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can it be resize for mobile?

The game is responsive, and automatically scales (landscape) to the screen. Did you try it?

Great game and even better support!

Thank You!

Thank you! :D


Cool game. but on iphone the colors are off , there all bright and there is no red or yellow…

any chance for a fix ?

I want to buy it, but if its not working well on iphone… i cant.

Hmm, that’s the first I’ve heard of this, and I can’t reproduce the issue. What iOS version? What browser? What browser version?

ios 8.1.1 ,I check with chrome and safari, same issue. I can send you an email with an image how that looks in iphone

Thank you for the info. I will work on checking on this iOS version.

hey, its looks nice. I have a pre purchased question, how I can convert it to Android o OS? Any Solution do you have? I am looking a for game script to make an Android Game Apps. Thanks

You’d need to use a tool like Cocoon JS

hi, do you have a spanish version ?

No, I only have an English version.

Check on iphone, Look ver bad :(

I agree with lampista… I have run this game on iOS 9.2 and the colors are way off. Do you have any fix for that? Thanks.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I was unaware of this issue. Please send a message from my profile. I’d like to work with you to resolve. Thanks!