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On the mean-material-crud-angularjs-materialized-crud-with-mongodb, without event changing anything, I’m getting the following error below because of /server/auth/local/passport.js:10:16

GET /%7B%7B$ctrl.getCurrentUser().avatar%7D%7D 304 184.891 ms – - (node:28988) Warning: a promise was created in a handler at server/auth/local/passport.js:10:16 but was not returned from it, see http://goo.gl/rRqMUw at Promise.then (app/node_modules/bluebird/js/release/promise.js:124:17)

Please let me know if you need my purchase code.


Thanks for providing the error message. What I could make out is, this is just a warning and should not affect anything.

Please let me know if you face any issue using the application.


Was trying to lookup a demo but seems the link is dead.. could you please provide a functional one? also the documentation link in the comments is dead.. would appreciate it if you add that up ;)


Thanks for the information. I will try to get this up as soon as possible.

I am getting multiple “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined” Errors and {{$ctrl.firstLetter}} where the item first letter item should be. Also item list is not updating automatically when I add a new Item. How do I fix this?

Also, I have seen a screenshot with the datepicker function but I don’t see that anywhere on the edit fields. How can I use the datepicker feature?


1. The undefined error occures when there is no name field in the selection. Beacuse the list image requires a name field. You may remove the listimage component to get rid of this error

2. The datepicker missed from the current release. Please send me your email id and I will share you the latest code from where you just need to copy the calendat component and it should work.

Hi I downloaded the app but i couldnt find the documentation. Please help. Sathish

Hello Sathish,

Here is the documentation http://crud.codenx.com/doc/pre


how do I install the MongoDB version properly? Theres no documentation for it. The documentation on your homepage is for the mysql version. Please send me a proper install instruction.


Best Regards

Hi. Thanks for informing the issue. 1. The dashboard menus are controlled from server/shared.js (http://crud.codenx.com/doc/shared)

2. The editing does not work because jsonpatch module stopped working.

Please replace the following lines at server/api/project/project.controller.js

Line13 – import _ from ‘lodash’; Line29 – entity = _.extend(entity, patches);

thanks! it works now.

But I can’t edit the user roles in the backend.

I get this err: Error while updating database.

Can you send me your email address? I actually face a lot of errors. Would be easier to communicate via email.

Hi. you can mail me support@codenx.com

Hi how could i know which is the starting point of this application

server: server/index.js

client: client/app/app.js

Hi after create or edit the page is not refreshing automatically. How could solve this. Please help. thanks.

HI. In that case you need to replace fastjsonpatch with underscore at server/api/API/controller

Hi Thanks for your reply..Tried.After change it does not work. When I press button in the create dialog box it should refresh the list page and show the newly created records. Please guide me.

Please send me your teamviewer credentials and I will check the issue associated.

Hi, As shown in the screenshot side navigation panel not showing (show/hide menus). Please help.


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I would like to integrate a front template for this Material Crud Mean but every time when I try to use bootstrap 3.3.7 or even 4.0.0 it doesn’t render. May I know how can i do that ?

Thank you


For this the client side part need to be customized to accommodate bootstrap


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Hi, can you tell where exactly I should modify the client part, im just a nodejs developer so please just give the steps Thank you

All client side files are inside client directory and uses angularjs 1.6 webpack angular material