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Hey there. Just had the same issue as the last comment—none of the containers of my menu are working for this. :( Help?

Hiya, very strange! Can you please drop us a line at with a quick note including the URL of your site and an admin login, so we can investigate (please leave the plugin enabled for the moment)? :)

How can I put some text beside the menu toggle button. They just want to have the word “Menu” in the bar beside the toggle.

Hi Michael,

At the moment you can’t – the ability to replace the toggle button with text (or compliment it) is on the roadmap for MM, though and we hope it will be available in the near future:


HI Installed my menu but appears open all the time you can view here

Hi, I’ve just had a quick look, and currently your site seems to be showing Ubermenu in responsive mode? Your menu target is set to #menu-mainmenu which doesn’t exist in the document – I think you probably want the standard ‘header nav’ setting for this (and will need to turn off Uber!).


I have two menus, primary and secondary in my header. Is it possible to combine them both with this plugin so on mobile its just one big menu, instead of it showing two menus?


MM won’t combine separate menus, I’m afraid – but it will work with sub-items and make them usable on mobile/responsively, so it might give you the opportunity to rework your existing menus into a single on in WP?


Does the menu slide to the left or right or just from top to bottom also can you keep it from not scrolling while your scrolling the page down?


The menu goes from top to bottom at present and doesn’t support a static position mode (e.g. held in place so page scrolls). If there is enough demand, we’d consider adding these to the wish list, though!

Cheers :)

I have the Enfold Theme on this website

I want the same with ur meanmenu. A meny that has mouseover but does not chhanges the main design of the menu .Many of the other menus I have seen has these animations i do not want that. But I do want the easy simple mouseover to change color when i mousover it but more than on my site here

Hope u can help me out thanks

Hi, apologies for the late reply, I’m not entirely sure what you are after.. maybe if you could provide a few example screenshots or designs we would have a better idea and be able to guide you effectively?

I’m looking for a mobile menu that can replace the existing main menu (an

    menu) within the <nav> tags – below a certain screen width. Can MeanMenu target a particular element or DIV and place itself in that spot?

Hi there, part of your comment has disappeared – can you resend please?

Hello: I’m looking for a mobile menu that can replace the existing main menu (an unordered list menu) within the existing <nav> tags – below a certain screen width. Can MeanMenu target a particular element or DIV and place itself in that spot?

Hi there, sorry for the delay we didn’t get notified of your reply. Yes you can :)

im having problems setting the responsive menu on my theme. is their any way you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hi! Could you please drop us a line at with the link to your site and some login details, so we can take a look for you? Thanks!

Hi there. 1. Is it possible to set the mobile behaviour of the menu to be fully expanded, instead of collapsed when opened on a mobile device 2. Do you allow the use of icons in the menu items Thanks


At the moment there’s no option to set the default state to be expanded, but you might be able to override this with a bit of custom script.

It also doesn’t support icons at present, although we have been considering integrating with the likes of font-awesome, etc, to provide this and might do so soon.


Request support from forum 6 days ago O_O No answer.

no support – STOP

Hi Stivy, sorry the forum has been spam attacked – we’re working on it at the moment but it may be quicker to send your issue through to hello[at]

Hi, Do you fully support RTL?

Hi there, apologies for the delay our team have been on an extended holiday/vacation. No we don’t support RTL

Hi, I’d like to buy this plugin but I need to know about one feature – when there is a menu with child items, can it be set so if you click on the top level menu item itself (of course if it doesn’t have a link going to another page) it will open the sub items? On the demo it seems that you have to click on the arrow on the right. It doesn’t open up if you click on the menu text on the left of the arrow.

Good Afternoon! I don’t believe it is possible to use the top level menu as this plugin is to make navigation easier on mobile.

If you have any further query’s please email and we will get back to you.

Many thanks Ciara

Hi Does your mobile menu is compatible with WPML?

Morning Vertkhan,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please send us through an email to and we will assist you further.

Many thanks Ciara

There’s no demo on Demo link?

Disappointed you don’t bold the section where you say this isn’t a stand alone menu. Feels like you could put this at the top in really big bold font as it is pretty important to let people know!

Morning Ontramarkering,

Sorry to hear that you are frustrated by this matter.

All necessary information about the MeanMenu is on the page and it is down to the customer whether they choose to read all the information.

Many thanks