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Hello there..

I am sorry.. I have some pre sale questions 1. I am using woodmart. My site is Is Your menu plugin compatible with my theme?

2. And, please, with Your menu plugin, can I make menus like (it is from and this (from Please make a visit to those sites. The mega menu on those site has the ability to scroll. Right now I am using other mega menu plugin, but it does not has the ability to scroll. I want to create a flyout menu which is like on or a mega menu which is like on Once again, please check. The scrolling ability is important to me. Because when there are meny menus, scrolling is needed.

3. Also, is it possible to combine those menus? I mean, each menu on mega menus has its own flyout menu to show their subcategories. As You can see, the menus on mega menus are all the main categories which do not show their subcategories. But, the flyout menus on shows the subcategories, and even the childrens of the subcategories too.

Once again, I am sorry…

Thank You very much for Your patience..

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Thank you for taking interest in my plugin,

1. SInce it is based on bootstrap markup and it can take any html markup, you could replicate this megamenu using rows and cols and custom css.

2,3. But the flyout menu from second example is not supported, MDF is only a megamenu script.

Best Regards