Discussion on Maths - The way of new learning

Discussion on Maths - The way of new learning

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will this project be updated or not from 2 yr approx no update why

please contact us via support

i need user registration by admin with validity/expiry date

for customization please can you contact us via support :


atamps Purchased

any update

is this app have admin panel .

need to customize for this

please can you contact us via support :


I contacted you via email, but you did not answer

where is change log

1. fix multiple language issues

2. fix timer issue in the quiz

3. fix ratting issue

4. fix worksheet crashing issue

I just modify colors and language, and rejected by google:

We don’t allow apps that merely provide the same experience as other apps already on Google Play. Apps should provide value to users through creation of unique content or services.

Common violations include: Copying content from other apps without adding any original content or value. Creating multiple apps with highly similar content and user experience.

please can you contact us via support

Mail :

Skype : Template villa


Kindly check the ads visibility code banner ads are still showing on upon setting ads visibility to NO.

Please can you kindly let us know what updates has been made on the app and have you add option for us to turn of on ads… because starter app playstore will terminate them because of invalid clicks. I think have this features will be of great help. When app becomes popular we can turn on app

Where do i change feedback email address

I did that but when you click on feedback and enter message and submit it opens gmail app and the TO field is instead of showing the email I entered on the feedback text area on string.xml which is my gmail email

Hi my app is live on play store but when you go to rate, its popping up with this message “to view this content install a web browsing app”

What is the solution as we can’t afford to ask people to do some funny chrome settings on their phones just to rate the app.

2 – The worksheet is confusing especially the link bit. What link is it asking for? I tried putting some link to a website and when i complete and submit the worksheet, the app crashes.

This is not good for a new app.

3. When you select a language, nothing happens. Why?

4. When you start a game and you allow the timer to run down, it just changes the questions. Left it like that for 30 mins and it never ends. Just another really bad coding. What is the fix to this since I expect the system to reduce the life till no more life left.

i have already give update in code on 30-1-2021, please can you use updated code

I want a refund as the app does not work

which function is not working

can you contact us via support :

Mail :

Skype : Template villa


can you please add startapp ads to app

for customization in ads please can you contact us via support :

Mail :

Skype : Template villa


next release kindly add option to turn on and off ads

Hi this app is a bit disappointing. Testing your app shows that same questions are repeated more than 10 times per each level and its annoying. That clearly indicates either your program is not intelligent enough to know when not to repeat questions or your DB is bloated with repeated questions.


you are tested with initial level quiz : addition with 1 digit with 1 digit with no carrying means question has 10-25 quiz possible in this logic, so it may repeat quiz while playing.

also, you can test with other level quiz : addition with 3 digit with 2 digit with no carrying means question has more then 1k quiz possibility, so it’s not repeat quiz while playing

we have also, make SQLite database for this, so you can change data easily.

you need to open database in :

if you have still any question then please contact us via support team

Mail :

Skype : template villa


Where can I edit the questions for Cube, Cube Root, Square, Square Root, Percentages?

all cube, cube root,square,percentage question come from random maths logic based on level difficulty so you can not edit quiz but you can change quiz logic inside : page


Hello sir in your Demo apk..the ads are not showing consistently…why?? Interstitial Ads are not showing…...why???

and what is the version of this app?? right now!

new version updated at 9 September 20

Can ads units control from somewhere else without any putting inside of android source codes?

yes, it’s possible need to add ads code in your server

for more detail please can you contact us via support :

Mail :

Skype : Template villa


Interested to buy your product but please integrate Facebook audience network and AdColony

yes, need to customize for this.

please can you contact us via :

Mail : Skype : Template villa


what’s new in v1.4?

new version available in next week.

The mixed category in you demo app shows in-correct answer. BODMAS need to be applied.

Hope this can be fixed, I will purchase it once I see the update. Thank you.


please check updated apk link now :

reference app link :

we have follow BODMAS rules , please can you compare answer via reference website, if you find any error in our logic then let me know via mail so we can check it and update it asap.

Mail : Skype : Template villa


Please check the question in mixed category, questions are good but getting wrong answers of many questions I have checked updated version but same problem, Please fix it

what is the update change log

fix mixed quiz logical issue

- update code to support Android 11 version

- latest AdMob SDK

- fixed Gradle support issue

- support latest android studio version 4.0.0

What is issue???

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it. Searched Location:

Today we have make update in code, please use updated code

if you still getting issue then please contact us via support :

Gmail :

Skype : Template villa



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