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Hello, is this game an android studio last version project? does it includes AdMob banner ready?

Hi, Can you provide update on this app. Your demo version is not same as provided version. for example left and right menu options.

can you reply, please?

You can check screenshot that not available. we also not meson and not provide that screenshot. Still doubt please contact skype: keraisureshv

Thanks Mr. Suresh Kerai for skype and teamviewer support.



ianx Purchased

hello sir, i like your apps but never set before just buy . now i try to set. how to this database go online on website? i try to search any sript web to upload but not found.


ianx Purchased

and how to build with android studio? in your documen just eclipse

hi.. can you send me sample

Sorry it’s not available.


Yes. Android Studio Version Available..

Hi. I purchased this template but found out that the documentation is incomplete. How do I get to add more Levels? currently, it is only level 1 that is available. how can i move to other levels? Do i need to add it manually? Also, the version without Leadersboard compiles with errors. Where can i get the complete documentation? Thanks for your quick response

Also, why is your demo version different from the one here? Is there going to be an update?

hi. is it necessary cloud tech for base installation

No. But just need to knowledge of Android.

Hey your screen shot is different the one you have in play store? Which code I get if I purchase?

Yes. it bit difference.

can you give me an apk so that i can check it in Nougat platform. By the way, your code is for Android Studio?

it will be available before 20th Sep. Also we try as possible as. Right now we have not APK available for this version.

Then when you give new release please bug me and send me an apk. I’m eagarly waiting for to purchase.

ı like reall add pls 1.user up avatar—- 2.add google map for invitation to duel anot online user “mathletics” sistem—- 3.top user list “nickname” 1 to 5 star “1 to 3 ” cup icon—- 4. a user add school “mathletics” sistem - 5 . student and family login “family follow the success chart of the child—- for me this sistem add how much money?-

plz contact me at Skype: keraisureshv

I got this:

Error:(36, 39) error: cannot find symbol class AppStateManager Error:(37, 39) error: cannot find symbol class AppStateStatusCodes Error:(598, 36) error: package AppStateManager does not exist Error:(108, 59) error: cannot find symbol variable CLIENT_APPSTATE Error:(495, 4) error: cannot find symbol method getSupportFragmentManager()

AndroidStudio 3.0.1

android studio ?

Yes. its available.