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Nice piece! Tho in my opinion hover effect is a must on menu sub-items. Good luck!

Thanks man :) Thanks for advice I will include some hover effects

I have viewed your work in an iPhone and it is not responsive enough my friend. Nice work though.

Thanks for pointing that out. I have found a couple of minor flaws in few demo content elements that have been addressed now.

Hello, I bought your script and viewed it on Android. The only contents/links that can be seen are the ones under ‘Dropdown’. All the other contents/links that are under ‘Lists’ ‘Products’ ‘Contact’ and ‘About’ are not visible. Do you have any fixes for them?

Hello, thank you for buying my product. As I can see what you are describing is probably browser issue. Currently only latest browsers are supported, but I’m working on extending the mdf megamenu to support older browsers. It will be included in my next update. In meantime send me an email, so I can send you back some fixes as soon as I’m done. Also, send me what android device you are using. Best regards

  • Bought MDF Megamenu on September 4, 2015. I have no hesitation in giving a 5-star rating to the author for excellent product support. Superb quality product with frequent updates. What’s more, price is low! would like more products from this talented author.?

Thank you sjhwar for your kind words :D

this menu support RTL ?

and there is an option to stick the menu on top only when you scroll and get to the menu, like this thanks

and also something like this will be nice when the menu shrink when you scroll

Hello ntk1 thank you for buying my product,

I just checked, I see what you mean, sorry about that. I will include a fix for this, till then just paste this into your main stylesheet:

@media (max-width: 767px){{position: relative} }

Best Regards

RTL is included in new version. Just add “rtl” class to the main #mdf_menu container.


Email me through contact form on my page so I can send you some fixes regarding rtl support on mobile devices.

Best Regards

How can I reduce the height main bar mdf_menu? for example height:60px;

sorry, my code haven’t rendered right, email me through contact form on my page – so I can send you example code.

Thanks for help

Can’t access the support area and the password reset for the support forum isn’t working either. Emailed the author via his site’s contact form and haven’t received a response for days. I have no way of getting support info on some of the features that are not well documented. If you are the author and reading this, please check your email and contact me.

Hello jporven,

I have not received any email from you, just re-checked again, write me at, and I will be happy to assist you

Best Regards

Hi there, fantastic script!

One question: for Demo 5, how would I center the navigation items? Currently, they seem to be floating left.

Thanks :)

Hi jamie136, thank you for buying my plugin and for your compliments :)

Contact me to my email ( so I can send you the short CSS snipet for that (usually, code gets stripped out if posted in comment).

Best Regard :), Aleksej

I really like the full width submenus this navigation code offers. I want to purchase it, however, I have to have the toggle menu function where once a button is clicked the submenu remains open just like has it on their main navigation. Is that possible?

Hello poshi,

I just checked godaddy website. As I have understood you want to have toggle megamenus that will open on click instead of hovering? Yes it can be done, I can modify original files.

Best Regards, Aleksej

Great menu. However, I have one [hopefully] simple request. Is it possible to add a feature, whereby the menu items will only open on click instead of on hover?

Hi aandrex,

Yes, this is a feature I will definitely add in next update, in meantime I have already modified script for this feature, for another buyer, so I will send you modified files. Just contact me through my codecanyon profile, so I can email you back with files :)

Best Regards


I am very interested in your plugin before buying my application is very simple, possible integrated your plugin on this template? Thank you

Hi, Thank you for taking interest in my pluign.

Sure, MDF Megamenu is a HTML & CSS script with a little of jQuery, it can be integrated anywhere you like, just replace the original theme menu, with MDF Megamenu :D

I have got a major problem in mobile. When I start to type in contact form, it get closed automatically. So I cannot type anything in mobile.

Hi mehedee, Thank you for buying my megamenu,

I have checked and it seems that there was a minor bug, mainly when screen is resized megamenu is closed, and since on most of the mobile phones typing something resize the height of the browser, megamenu gets closed.

But don’t worry I have fixed this and sent an update to codecanyon few minutes ago. It should be approved till tomorrow. If you don’t want to wait I can send you the update now via email. Just email me through my profile page and I will reply to you with attachment :)

Best Regards, Aleksej

I have sent email to ( Please send updated file.

Done :)

Best Regards

its not working on iphone5, i will buy it if you fix this

Hello how can I reduce the limit of 768px before the bar is emptied because since I just have 3 items on the menu bar I wanted to show them up up to 468px, thank you


I have answered to your email regarding this question.

Best Regards

I saw it, thank you for your kind reply, I will post it here so that the community can benefit of this information as well: “MDF Megamenu is a Bootstrap megamenu, as it title implies it relies on Bootstrap framework which is coded to collapse on 767px. You can try visiting, as I recall they offered some customizations of the main framework in scss, you can explore it and modify the values there, and once you acquire the code you can overwrite bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.min.js files that came with MDF with the modified ones :)

I hope this helps :)”

Hello I followed your instructions to reduce the height but I lost several hours on this, so would you be so kind please to show me an example of it, I need to reduce the height to 40px, and also let me know what are the files involved on this as well please, thank you so much

email sent, thank you so much

Just Replied, I hope it helps ;)

It worked brilliantly, now it looks awesome. Thank you so much for your professional products and support. I will post it here too, so that the community can benefit from it as well: #mdf_menu { border-bottom: 0 !important; max-height: 40px !important; min-height: 40px !important } #mdf_menu ul .menu-el > a { padding: 10px 15px !important;; } #mdf_menu a.navbar-brand { height: 40px !important;; } #mdf_menu ul{ margin-bottom: 0; } .search-box, .mdf-shopping-cart { top: 1px !important; } #mdf_menu a.navbar-brand { padding: 8px 14px !important;; }

Hi, I like the mega menu version of yours…. Is it compatible with oscommerce 2.3.4 overlayed bootstrap. Can you incorporate this with a custom-category.php with max 4 sub levels file?? I want it with all desktop, tab, and mobile layout. Also can you give a similar effect without js, I would prefer pure css versions….


Thank you for taking interest in my plugin,

This is css and html version (with some small js), meaning it can be integrate into any project. I have not worked with oscommerce but if you know which template to modify you will be able to integrate it there.

Some functions rely on js, if you do not want any js, you will need to do some tweaking and modifications of the exiting code to exclude js completely.

Best Regards


edwane1 Purchased

This Item has a problem in the Dropdown Menu Option. The Sub menu List Item of each Submenu aligns to the top of the Main Menu Bar. However if you have, for example, a Sub Menu Item 7 and it also has 2 or 3 Sub Menu List Items then there is now way to access those List Items because they align to the top of the Menu Bar and the Sub Menu List Item Box doesn’t extend down far enough to access them. Is there a way of Aligning the Sub Menu List Item to the Top of the Sub Item selected rather than it aligning with the Main Menu Bar.


Thank you for buying my plugin,

Can you email me your website URL so I can inspect this on your website and check what you mean ? Thanks

Best Regards


edwane1 Purchased

Hi I’ve uploaded 2 Pages.

One is your original Demo1 (demo1.html) from your demo1.html file. See

The other page is a modified Demo1.html that has 3 additional submenus On Hover the bottom Submenu (7) can’t select its own Sub Menu List items because the List items are aligned to the Top Menu Bar. See


edwane1 Purchased

I should have mentioned in my previous reply that it’s the “Dropdown” menu item I’m referring to.


I see what you mean, you can use this CSS : #mdf_menu .mdf_child_menu li {position: relative}

It will fix this behavior.

Best Regards


edwane1 Purchased

Thanks for that fix. It worked perfectly – Great Support

You are welcome :) I am glad I could help

Best Regards


edwane1 Purchased

Hi another issue has arisen with the Dropdown Menu in Responsive Mode

The problem occurs in widths less than 768px.

Here is a link to the Menu Page to show what is happening

This can be checked in Firefox Responsive Design Mode

If you click on the Dropdown Menu and select the “SUB-ITEM-TEST” link and click on the TEST PAGE it works fine the first time.

When you go back out of the Test Page and select the same Menu “SUB-ITEM-TEST” again, there is no TEST PAGE Dropdown option available now..

The “SUB-ITEM-TEST link goes to a temporary TEST PAGE (test.html)




Sorry for late reply,

You are using demo script, there is fitVids call in demo.js javascript , just remove this line of code from there (demo.js file located in assets/js folder) – so that it does not interfere with rest of the javascript, and everything will work.

Best Regards

I removed the $(”.video”).fitVids(); line of code from the demo.js file but it still doesn’t work in Responsive Mode as I can’t access the “Sub-menu List Item”.

I can Tap on Dropdown and I get to “Sub-Items” but there is no response when I Tap on any of 2 “Sub-Item” dropdowns. It works fine in normal Desktop mode.

I’ve tried it on a number of different Android Phones (Samsung, Sony, HTC)

Link to my Test page is

But it also doesn’t work on the Live Preview on your Demo Page at

Below is the Link to the demo.js for my Test Page showing that the $(”.video”).fitVids(); line of code has been removed.