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I don’t see any documentation? It says admob ads supported, how can I set this up?

Thank you for your purchasing First, sign up for an AdMob account. Before you can serve any AdMob ads you must sign up for an AdMob account at There is no cost associated with creating an account, or for serving up AdMob ads within your mobile app. If you already have an AdMob account all you need to do to use the AdMob plugin, is create the appropriate Ad Unit IDs that identify your ad impressions and provide them as part of the AdMob API initialization sequence within your app. Please follow the steps shown at this link in order to get it works .

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Love your game – 5 stars! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: For branding I would need the grafics files (i.e splash1-i.png) without “YOUR LOGO HERE” :-) THX

Thank you purchased the game , just send me your email and i will send you back the file that you want ,, thanks for Rating

Pause button not work it shows Game Over.

The “Pause” button for these types of applications is not good method, cause “Math Plus Puzzle” has been build based on agility and quick thinking. On the other hand, the button “pause” holds two options: to end the game completely, or re-playing the level. I think if you thought about the principle & fundamentals of the application you’ll find that “Pause” button doing his job completely.

Hello, I just love your game. Can you please send me the graphics files (psd pr png without logo) of the game at Thank you

GREAT GAME… I just purchased the game. Would you please send the assets so that I can change the logo. Thank you

I read the message above, I still dont know how to add my admob. Can you help? I’m using phone gap

how to add admob. add to android sound effect not work.

I’m a math teacher interested in hiring a programmer with the expertise to develop simple basic math games (HTML5) for my math blog. Initially multiplication tables (times tables), as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers, decimals and fractions. hugogarcia.tec@

please tell me if this is done in construct 2

hi, just purchased your game. pls advise where can i insert a function call eg. alert(); when game is over? thanks

found it @524 in context.js : timeUp : function() {

(1) can i find the differences in the modes classic, accuracy and break? (2) is it possible to modify the game to only have 1 mode? meaning, just the classic mode, no accuracy and break modes. (3) in accuracy mode, is the time given lesser at higher levels? Thanks!

I just purchased your game and I’m confused on where to add my high score code. I have the high score function below (which I’ve used with many games…but confused on where I can put it in your MathPlus game):

Highscore function ($Score){ var gameName=’Math Plus’; var url = “gameName=”gameName“&score=”+$Score; $.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: ‘SaveResults.php?’+url, success: function (result) { console.log(result);} }); }

Please help!


hello, The live preview seems to be down. Any alternate ways I can test this game before purchase

Thank you