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Hi itswadesh,

I’ve some problem, when user active is false. It’s still logon to application.

and I try to change some code.

login({email, password}, callback) {
  return $http.post('/auth/local', {
    email: email,
    password: password
    .then(res => {
      $cookies.put('token', res.data.token);
      currentUser = User.get();
      return currentUser.$promise;
    .then(user => {
      safeCb(callback)(null, user);
      // return user;
// Check Active User
  if (user.active == true){
    return user;
    console.log("active = false");
.catch(err => {
  return $q.reject(err.data);

How to redirect to some page for inform user as account is disable?

Thank you

Hi in this version the active and inactive feature is not implemented.
This can be implemented at server like following
      return res.status(406).json({message: 'The user is inactive'});    

And at the client you can check for 406 status code and redirect to any path desired

hello, I use phpstorm to open the code. I got errors that mentions : “import declarations are not supported by current Javascript version”. Thanks in advance for your help.

That should not be a problem as this has built in babel compiler which supports this

hello , today i have purchased this theme,..it works fine ..but , where to add new CRUD option? As you said , it Auto generate database admin pages with single line of code..

Hello Sunil. Thanks for purchasing it.
Here is an example which will generate the desired functionality in a page(create. select, filter, update, delete)
<crud-table api=’book’ options=’$ctrl.options’></crud-table>

can you write clean documents for how do install.

I have problem to install

can you send me email

i want sent to you image(error)

mochaTest:integration babel-core modules error

Hello Arul, Please do npm install again. If still not resolved, please send me your credentials in my email. I will check it personally.

HI I did install successful .

can you please explain 1.yo angular-fullstack:route task 2.yo angular-fullstack:endpoint task

i try with these comments its generate angular full stack modules.

i mean task controller different from new modules i created.

How i stop .tmp directory

i dont want

reply this ticket?

reply this ticket?

Please create a uploads folder inside dist/client/ folder

Hello, Pre-purchase question: Is this “beginner friendly”? I am not very experienced with node so far but I am getting to it! So far I only worked within cloud9 to build using the mean stack.

Does this include a documentation how to setup everything? So will it be usable within c9?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello Mike, Yes this is a very good boiler plate, if you want to understand how to implement different features into a nodejs application.
Yes this does include a documentation on how to setup and use. http://mshop.codenx.com/doc/pre

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘client/uploads/440gWeN3dvZmVtdux_wAElKo.png’ at Error (native)

Please create a uploads folder inside dist/client/ folder

Hi Swadesh,

I am trying to deploy to openshift.

If I run the code below per documentation: yo angular-fullstack:openshift (!) NamedBase constructor is deprecated. See https://github.com/yeoman/generator/issues/882

Error from OpenShift (terminal): remote: Waiting for application port (8080) become available … remote: Application ‘test’ failed to start (port 8080 not available) remote: ----- remote: Git Post-Receive Result: failure remote: Activation status: failure remote: Activation failed for the following gears: remote: 583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e (Error activating gear: CLIENT_ERROR: Failed to execute: ‘control start’ for /var/lib/openshift/583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e/nodej remote: #<IO:0×0000000161f2a0> remote: #<IO:0×0000000161f228> remote: ) remote: Deployment completed with status: failure remote: postreceive failed

Error OpenShift nodejs.log file: Tue Nov 29 2016 15:11:33 GMT-0500 (EST): Node server stopped. /var/lib/openshift/583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e/app-root/runtime/repo/server.js:116 self.app = express.createServer(); ^ TypeError: Object function createApplication() { var app = function(req, res, next) { app.handle(req, res, next); }; mixin(app, EventEmitter.prototype, false); mixin(app, proto, false); app.request = { proto: req, app: app }; app.response = { proto: res, app: app }; app.init(); return app; } has no method ‘createServer’ at self.initializeServer (/var/lib/openshift/583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e/app-root/runtime/repo/server.js:116:28) at self.initialize (/var/lib/openshift/583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e/app-root/runtime/repo/server.js:134:14) at Object.<anonymous> (/var/lib/openshift/583dcfb389f5cf6bdb00000e/app-root/runtime/repo/server.js:157:6) at Module._compile (module.js:456:26) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:474:10) at Module.load (module.js:356:32) at Function.Module._load (module.js:312:12) at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:497:10) at startup (node.js:119:16) at node.js:929:3 DEBUG: Program node server.js exited with code 8

What have I done wrong?

Hello Sam,

There are 3 things which need to be taken care before deploying to openshift.

1. Start mongo database. 2. Set the openshift env variable as production. 3. Generate the production version code and then deploy it.

http://mcrud.codenx.com/documentation link dosen’t work please provide the correct one asap.

Hello Nitin,

Sorry for the incovenience. I’m still trying to resolve the domain issue. I should make it up again by tomorrow.

ok.. Please let us know asap.. Thanks for your reply


Resdeni Purchased

Hi where is documentation for install?


Resdeni Purchased

Or grunt build? Sorry i tried yesterday to install… errors for all procedures…

Hi. Please send me a email. I will reply you with the latest version of the script. To install that you may follow the documentation https://mcrud-shopnx.rhcloud.com/doc/pre


Resdeni Purchased

I already sent email to you i sent to support@codenx.com

hii… I installed all dependencies but while running application i got error mentioning “uncaught referenceError: angular is not definded(..)”

please go through this screenshot image. http://bizzbazar.com/ThemeError.png

Please guide us to move on. As early as possible

Hi Swadesh, We are following the documentation provided in above link. but we get error for the command “npm install” Please find error image link below. As per pre-requisites in your documentation all required softwares are installed in my windows 7 ultimate pc. Visual Studio Community 2015 is installed.

error img link : http://bizzbazar.com/npm-i-err.jpg Please Help.

Hello Nitin,

Please send me your teamviewer credentials and let me investigate the issue

hello. do you plan to update with Angular 2?

Yes. It may take upto 3 months

Hi, if i purchase this theme, what is the requirements for the hosting that i deploy the website? Thanks

Hi. You will require a hosting where you can install NodeJS, Python

I, i received a lot of error in console when i start the application. And the login form doesn’t appear. Can you help me?

Hi, Can you tell me more about the errors and what process did you follow to run the application.


Hi, i followed step by step the guide at the link you have posted. First, i received a lot of error of not updated library, when start the application localy it start at port 9000, not 3000. In the application the login menù doesn’t appear when i click the button, when open modify appear two different button for save.


Yes it starts on port 9000 but proxies port 3000 for server. Yes there are 2 different buttons for a save event. You may use any one and remove the other.

Hi, Does this come with unit testing? Like karma and Jasmine etc


Hello Ray,

I’m sorry to say that it does not come with unit testing.


1. i have problems with running it on dev mode. (Gulp serve). It seems that it doesn’t create any bundle.js file like app vendor etc. However the gulp serve:dist runs as expected and i can access application.

Any suggestions?

2. I created a new Model and client files with yo and component runs so far. But Create dialog shows the form of the Task model? Isn’t a dynamic create form part of CRUD app?

Any help appreciated.

Can you give me teamview access, because the issue seems to be specific.

can we exchange skype details? then i can give you teamviewer details.



Resdeni Purchased

Hi, I created tables, and shows me that it take correct json file with all data, tab page is empty… html i made just the same looks like a html movie. But table this information is empty. Can you help?

Hello, Can you send me some screenshots, I am unable to follow the issue.


Data tables like books missing the pagination. so i see the first 12 entries but can’t see the next 12 for example. Can you advise how to activate?