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Can u translate to spanish? Thanks!

i am sorry i don’t know spanish.

Hi, Nice script,

I am planing to buy this, but i want to see the client dashboard which is not working?

Hi, Nice script,

I am planing to buy this, but i want to see the client dashboard which is not working?

Hi, Nice script,

I am planing to buy this, but i want to see the client dashboard which is not working?

“somsan 6 months ago Flag hi your project no page forgot password ? if there are page forgot password i will buy it .”

Any update on this? can’t seem to see the forget password feature.

let me know if you’re open to customization. thanks

I have purchased this script and installed it here for testing purpose, but I am not satisfied. It is not like you have shown in the demo. Kindly visit the link and assist me with the issues.

do you edited the include/connection.php in admin and agent folders?

Yes, I have edited include/connection.php, my crome browser says that a there are 2 resources missing : {website-folder}/real/img/panelbg.html. {website-folder}/real/undefined?1431019823387

If u want I can give u my FTP, u can check

ok send to me the cpanel login data to check the files and database , my email

He Thank you for this script Regards

I have a problem when i try to use the Longitude and Latitude the location not show on map the map use just the adresse

can you please send your website URL and admin login details to my email to check

Hello :)

It`s possible to remove the agents area after buying? For automatic costumer translation is there any addon or we have to do it by hand?

tks for yout time

Best regards

yes you can remove agent area, and translation will done by hand

ok tks :)

in a future update, you will be include multi language?

this script support only english language

Any estimated date for the new update?

Also there is no option for “Forget Password”

Suggestion: “Secret field” is missing – for agents notes, visible only for them. I want to translate the script. Does it support characters like ?š??žýá? Thx

current version support only english language

Hey. How customisable is the design? You think I could reskin it? Or is it just one design out of the box? Are the files encrypted etc?

you can reskin the script, php files not ecrypted

can i change the currency?

no only use USA sollar

Can we change the theme of the Website? Is this script have multiple themes?

it has only one theme,and changing theme need php experience

i bought this script to learn php and its great. However i cant access the admin area , i am using local host. Please remind me of the user email and password , i notice its not working on your demo either but might be coincidence

the default user name: admin , password : admin

admin and admin do not work and they are not accepted on your admin demo site either. the agent demo works fine. From php my admin i tried as user and admin as password but that did not work. Perhaps you could get the admin demo site to work and then confirm the username and password . Thanks.

I want to buy it. Unfortunately I have no experience with PHP. How do I install it? Did you initiate?

i can install it for you , if you like

We at are interested in integrating your product to our business. However we have the following inquiries regarding price settings . Ideally we would like to have our tarrifs to have daily, weekly , and or monthly price offerings. We are offering Condos for rent mainly in one locations and building however we also have some other properties such as houses and commerrcial spaces with focus on the condo rentals mainly currently breaking the daily rental market. Please advise as to if these options are possible in your product or if customizations can be done at a charge. If possible but not dependent , can there be a recording of meter readings or anyway to charge for utilities upon checkout such as water and electric? Are payments able to be made? Thank you in advance for your support. Respectfully, Yensabai Condotel

we develop now new version , and it will cover the most of your needs, maybe ready to be published after week

Good Evening

Please, I want to know some information about this script. if all the (JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL) files will be included with it when it purchses, and if it all editable? if it will be as appeared in the demo version exactly or some of it omitted?

with many thanks.

Hello, yes all files is editable and your website will be as appeared in the demo version exactly

Thanks a lot for replying. Iam from Iraq, what is the way for paying rather than Paypal, Master card and visa card? can I pay by western union?

we sell our products only here in codecanyoun

Hi, I bought a script in envatoMarket, I followed all the instructions but I can not enter the administrator and I do not load the default properties

the domain is

my email is

I hope you can help me Cheers from Chile

i checked your website and i see it works normal

hi, thinking of purchasing I have a few questions though, first of all how customisable is the site are html files included in the download? secondly do i have to purchase any plans to have just one agent who is also the admin? and the search features on pages how easy is it to change those forms?

After purchase you will download a full source code and of course you can customise it as you wish.

hi, purchased and struggling to upload onto a test server I have, the server im using isn’t the final server the site will be on but I’m still struggling and then how to edit the site once the admin is installed

and can i not change the dollar sign to £ if not i’ve purchased without realising