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Thank you Iondigital!! :)

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Hi The live preview is not working… can u check

With the Administrator’s rights on commad window

Run the following commands

npm install grunt-cli -g npm install bower -g

Then in the source folder run the below command npm install && bower install

Hey i have sent you email i got emails but for the last one it is more than a month and i did not receive any reply can u pls look into it and send

Hi, I had sent you replay on your mail ID, please check.

Hello, i recently purchased your calendar application and when I try to run on any env. there seems to be an error regarding the mongoDB, as it fails to connect. would appreciate some guidance. thank you.

btw the application is amazing and if I will manage running it properly I will be able to support it more and purchase the full license.

just pick the client folder [angularjs code] in your java code and change the url of nodejs API to java API in angularjs service.

you make it sound so simple, I will definitly try to do that. :D. the code is amazing btw.

Thank you very much!! :)

can you help me with the installation? thank you

Hi Fisch192,

Thank you for purchasing my app.

Please open command prompt or git bash with admin privileges, I mean run as Administrator rights.

runt the below commands from the events-mongo folder 1) npm install yo -g (Install yeoman for scaffolding web application)

2) npm install grunt-cli -g (This creates and runs javascript repetative tasks)

3) npm install bower -g ( A frontend package manager for web applications)

4) Run command npm install && bower install

Things to know

1) Dev database connection: server/config/environment/development.js

2) Production Database : Dev database connection: server/config/environment/production.js

3) Seed data on/off: server/config/environment/index.js seedDB: false,FORCE_DB_SYNC: “false”

4)Seed data entry: server/config/seed.js

Buid and Run grunt serve [for running in dev environment with livereload] grunt serve:dist [Buid and run in production mode] grunt build—force [buid with Administrator rights]

Hope this will help you in UP and Running the APP!


Hi fisch,

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How do I make the Calendar readOnly? I want to display one calendar for admin (which is editable) and one for user which would be readonly. Thank you

you can define role wise check on event click event. You can see sample I have implemented in my new below item which is extended version of this app.


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when install finished in local, what url use to launch app?



What port?

Thanks so much!!

Hey Thanks for buying this app!!

Once you install all the dependency in local with npm install && bower install you just need to run grunt serve , it will auto open browser.


Hi, I really like your plugin. Would it work with Bootstrap? I am asking because you use many materialize components and I have heard that they don’t go well together. Also, is it possible to integrate just the front-end with the existing back-end (Node) ?

Hi, yes it is compatible with bootstrap. Backend is just nodejs based api so you can use any frontend. Let me know if you need any help after purchase.

Hi, I have ran into some issues trying to just get the template up and running on my Heroku website. I am seing the following in the console ouput: http://tinypic.com/r/2na412c/9. And I cannot seem to understand why, any suggestion how these can be solved? Also, about the authentication, do you have some documentation here or some additional resources to better grasp this? What I am planning to do is to switch to StormPath user management and I am looking at the possibilities now for this. In this example, are all the users and additional data stored in the DB? I do not want to share the website publicly yet, but if we can get in touch over email I would be able to share it with you directly.

Its due to ES6 compilation error, its weird that you get this. I need to check for this if I can help you in this or not.

would you be able to customize. really serious about going forward with this.

yes sure, you can send me your requirement in this mail : dcoder.mean@gmail.com

Hi, would you be able to help me customize the app? I need to change/add some functionality.

Hi, Thanks for buying. Please let me know what is your requirement , so possible I will help you out in that.

It’s some user interface changes on Angular. Do you have any other way to communicate privately?

I love your event calendar, but i would need it to be customized with extra functionalities. It should also support Croatian language. Can we talk in private?

sure, mail here : dcoder.mean@gmail.com

hi does, this support google calendar integration?

yes, this will support that but not implemented in this app.


sh894 Purchased

Hi, I purchased the mean-stack-full-calender-for-events-using-angularjs-with-nodejs-and-mongodb, how can I add a user this project?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing. You can add user from seed file which in config folder. From UI there is not ability to add but from seed.js file you can add them which will be automatically get saved in database on project start. Config/Environment/development.js has see:true flag.

Hello, please look at the calendar and behavior of the movie on FTP and say what the cost of such a script, similar to your calendars, indicated angular and mongodb because probably the fastest :)


l: carsystem@eurocar.org.pl p: Carsystem99

My email is shop@elecomp.com.pl

greet and wait for a reply

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. I will surely let you know.

Hi, I just wanted to know is there a reason why when I run the application and then I create a new event on the calendar, that event isn’t shown on the screen until I reload the page. Could you please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you.


No it should not be like that, you can see the demo. May be something missing in code from your side.

Hi! I bought the template but I have an issue with the calendar drag and drop, y create a new event and there’s no problem with that, the problem is when is created I need to apply a refresh because i cant update the event, also the events when I delete the events stay in the calender but when I refresh the page the events are delelted, i think is somthing with the webhook

Please install fresh copy and run that project directly without any customization, still it gives the problem then check in google chrome console tab and provide me screenshot on my mail. I checked on my winodows 7 machine with NodeJS >7 version.


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Hi, none of the demos work. Is this project still supported?

Hello! when I create a new event on the calendar, that event isn’t shown on the screen until I refresh the page. Could you tell me how to solve the problem? Thank you.