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How are the questions added(How can be added) and is there a ability for categories. Also In app items to reveal answer if stuck, to skip questions, etc?

Hi!, Shemol,

1) If you have a new question you can add it to the QuizHelper.java file. Use bellow code to add a new question.

Question qNumber = new Questions("Question", "Option A", "Option B",  "Option C", "Option D", "Answer");

2) No, In this version you can’t categorize questions.

3) If you select a correct answer app shows it is correct and go to the next question. If your selection is wrong app shows it is wrong and go to the next without showing correct answer. If you want to show the correct answer I can give you a modified code for it.

Thank You!

Please integrate User Ranking :) We would buy with this feature !

Hi! b0sAnChE,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll update the app template as soon as possible with user ranking.

Thank You!

Hi! Xox-Studio,

Thank you very much.

is there admob integreted?

and category also.

Hi! KiskuRapaj,

Yes, Admob is integrated. We are using admob native. No categories but If you want categorizing we can help you to add categories.

Please add category and sub category ans excel file for data.

Please add ranking!

With one year without updating, they do not want to buy

What are the latest release note for tjis app?