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1.) Can this move items from the left admin menu to the top admin bar or must I enter each menu item and sub-menus manually?

2.) Can I remove existing menu items?

3.) Can I dictate if my custom menu items appear on the left or right side?

4.) Is there an option to save/export multiple sets of menus?

5.) Is there an option to reset the menu back to factory defaults?

6.) If I choose the option to hide the menu in the front end is there any way to access the menu, such as a menu that drops down when I move my cursor to a hotspot?

7.) Does it come with any icons, if so where can I see a list of them?

8.) Does it work with any online font icons such as ?



1.) You will need to add each item manually. You are flexible to add any links.

2.) You can choose to append to existing menu items, or completely replace them with your links.

3.) The menu will appear on the left. The right side of the menu is leave intact to the Wordpress default.

4.) For now, there is no option to export your option.

5.) Yes, there is a reset function, you can reset to Wordpress default admin bar.

6.) If you hide the admin bar in the front end, there is no hotspot to access the menu. You will need link to dashboard with your own link. (such as

7.) It does not come with any icon. The icon use in preview are for demonstration purposes.

8.) You will need to upload your icon in image files. (PNG or jpeg)


Thanks for your reply.

You are welcome.

In your video, wordpress defaults are hidden. Can I customize the admin bar so that my links will show?

Thanks, just added. The item added is not ligned center with other default items under account. Can I add css or modify margins to do that?


You can use css to set the margin. But there is no input field for custom css in this plugin. Will include a input field for custom css in the upcoming version. (Estimated before the end of upcoming week.)


Oh ya, I missed out this, actually you can use “top-secondary” as parent to add your link item to the right hand side.

Dear mayo_passion,

I hope to purchase your plugin but I have these presale questions:

1) I need the admin bar to be exactly like the footer bar of site, can I do that with your plugin?

2) I need tow admin bars one at the header and another one at the footer, can I achieve this with your plugin?

3) I want the header admin bar to contain something like the header admin bar of the site. specially this portion,because I want the user to change between multiple domains from the admin bar in the same way of the jQuery site, can I achieve that with your plugin?

Best Regards,


Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for your question.

This plugin cannot add menu bar to the footer.

This plugin allow you to add custom link to the admin bar. Technically, you can add any link.

Hope I helped with your doubt. Thanks again.


Thank you very much for your answer.

You are welcome.

Can I change the colors of the bar?


There is no option to change the colors of admin bar in this plugin.


Is the plugin will work with version 4.0 or later? Will there be new updates and new features, eg. Changing color?

Hi, this plugin is working with Wordpress 4.0, and will keep update to cope with latest version of wordpress.

These are features in the roadmap of future version: - Changing admin bar color - Import / Export settings


Hi there,

Awesome plugin, i have 2 questions 1. how would i add shortcode (that would normally be in the menu) to the admin bar? eg to make a modal window pop up etc?

2. if i wanted the admin bar at the bottom of the screen, does your plugin do it? if not, I have another plugin that moves the admin bar to the bottom, would the 2 plugins conflict – ( the plugin is called ubermenu sticky extension)

Thank you


1. At this moment, this plugin cannot open a lightbox when you click on the admin bar item.

2. This plugin does not have the feature to place the admin bar at bottom at the time being. It shall not have any conflict with the ubermenu as this plugin does not handle any poisitioning like ubermenu does.

Please do let me know if you find any conflict between them.


Hi I have some questions:

1. is this responsive? if not. can it hide for Mobile?

2. can I completely remove wordpress icon, menus and avatar form this bar?

3. This plugin support Chinese?


Hi Xupeng,


1. It is not responsive, and there is no feature to hide for Mobile. Will improve in upcoming version.

2. Yes, you can completely remove Wordpress icon and add your own links with icons.

3. This plugin is in english version. However, you can use any character for your link text in admin bar.



before we purchase your plugin Are you planning on making further dev and maintaining the plugin are you planning on addin css mega menu or other option in the near future do you have a road map When is the next update


no answer for 2 days? are you planning on doing evolution

Hi cyrildarmouni,

Sorry for slow response, a new version is coming up this week include the features such as changing the color of admin bar, import/export settings.


Hi there, One Problem: when choosing “replace the default wordpress admin bar” for a new menu item, the whole(!) default admin bar incl. the menu toggle(!) is replaced. But without menu toggle in mobile view you can’t view your left admin menu in the mobile view … . Any thoughts about this and a possible solution? Thx.

Thanks for your alert, Looking into this now.

Hi funpic,

I have uploaded an updated version (2.1) which should fixed this issue.

You shall get an notification when it is approved by Envato staff.


Thanx for your update. Now the toggle is visible. But: another Problem – in mobile view only the icons of sub menu items are shown! Suggestion? Regards


1. Only the administrator can view the bar?

2. It is compatible with BuddyPress?

Plugin breaks the “Screen Options” menu in wordpress in any post type listing. Go to Posts > Screen Options. The “screen options” menu doesn’t pull down when plugin is activated.