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Hi mate

This is a great bit of code, and a fun little app.

Just one question, the sound doesn’t appear to play? Could you let me know how to fix this?

Many thanks Chris

Hi Chris,

I am glad you liked the code! What sound are you referring to? Are you talking about the background sound of the sound effect when you poke the chicken. Make sure the phone is not on mute/silent. Let me know if that solves your issue.

BLIMEY !!!!! I can’t believe how stupid I was, school-boy error on my part – works perfectly – just a note to anyone who wants to purchase this, do so, great code – well done mate

Thank you very much! I would greatly appreciate if you like to rate my profile and also the app.

Thanks! :)

I like the name of the app.. “Mathemachicken”. Brilliant :)

Hi, you should use http://www.youtube.com/v/UjUhWBTim-w instead of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjUhWBTim-w as your Demo-URL, this will solve the issue of being forced to hide the Codecanyon bar

Other than that great work

Thanks for the great code :)

do you have tutorials video ?

Tutorial videos on which subject??

All my tutorials are on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search for azamsharp.

i ment for this code…

how can i change the places for the items in the view?


There should a class called Environment.m which will allow you to put the items anywhere you want. You need to set the items using coordinates.

please… and one thing more… i replace the correct words to arabic words … but its show nothing Thanks

I believe you are talking about the fnt files which are created using Glyph designer. If Glyph Designer allows you to create Arabic fonts then create the fonts and then save the file. This will produce the fnt file and also .png file. Import those two files in your Resources or Supporting Files folder and replace the occurrence of old fnt file with the new one.

Hi Azmsharp,

I just purchased the game and it doesn’t work. I’m using cocos2d v2 and xcode v4.4.1.

I got over 300 issues and when I run it on the simulator…the simulator just show a black screen…nothing is loaded.

Please advise. Thanks. Hakim.

The game was built using Cocos2d 1.0 version. Can you send me a screenshot of all the issues/errors. You can send me to azamsharp at gmail.

I just sent u an email (Subject: Mathemachicken issues) Thanks.

is this a normal application or cocos2d application?’

This is Cocos2d application.

I wanted to translate it to Arabic language, but when I changed the names on the Xcode, and I run it on iphone, the arabic shows as drawings caracters and not the real letters, what should I do to make the encoding reads the arabic character?

Hello Daniel,

Unfortunately, I am unaware of Arabic characters encodings. You can check if you have the character set installed correctly.

Where is the character set installed? or how to check that?

Character Set??

All the fonts are created using Glyph Designer (Paid Product).

During XCode validation, I am receiving an issues error message. Required architecture, armv6 must be present. I only see armv7. Can you tell me how to correct this? vanman

Second message….. Can you help with inclusion of amrv6 architecture? vanman

WOW, no response. So much for any type of customer service…. I paid in good faith. All I want is the product I purchased to validate using a current version of Xcode. Any support from you? If not, I would appreciate you telling me so. vanman

Hello, anyone out there? This is the last time I will ask for assistance, and a little customer service on a product I paid for in good faith, on this site.

Code Canyon: Can you assist in any way? Do you stand behind what you endorse on your site? vanman

I guess I’ve learned a lesson on this one. I’ll purchase ALL my items elsewhere in the future. $60 US lesson learned. Thats too bad, as I thought the game was good. Thanks codecanyon for your help. vanman

Do you plan to update this app, swift? 64 bit IOS 7 or 8?

Currently, there are no plans to update to Swift. It should run in iOS 7 and iOS 8 without any issues.

Hi, will this work on IOS9? Is it universal app? Thanks

I have not testing it on iOS 9.