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Nice plugin!

a) is it possible to disable it when viewing the website from mobile? b) is it possible not to appear every time the user views the website or every x days (so the user wont get bothered) c) Does it recognize the user who is already a facebook page member, so it doesnt show to already Liked users?

Thanks in advance


a) No. You can’t disable it in mobile at this moment but plugin is responsive and looks great in all mobile devices.

b) Yes. You may set cookie time (in days).

c) No.


Hi. I want it to popup up only on the homepage and only once per visit. I tried assigning the module to Home and I set cookies for 30 (days). It still comes up every time the home page is reloaded. Please help.


Sorry for my late answer. I had some health issue.

Please send me url of Your website I need look at the code.


Hello, I am interested in the popup plugin Mb2 Popups – Popup Joomla Module, but I wonder if they have a trial, I need to know if you can insert an external website. and if it is 100% responsive.

Hello Zamoragg,

Thanks for your comment. Please check documentation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7kgbofn0w255z3/DOCUMENTATION.pdf?dl=0 You can see how to use this module. Module is 100% responsive and works fine in all devices mobile or desktop (try to resize web browser window). Also I test it in Android and IOS. It’s also very lightweight (javascript file is only 2KB).

I offer you also free support and updates.

check also demo: http://demo.mb2extensions.com/joomla-modules/mb2-popups

and admin panel screenshots.

If you have some question feel free to send me a message.


Hi, When I set cookies for 30 (days) for home page only, i can still see the pop-up every time the page reloads. I sent you a message with my site to check it. Thanks

Thanks Mariusz,
I installed it, emptied the cache, but it still loads again and again.


I sent you version 1.2.1. but on your website I still see version 1.2.0 (js and css file top comment). Make sure that you installet latest version 1.2.1. After installation go to the module and save it. If you’re using some cache plugin on your website (e.g. jCache) don’t forget clearing cache.


Thank you Marbol
Now it works!

Good morning

I just bought your extension and it works great but i wold like to know if it possible to link the entire background image

Solved, thank you