Discussion on Maximize - HTML5 & CSS3 Fullscreen Image Gallery

Discussion on Maximize - HTML5 & CSS3 Fullscreen Image Gallery

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not able to add more images than i am not a coder so feeling difficulty to edit code:( please help

my email please help.make code for 20 pictures and send me .thanx

can i add video to this slider

You can but the autoplay/stop doesn’t work hence the video would play when sliding to the next image.

how can add a lot of images dynamically using

You would need to integrate the Maximize layout within your application.

what do you mean exactly ? i just want to load photos from database

This can’t be done with Maximize alone as it is a html/css layout. For dynamic content loading such as images and, titles, descriptions etc you would need server side or frontend javascript solution which would load them into the Maximize layout.

Hello, how I can have there thumbnails instead of 1, 2, 3, ... please?

I’ve got it :) Now some testing in browsers and perhaps I will buy it.

If everything will go smooth, I will have great representative web page on prand new domain

Great :) Let me know if you’ll need help. Cheers

Hello ! ; ) I purchased this fabulous and magnificent fullscreen gallery It ’ really nice and clean. I was trying to implement it within the homepage of a website in wordpress, but I’m have a problems and I really hope you can help me , because it’s the slider that I like most of all and I would hate to do without it.

I implemented the css maximize nell’head the site ( removing only the tag body { } in the css ) and then I inserted the html page . The problem is that I can not understand why it is not visible (you can see for a split second and then disappears), I think it’s something related to css, but I just can not figure out which element disorders . the website is: I hope you can help me ! Thank you in advance!

I am using theme 3 and would like to have the caption (more info) show as default setting instead of hidden as default. Can you point me in the right direction?


please send me a pm or email and i’ll help you out :) Cheers

How easy would it be to disable the responsiveness?

Can you point me in the right direction?


Sure – simply delete the media queries at the end of the maximize css file. If you need help, let me know via pm or email. Cheers

this slider not using with php?? how can use it.?

Yes I mean generate content and images dynamically via php

Php is not included as the item is a layout upon which you can build your dynamic elements.

But your code like that in css. How can I dynamic elements via php? :

maximize.css line : 283 – 290

.image-1 { background-image: url(”../images/big/1.jpg”); /* <—First image / } .image-2 { background-image: url(”../images/big/2.jpg”); / <—Second image / } .image-3 { background-image: url(”../images/big/3.jpg”); / <—Third image */

maybe I can dynamic element with php in index.html page.

Thanks Capelle.

Hello; Thanks For Slider. Really Good it. I want to use your slider with fullpage.js. But not work it. Can you help me?

Hi. Sorry, but the item is css/html only so i don’t provide support for js libraries.

How can I add more images to this gallery and have the clicking and arrows work?

Oops! Nevermind! Sorry I found the instructions in documentation :) . All is working.

Great :) Thank you for choosing Maximize.

Amazing work Capelle! I love this design. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a perfect fit for my site. One question. The top left menu button. When pressed the links slide in from the left. I noticed each of the bars is a different size in width depending on the word. I need all those white bars to be the same size. How do I do that?

Thank you, i’m glad you enjoy it :) Please edit the maximize.css and look for selector: #hidden-menu .links a span.category { ... width: auto; }

Change the width attribute to your liking (for example: 200px). Menu links will now have the same width.


Ha. I missed that one. I tried setting width to all except that one, which is why I emailed you. Man, I feel stupid. Duh. My only excuse, 21hrs without sleep. Many thanks for the quick response!

No problem & good luck :)

The gallery doesn’t seem to work in the Android (4.3) browser on my phone. You can press the buttons but it doesn’t go to the next image, more info doesn’t appear, menu won’t slide, etc. Any suggestions?


hm, strange – Maximize was tested to work with main mobile browsers. Are you using a non-standard browser? For further assistance, please send me a support email.

Thanks and cheers

Hi, nice gallery.

Have you considered to add autoplay option as seen on many sliders?

Or what about keyboard navigation to scroll forward and backward in the gallery?

Regards Nick


as the gallery is made with html and css only, this function would require javascript, which cannot be included as the item is in the css category.

Cheers, Mike

I really like the menu form embedded in this code, however; I don’t plan to use this as a gallery and more of menu for the whole site, can i achieve this with a little twist in the code or is it not possible?

Sure, you can isolate the menu html and css, then use it as you navigation for the site.

I cant buy with paypal and I wont add a deposit to the account. Any other way of buying this ?

Sorry, only the payment methods that are provided on the marketplaces.

I’m interested in having the menu links advance to an image #. Can someone help me, point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

Hi sloga,

sure – could you send me a pm with info about which gallery you wish/are using and url if you have the gallery already installed?

Thanks and cheers, Mike

Hi, I would like to have this within a div with a set size.

I cant figure out how to keep the slider from overlapping my other elements, I want to just have the whole slider contained in a div. Please help me, I can email you the url.


please send me the url. Thanks :)

email sent thanks!

Does it work at all with IE 7 or 8?

Hi. No, as IE8- supports only minimal or no css3.


Amazing job and desing.

Just 1 thing to make this perfect, add a loading before showing the image.

That’s all, I like it


Thanks klerith, appriciated.
Good suggestion, it’s on update list, cheers :)


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