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This is a nice script and is what I was looking for. Although I have a problem with the mail not sending. I had sent a few test mails to myself after I had signed up but they dident go through. I have my email address set in the admin correctly and I signed up with three of my aliases, but no responce to my mail box, can you please help? Here is the addy to the link if that may help. Thanks,,, Viper

it is the same as it was. I dident change it

It sends it to the list but when you send email to subscribers, it doesent respond

ok i will check it again

Great work, its awesome! :)

great work how can we change the smtp settings

can we get mail to our inbox? with smtp settings ? not to admin to mail box. i am waiting for update i hope it will be added.

ok, expect it next update

i am waiting for the update.

When clicking subscribe without entering an email it creates an empty email field (subscribers) on the admin panel. I was testing with an iPhone 5 with Chrome. This don’t happen with Android devices.

thanks for your review , i will fix this next update

So what was new in the update? I still cant seem to get mail to send from my admin panel to my registerd users. Need help please.

you can send email to subscribers from “Send Message” in the left menu from your admin dashboard

Well I know that but it doesent send, I have 3 email accounts and it dident send it to either one of them.

the new version has been uploaded , and you can download it after approval, i maybe take about 24 hours

Hi, I bought your bundle and the first script I installed was this MC Coming Soon Script. I must say your Coming Soon Script is amazing, I like it but there are a couple of minor issues you want to fix. When I send a message to subscribers from the admin section (send_message.php) the message header and subject aren’t right. First issue is that it shows my server’s name and hosting company name and my user name for cPanel on the server as the sender in the email they receive. Instead it should show my name and/or the email address I included in admin setting (settings.php). This is how it looks when a subscriber receives the email (I changed the real names to a fake ones not to show private info here):

from: (problem – this should be my name and/or the email address I included in admin setting)
to: (subscriber email address which is fine)
date: Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 10:05 PM (date is fine)
subject: new message (this should change to a subject we type when sending a message but there is no subject field there).

The other issue is that message body is not formatted right, it doesn’t look right. This is how it looks (this is the body, you called it Message in admin Send Message section):

Name :Testing MC Coming Soon Script Send Message to Subscribersemail Testing MC Coming Soon Script Send Message to Subscribers. This is completely wrong!!!

Please fix these issues otherwise the script is perfect and I will rate 5 Stars after the issues have been solved. Thanks.

sorry for delay, i uploaded the updated version to codecanyon , and i think it will be available to download after 24 hours, also new script has beed added to the bundle, best regards

OK! I’m really happy you came through today, now I can say the author still around and still supporting his scripts. Thanks.

Could you please help me?
I can not use accents in the texts, all the times I use the word accents is cut :( Thanks

Hi ????

this script is designed with english language, so i maybe don’t accept non-english letters

I would buy again, if you corrected this!!! is possible?? or I lost my money? Thanks

Very good job! What time zone is this script based on?

Can the user receive a email when he register?

I would like to add a field, is it possible just above email field?

HI i am in interesting it before buy it .. here is question when time countdown will pop to our homepage and it is automatic ???

when the countdown ended the coupon will be expired automatically .

Hi, when I type username: admin password: admin – it won’t let me login – and the “username” box says “email address” It just submits/refreshes the login page but doesn’t do anything.

Ignore that! Had a typo in my connection file. oops :-x

Hi I would like to know how I can change the URL this landing page shows up on.


email me please with more details

Hello I have a problem deleting the sliders in the admin panel, I can go to the database and delete them but not in the admin panel using the delete button. Is there a fix for this?

can you please send the admin login details to check

Hello, I’m trying to preview your coming soon page but it says the page cant be found. Also, does this allow for auto replies to be sent to users who subscribe?

Problem in deleting slider images & subscribers, works only from database and when i try to send the message it shows message send but it doesn’t works.

Hi, I just bought your coming soon script and after installation the first thing it does is redirect to your website. I didn’t pay for that neither do I have time to be going through your code so its a waste of money for me and waste of time. Sorry but that is the worst way to sell yourself. even if your scripts could make me one million I wouldn’t touch them because of what you did there. Why not put a link in the admin panel where its discreet and not intrusive or some code that can be commented out easily. Sorry but that is bad marketing.

Ok, don’t you think it is a good idea to put this in your documentation so the next person like me is not surprised. Thanks.

i am so sorry for this confusion

No problem. Thank you. Its a good script.

Hello, I still cannot delete the the slider images or the subscribers from this script. Other than that it works perfectly but I would really like to fix this issue. It has been 2 years since I last ask about it so have you came up with a solution yet? Thank you in advance.

Are you going to update this script to PHP 7 at any point?

No more support on this item i think

Both demo links are 404 and the video tutorial is dead as well. I’m going to buy a different maintenance mode/coming soon script.