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Nice script, but how to edit front page?
I don’t see in demo admin, how/where I can edit home page?
This script used any framework? or not?


You can read all documentation about installation of the system and also template integration in “this” link.

Home page is managed from template folder not from admin panel.

And the script has written with native PHP.

cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you Eric

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you )

Templates can not be edited ?, I do not quite see where the home is. I like your idea cms, thanks.


You have option to edit templates from files.

You can see sample template files and integration rule from here: http://mcms.ws/documentation/#!/html_template_integration

Good luck !

Thank you QAMKA


Nice works. Does this come with user registration and email verification?

Thank you.

Ok, One more thing, this script using mysqli or PDO?

Let me know how to contact you for the customization.


In our script have 3 classes for connect to MySQL DB. By Default MySQLi next is PDO and for old versions mysql.

Skype: microphprashad


In database connection file(mcms.db.php) u need change this field for connection type.

 * @var string Database connection type
 *             mysql, mysqli, pdo
public $db_connection = 'mysqli';

Hi, can I use this script to easly create a control panel to manage news? I need a login for the only admin and the capabilities to add different news.


Another question: Can i disable all the functions except News and Gallery ones? Thanks

Another question: Can i disable all the functions except News and Gallery ones? Thanks

Yes, you can use only News module. For disable another default modules from phpMyAdmin change on modules table active field from 1 to 0.


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Hi, can I translate your admin panel in other languages? How can I precede? Thanks

Admin panel. Click Options -> Site options

On site languages block add your language (2 length language code)

After this, from File manager (or FTP) go to t/lang/[2 symbol lang] folder and edit files for manage your admin panel languages.

Good luck with sale! Great job!

Thank you

Great work. Really impressive!

Thank you st1s


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looks nice, but can it not handle sub-menu-items? like drop down menus?

Why not? It’s depend of your HTML design. mCMS handle integrate for any type of sites.


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i just asked because you demo does not show any submenus

pharill thank u for this questionş

For use sub menus in template HTML files

<!- BEGIN top_menu -> {top_menu.ID} {top_menu.NAME} {top_menu.NAME_UP} {top_menu.TITLE} {top_menu.COMMENT} {top_menu.TEXT} {top_menu.BLANK} {top_menu.SLUG} {top_menu.URL} <!- BEGIN curr_class -> <!- END curr_class ->

<!- BEGIN norm_class -> <!- END norm_class ->

<!- BEGIN first_class -> <!- END first_class ->

<!- BEGIN middle_class -> <!- END middle_class ->

<!- BEGIN last_class -> <!- END last_class ->

<!- BEGIN sub ->

(Used for no linc content and NEws module) <!- BEGIN nolink -> {top_menu.sub.nolink.NAME} {top_menu.sub.nolink.TITLE} {top_menu.sub.nolink.ID} {top_menu.sub.nolink.COMMENT} {top_menu.sub.nolink.TEXT} <!- END nolink ->

<!- BEGIN menu -> {top_menu.sub.menu.CUR_CLASS} -class=”current” {top_menu.sub.menu.ACT_CLASS} -class=”active” {top_menu.sub.menu.DDWN_CLASS} -class=”dropdown” {top_menu.sub.menu.CLASS_SUB} -class=”dropdown-submenu” OR class=”last-element” {top_menu.sub.menu.URL} {top_menu.sub.menu.TITLE} {top_menu.sub.menu.NAME} {top_menu.sub.menu.ID}

<!- BEGIN sub2 ->

<!- BEGIN menu2 -> {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.CUR_CLASS} -class=”current” {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.ACT_CLASS} -class=”active” {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.URL} {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.TITLE} {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.NAME} {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.NAME_UP} {top_menu.sub.menu.sub2.menu2.ID} <!- END menu2 ->

<!- END sub2 ->

<!- END menu ->

<!- END sub ->


<!- BEGIN sub_menu -> {top_menu.sub_menu.CLASS} {top_menu.sub_menu.URL} {top_menu.sub_menu.TITLE} {top_menu.sub_menu.NAME} {top_menu.sub_menu.ID} <!- END sub_menu ->

<!- END top_menu ->


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