Media Box With Touch ID

Media Box With Touch ID

Media Box With Touch ID

Media Box with touch Id Authentication is a Media Utility Tool App, This will help you to keep your important media files safely and securely. Can access the Albums to access files in it and can take over to our app. This will permanently save your media files that you access from Photos library and this will not be deleted Even if you delete those files from the default storage area. Even these files can be shared to social networks separately to their respective media files. And if the files want to be deleted from the App means just  use the settings to delete it. Mainly there is a theme that you can customize your theme of your App. And you can use all the media files from the App itself. Just add any media file to this App use it as your own media file.

New Update:

1. Fixed Bugs. 2. Touch ID Authentication added for Security Access.

How To Use:

1. Just select the category from the main table(Photos or videos or Recording or notes or Settings).

2. Add the files by Selecting From Phone using the button on the top right each media boxes.

3. File options and theme option will be find in Setting option.
4. And you can note the important thing through note option in main Table.
5. The file can be shared to some social networks in their respective Box.
6. Theme of the App can be changed in settings by selecting the theme option.
7. Touch Id Authentication is activated from settings options.


1. This is created from iPhone native platform Objective-c.
2. This has theme option to change your app’s back ground to your favorite.
3. The App supports for only iPhone and iPod.
4. Minimum requirement for a device to install this app are: iOS 5 to ios8(latest), This will supports to iPod and iPhone apple handsets, Even this app will supports for minimum configuration devices.
5. The Files can be shared to some of the main Social networks in their respective Box.
6. The Photos, videos and Audios has a separate Box for it, And can save the respective files to the respective Box without any problem. 
7. Even it has separate Box for the Notes, This will be like sticky notes which you can use it for to write the important notes to remind you.
8. And the setting Box will help you to operate the files for other four Boxes and the theme settings is presented in this Box to change the view for this app.
9. The theme can been changed by just picking it from picker View.
10. Every file that stores in this app will be saved in local Document Directory, Even which all the apps stores in the phone.
11. Touch ID authentication is added For security access.
12. This Touch ID can be accessed for Iphone 5s, 6 And 6 plus.