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Great module! Does it works with standar views and content types?

Any news on your visual composer? Can you give us an estimate release date? I just want to be sure to be the first buyer :)

Thank you, it’ll be here at the end of February, I’ll notify you via email when we get beta version.

Thanks, I’ll be tuned! Don’t forget to steal some ideas from the https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/ plugin. ;)

Great module! I’ve bought it and it plays well with views! Any chance of a “team” module in the future? Something like: http://codecanyon.net/item/meet-our-team-responsive-design-blocks/full_screen_preview/8638927

Hi Funkville,
Thank you very much for being interested in our new module, also for your suggestion about Team module :)
We will concern your idea in the future
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Can you check my issue in your support forum: http://megadrupal.com/forum/module-support/md-portfolio/1099

We’re in nation holiday, our staff will check your issue tomorrow. Sorry for this inconvenience

After using this module for while I find that the Masonry gallery is very hard to use . Problem is that you need to create a new height value for each image if the image has a new height. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good module but the author should change this in future versions.

Thank you very much for your concern as well as your feedback. This is because our module depends on cube portfolio js. That’s why we had to configured that way. We will check with cube portfolio and hope to update in later versions. Should you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to tell us. We are very appreciated. Many thanks!

Thanks, I hope to see this updated. You can check this option: http://masonry.desandro.com/ and this: http://salvattore.com / The goal is to remove the ‘height’ field from content type.

Hi, this looks like an awesome module! But I have a few questions that I need answers to before purchasing. Specifically, does the module accommodate the following scenario:

1. An existing Project content type that includes an images field with one or more images.

2. There are nine project categories and approximately 100 Project nodes.

3. The 9 categories and an ALL category must be shown at the top of the view and act as views exposed filters.

4. The view must display a maximum of 9 filtered items in a 3×3 grid for any selected category (ALL or any of the 9 categories).

Can the module and view be configured to support this? I hope the answer is Yes!

If so, can you email a link to the module documentation so I can take a closer look?

Thanks again for an amazing module!

Thank you very much for purchasing our module and sorry for the late respond. Regarding your questions:
1. When you enable our MD Portfolio, just check all demo modules also, the content type and demo views will be automatically created.
2. There is only 1 content type Portfolio and Taxonomy Portfolio.
3. These are already created. You just need to go to view and configure. You can change the filter position in file template of module portfolio.
4. It’s up to you, you can set the initial parameters in View .

I want a refund on this. This is a disaster. I purchased the module to save spending hours on views and writing code for a new portfolio on a website. On loading and activating the module it changed all my menus, changed all my links styling, and stopped the slider from working. I don’t know what its doing but it made a mess of the website. I took it off after half and hour…..this is poor.

Sorry for your inconvenience when using md portfolio. We do not know exactly what is your problem with non-detailed description. If you want to fix and continue using MD Portfolio, you can send us your site information via support forum, we will check and fix for you.
Or you would rather to ask refund then sorry, we can not refund here. This product is purchased on Envato so please ask Envato staff to request refund.
After Envato confirm with us, then we accept, you will receive the refund.

md_portfolio-7.x-2.1 file is not installed.

hi, can you tell me more detail? Or can you please submit question here?

Repeatedly tried, but emerges only guidance that it is impossible to install the md_portfolio-7.x-2.1.zip.

did you try to install another module? Maybe it’s because of tmp file is not correct or folder permission issue. You can try to go to admin/config/media/file-system and change temporary file path.

Hi, I see the masonry grid uses some kind of height value that is not documented, is there any way we can have automatic height calculation for masonry grids? otherwise it’s just too much trouble to add multi-size images in a masonry grid.

http://masonry.desandro.com/ http://salvattore.com/ http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ I think these are 3 plugins that you could integrate to support flexible-height elements. This would also make the module more suitable for grids with text like this: http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/base/portfolio/

If you could add this feature somehow on top of the already very nice Cube portfolio integration I would definitely give a 5 star rating

I think it’s also possible with cubeportoflio: http://codecanyon.net/item/cube-portfolio-responsive-jquery-grid-plugin/6372959/comments?page=21&filter=all#comment_10744416

with extra settings. not sure, can you check into this?

Thank you very much for your suggestion and especially your interest in our module. We are going to update the new version We will notify you as soon as we finish.
Many thanks!

Does this module support custom taxonomy types for filtering? I’m having strange problems with the taxonomy aspect. I have a view with custom content type which I cloned from the team MD view. this content type has a category taxonomy reference field to a custom taxonomy type and I can make it display properly in the grid but the filter still shows the MD demo content taxonomy links. When I want to select my taxonomy type in the Views format settings it says “Do not find Taxonomy filter”. Are there any special steps to make a taxonomy compatible with your views formatter?

Please send us your site’s url and admin account via support forum so that we can check your issue

Hi, I am utilizing the theme which we purchased from you and am having trouble finding where to edit the design of the fullscreen modal used for the Portfolio and MD Portfolio displays. In particular, I am trying to change where it labels the field as “Client” under Details to “Partner”, remove the display of the date, change “VISIT THE SITE” to “MORE”, and add additional fields to the display Also, utilizing the MD PORTFOLIO BLOG page, I am having trouble finding where to remove where it says “Mega Drupal” on the images. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, thank for purchase. Please visit forum, our developers will help you.

Nice that the new version supports multiple term reference fields on a node type. The code needs an extra check because now its generating warnings for me.

diff --git a/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/theme.inc b/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/theme.inc
index 83a49db..5037c36 100755
--- a/modules//md_portfolio/templates/mdp/theme.inc
+++ b/modules//md_portfolio/templates/mdp/theme.inc
@@ -329,8 +329,10 @@ function template_preprocess_md_portfolio_mdp_plugin_rows(&$vars) {
       $entity = $results[$md_index]->_field_data['nid']['entity'];
       $filter_field_data = field_get_items('node', $entity, $filter_field, $entity->language);

-      foreach ($filter_field_data as $filter_field_data_key => $filter_field_data_value) {
-        $md_data['data_filter'] .= ' filter-' . $filter_field_data_value['tid'];
+      if (is_array($filter_field_data)) {
+        foreach ($filter_field_data as $filter_field_data_key => $filter_field_data_value) {
+          $md_data['data_filter'] .= ' filter-' . $filter_field_data_value['tid'];
+        }

One problem with the new filter detection is that it lost the ability to use the views templates without the filter options. Some of my customers used it this way so I made a patch to add it to the option array, which is now always there:

diff --git a/modules/md_portfolio/plugins/mdp/md_portfolio_mdp_plugin_style.inc b/modules/md_portfolio/plugins/mdp/md_portfolio_mdp_plugin_style.inc
index 968332d..3036766 100755
--- a/modules/md_portfolio/plugins/mdp/md_portfolio_mdp_plugin_style.inc
+++ b/modules/md_portfolio/plugins/mdp/md_portfolio_mdp_plugin_style.inc
@@ -61,12 +61,13 @@ class MdPortfolioPluginStyle extends views_plugin_style {

+    $taxonomy_options = array('0' => 'Disabled') + $MDP->load_taxonomy;
     if($MDP->check_filter() == true) {
       $form['md_style_view']['filter_tax_id_field_name'] = array(
         '#type' => 'select',
         '#title' => 'Taxonomy filter',
         '#description' => 'filter load to taxonomy in content type',
-        '#options' => $MDP->load_taxonomy,
+        '#options' => $taxonomy_options,
         '#default_value' => array($this->options['md_style_view']['filter_tax_id_field_name'])
     } else {

additional patch to prevent warning on empty filter view:

diff --git a/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/md-portfolio-mdp-plugin-style.tpl.php b/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/md-portfolio-mdp-plugi
index 9822527..612b308 100755
--- a/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/md-portfolio-mdp-plugin-style.tpl.php
+++ b/modules/glazed_portfolio/md_portfolio/templates/mdp/md-portfolio-mdp-plugin-style.tpl.php
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 <div class="md_portfolio_display_content" style="display: none;" />
 <div class="md-portfolio-content <?php print $md_data['options']['md_style_class_add_style']; ?>">
-  <?php if($filter): ?>
+  <?php if(isset($filter) && $filter): ?>
     <?php print theme('md_portfolio_filter', $filter); ?>
   <?php endif; ?>
   <div id="<?php print($md_data['options']['md_style_view']['grid_div_id']) ?>" class="<?php print($md_data['options']['md_style_container_type']) ?>">

Thank you for your feedback. Would you please submit to our support forum so that we can have further discussion on this

Hi, will there be a Drupal 8 version release?

Thank you for your concern. We are planning to update our MD Slider and MD AWEContent for Drupal 8. We are also considering to update MD Portfolio but still has no detail plan and time yet

hmmm? so it is still undecided for MD Portfolio? I think we’ll hold off purchasing MD Portfolio until you can confirm this. We just don’t want to run into the issue of having to find an alternative module (or redo the whole portfolio section again) when it comes to upgrading our site to D8 in 10 months time. cheers,

Nice Module, but not working great for me. For example. how can i use the image slider such like te example page of a “jucy projects”. More documentation would be fine for it. now only the mansory is explained.

Thank you for your feedback. We see your post in our forum already. We will check and reply you asap.


In all the examples i see that the MD_Portfolio module is used to filter on a main category field in a content-type.

Category field : Web, Branding, Design, ...

A view is made to display all items belonging to the content type and the md-portfolio plugin filters on the category field

Would it be possible to filter on a deeper level also.

Web -Firefox -Chrome -Safari Branding -11 -22 Design -Paper -Stone -Wood ...

I would like to make a view to display all items belonging to the content type that have a certain category (example:web) and use the md_portfolio plugin to filter on the subcategory of web (firefox or chrome or safari)


Thank you very much for your concern in our module. However, MD Portfolio currently does not support this function

I stil have problems with this plugin. I have created a “juicy project” with a slider. The photo’s are loaded, but i only see THE first one. Please, see me question at the forum.


I have posted several questions on the official forum and is still waiting for answers after nearly a week. The purchased product does not meet my expectations. The service on the product is substandard.

Please see my question on Dear, http://megadrupal.com/forum/module-support/md-portfolio/2452

Will there be a Drupal 8 version of this module? cheers

Drupal 8 version coming soon? best!

Hi we have integrated this module. but image popup is not working . so please solve this issue. we just registered in your support wesbsite. we didnt received welcome mail and i have given forget pwd also. still not received your mail. So please send my pwd to support@xfacttech.com

Thank you for your purchase. Please check your email