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can I use it on wp platform? Do I need woo commerce?


can you conntact me on abudiya63@gmail.com


sent message to you

is there any update? i want buy this script

no updates now

merhaba bu scripte benzer ürün detaylar?nda sat?n al sistemi olan script var m?d?r ?

Marhaba , i don’t understand your question , english please

how install in sub-directory? now i get 404 Page Not Found


is there any way to order online and payment system and shopping system ?

is there any app or it i can connect with the script


Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/include/config.php:18) in /home/xxx/public_html/cp/ulogin.php on line 26

hi, contact forms give error 500!!!

please create function for forget password .

hi, i get this error in error log /cp


$_REQUEST[‘p’] what ‘p’?

there is a iOS template?? and i won’t android please contact me beautiful.soul.777@hotmail.com


Please add insert image and hyperlinks on tinyMCE editor.

I want to add some banner on product descriptions.


i like the looks of the site but there is no way people can buy the products because there is no shopping cart, i registered also even inside there no way to buy it, what is this a buy and sell or online store?

Please I do not find add to card how the buyer can pay their purchases and also they are the payment method available???

hi , i want to buy but i can’t see demo, can you modify some Features such as paid membership for seller and buyer ,order form, E-mail/ sms alert when buyer make order ,

demo link error.. please check

How do i change the logo, i trie to change it in images but its not working. Please help!

Hi MicroCode, is there any option for shipping?

What is the difference between : -Multi-Seller -Light ?

Hello, how much do you charge to add a paypal purchase module