons….

meant to say “Images are here..” not messages….

can you add fingerprint to access the app :)

Ok i will add finger Print Id access.

hi, when i oben a i8mage its not showing. when we can expect a update?

I checked in my project. Its working fine, please check the code. if you have any doubt please contact me.

thx for the update, but its still not working!!! I can’t work! you defined uiimage as weak!

Did you check that in Xcode simulator

hello ,

I want to ask about if I want to put in the settings option for 2 languages or to make the app work on default language , if the iPhone are not in english ?

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Its a small issue for the touch id, i am updating it now

Thank you

If you put a option passcode or touchID , it will be wonderful :d

You know users have iPhone 5 & 4s :p There is no touchID

no update soon ??? :(


I want to buy this but not until the app is updated to support passcode or touch ID option as tech609 has said above. Many users have older devices and most don’t support touch ID so this is important.

Please update the app and I will buy.



Hi, is it possible to view and swipe through photos in the app?

any new update ?