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Awesome script! Good luck with sales! :)

Very simple and functional. Would be cool if on the view snippet page there were edit/select all/copy buttons. And if the category names would open those snippets when you click on them on the categories page. I have my eye on this. Thanks

thanks , we will take that into consideration next update

I would love this tool if… you had the ability to upload a zip file or document associated with the snippet.

thanks for advice , expect that next update

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

just purchased but do not see an instruction file or how to implement???

Script Installation Steps: 1. Download MC Code Snippet Manager Script . 2. Create new mysql database . 3. import database.sql file to your database. 4. Open include/connection.php file and edit it using your database details . 5. Upload script files to your web server. 6. Login your admin panel and enter your details, default user is “admin” and password is “admin” , you can change your password from admin panel.

Thanks, uploading now

The idea is good, but almost any complex code you get on the field code results in the full record is deleted. I tried the demo and installed and the same problem. Some solutions working? thank you,

Problems uploading the microcode and it seems that the media is delay to appear.

can you send a print screen

Hello, I habe puchased your script and have problem with adding snippets. If i put normal text in Code area, then snippet will be saved. If i put PHP code in the area i get message failed. Can you help me?


I have the problem that editing/deleting does not work for categories/subcategories/users. For snippets it does work. It always opens the add-menu instead of editing or deleting.

can you please send to my email mox_egy@yahoo.com the link and login details to check

I really like this snippet manager. But 3 things are really disturbing:

1.) It seems to be planned as an mobile friendly script and resizes perfectly in my desktop browsers. But tested with a mobile device it’s not usable. It would be nice if you would add this meta tag in head-section to make it fully mobile device friendly. <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

2.) Unencrypted passwords are evil. But even worse is displaying them all users. Could you encrypt the user passwords? Or at least hiding them for all other users?

3.) Edit and Delete Buttons do not work with Firefox (except those for snippets). With Chrome it works perfectly. Could you fix that too?

I would be happy if these points would be fixed.

thanks for your comment, i will take it into consideration next update

Hello, I am a little confused about editing the connection file during installation. I don’t see a field for db username or password. I’m pretty sure I need this in order to connect to my database right?

Please advise

Nevermind, I figured it out by using the syntax from another config file I had from a different php script.

A simple field that says “usernamegoeshere”, and “passwordgoeshere” in the connection file would probably make sense. Not all of us are programmers, so sometimes the simplest things hang us up.

Nice Work. GLWS

if there is an ’ inside the Code, the insert fails.

I corrected the Code:

instead of $titlesnippet=$_POST['titlesnippet']; $subcategory=$_POST['subcategory']; $description=$_POST['description']; $code=$_POST['code']; $category=$_POST['category']; it should be: $titlesnippet=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['titlesnippet']); $subcategory=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['subcategory']); $description=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['description']); $code=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['code']); $category=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['category']); otherwise $insertsnippet=mysql_query("insert into `code` values('$id','$category','$titlesnippet','$description','$code','$date','$subcategory')"); fails if there is a ’ in the text (for example a comment)

st3vo Purchased

Hi, i just bought the code snippets script and it’s very outdated with php. Can’t use it. Can I have a refund please?