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Hi. I see many French words in the script. Do you have an English language version of this script? I love French but I need an English version. Thanks.

I can translate it fully in english if you want.

It is translated now.

Hi comcomp, would you want to buy it ?

Hi There,

Please translate fully in english and I will purchase :)

Does it have an admin panel ?

How many users can you have ? Can you give access to folders as needed?

I am very much impressed with the thought you put into your application. very fascinating. I wonder, do you know C#, VB?

I’m a french student, I’m not at home currently but this evening I think I Will translate it in English. I know only C# (a little bit only), why ? Thank you :)

There is only a settings panel, you can access to the folder you want, sure.

Hello, The demo doesn’t work, I get this error ” Error 403”.

I want to buy this script right now, but can you fix the demo ?

Thank you!

Great script! Good luck with the sales.

Yes sorry, some people had destroyed the website because they had upload dangerous files, so the host had broken the connection. And some people had activated the security of the website, so the upload were stopped (by security) for a moment.

It is translated now ! =)

Hey RichardClark, are you interested for buy ?

I like the semi-transparent world map on the demo website associated with Maverick. Where can I get the website or the semi-transparent map? Thank you.

To get the source code, you have to buy the files of Maverick, the map is based on google maps and modified by a script, for example you have this: but, me I use an another script. =)

Normally, with google maps, you can grab and move the map with the cursor. Maverick doesn’t seem to allow this function. Can the Maverick map be configured to allow for using the cursor to move the map around?

Maverick use an another script, buy it if you want it :)

I read your description but I’m not sure if I understand what a “cloud storage website” is. How is a cloud storage website different from other websites in normal servers? Can I host a cloud storage website in a normal cpanel account in a normal server?

It Is like the others website but with it you can manage your server (upload, inspect, delete, move (file), create files or folders) from your smartphone, tablets or PC. Sure you can host the cloud storage website. For example you can host your website and Maverick (the cloud storage website) to manage your website directly online from Maverick.

La demo ne fonctionne pas pour moi :)

Très bien alors tenez moi au courant très vite !

Autre démo (le temps que l’autre hébergeur ne marche pas) :

Bonjour, Nidigo, êtes vous intéressé pour acheter le script alors ?

Why not simply use owncloud. What does this system have that owncloud doesn’t? And owncloud is even opensource.

In this system (Maverick) you can watch a video in live with all your users.

Imagine that all your friends are far from you but they all are in Maverick panel from their PC or Smartphone, you just have to choice a video, a song or an image on your own PC or Smartphone, you upload it, then you just have to click on the button “synchronize” on your Maverick Panel and then all your friends will receive the video and the video will run in the same time on your device as on their devices.

They also can comment the video in real time with the chat.

Hello, I like this template and would like to ask a few questions. Can it synchronize quickbooks accounting data? Thanks.

No there is no features on my project that enable you to synchronize the accounting data and quickbooks.

Why ? There are no virus, process is just stopped, you can start it in the settings.

Something is not good. See my screenshot Reason: The page is designed to steal your confidential information (phishing). URL blocked:

I think your anti malware detects my website as dangerous. However it works good for me. Try to access on it with a smartphone.