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Very nice function indeed. Can I have my own “download page” (that’s on my website) instead of the default download page? what changes are required?

I just checked the Delete function is not working on the Demo. Are you planning to update the script?

Hello, I really want to buy this script but am reading that certain features are not working.

Are you planning on updating this script or have you abandoned it?

I’m not really comfortable buying it with these comments and rating.

Suggestion: Better use working scripts… http://codecanyon.net/item/subscribe-download/5522771

Real problem with the download. Wants to save to another app, one of which is Dropbox. Selected this but I have limited space so went back and chose another but this didn’t work. Now can’t find the download anywhere so trying to do it again. Uncuccessful. Very annoying to pay this much for an app that has so far wasted over an hour of my time, 5baa4703-2c05-4682-9d95-37d26e6216da – 3 Oct 2015 REGULAR LICENSE

send email to me and i will upload it and send to you the download link

I need a quick reply from your team,because we have a sort period to release the product. Deleting a file not working, mail goes to spam.Let me know how soon u can fix this? do we need any mail configurations. I never had an issue like this, this is my first time.I’m very disappointing purchased id is dd67cc93-fc52-4758-8763-df30bdd2de98 – 2016-02-17 – REGULAR LICENSE