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I’ve just bought it, installed and … Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/mbyte-rating/mbyte-rating.php on line 367 Can you help with this?

Hello, thank you for quick reply, I’ve added ?>, but this didn’t help me. I wrote you an email. Please, check it.

Hello Vladimir, now plugin is working. Thank you for your help. This plugin is exactly what I wanted, I haven’t found something like this on Codecanyon before.

However, I have to say that settings in your plugin a bit limited. If I have 200 posts, how can I find in a backend the top rated posts? How can I list top rated posts in a widget area? Inserting mByte Rating shortcodes also is ok, but if you have hundreds posts, that’s getting difficult to manage this.

I hope I could see some of these features in a nearest future and this could help to increase your sales. Thank you. Dmitry.

Thank you for your reply. “Top rating” functional is on the way and would be added as soon as posible.

Hello, I just bought your plugin and it’s cool. I would like to modify it to my site. in my project, I use the plugin to vote for an author. I managed to display the function at the point that I wanted but, I can not see in the back-end colones + and – like page and post. I use manage_users_columns and manage_users_custom_columns but nothing. Can you please help me so that the plugin can like an author and display it in the administration in the User tab like post/page? Sorry for my bad english You can see the page of my project here: http://dev.kaliem.fr/AUBAY_TEST/netauth/1/

Thank you

You can change file mbyte-rating.php on line 401 to: return get_option(md5($user_id).’_mbyte_rating_up’); and 405 to: return get_option(md5($user_id).’_mbyte_rating_down’);

Now you see your own authors rating. But it works only in admin column. Changing widget and shortcode needs more complex work.

Hi Vladimir, thank you for answer I made the changes and this is what I get. http://dev.kaliem.fr/AUBAY_TEST/modifications/

I still can not recover the value, I’m tired

Can you wrote me to mbyte-zeus@ya.ru ? And remove all code snippets from public access, please.

Can I make that users can rate content if they logined? How It work?

For now all users can vote

Can you create rating system like freelancer.com? Badge, XP rate…

May be in future. It takes time.

im interest on plugin

i need individual Rating pages

is posible or once you rate yoo catn rate again in other page ?

Hi there, Great plugin. I want to user your plugin for “Listable Theme”. Is there a way for me to add your pluging to the “listings” so people can rate the listings?


I am interested in your like / dislike plugin.

I am looking for a plugin where each post is sorted by the amount of like (the most likes on top and least likes on bottom) For all posts / categories.

Can you plugin do this? Or are you able to add code to make this happen?

Good Luck With Sale :)