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great look and very useful :) good job, I whish you good luck with the sales !

Thank you… I hope so !! ;)

Good jobs.

Thank you

Great Job dude ^^

I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to set the width of the class=”separ” in the html? I would like to vary the width of the separator line.

2. Is it possible to add another line of text underneath data-title e.g.

data-title data-subtitle

Thanks for responding. I understand it’s easy to change the ‘separ’ width in CSS but I want to do it from the HTML. The reason is that I am setting all the data in my menu from a php/mysql query. All my menu data comes from a table (e.g. URL,image,title), which is working fine but I would also like to set the width from a variable.

I’ll send my email via a private message. Thanks.

I sent you an email

Excellent support from author – thanks.

I’m a total novice so bare with me – How do you actually implement this navigation in a WP site.

Cheers – Raphe

Hi i’d like to know if can do the reverse i mean, showing the ico first and on hover we see the text.

Please let me know.


good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales