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Wow! Nice Graphics

Thank you)

Hi, the game looks great…will you update the company photo as a cover and instructions of the game before sending the file to me for publishing on google play, iphone an windows publishing?

Yes, I can do that if we will contact you by mail! My email: muscle-ss@mail.ru

Your game features the copyrighted works of the 2014 movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0864835/). I’d suggest changing that character art, or making a note on your product page that notes that image is not included in the sell.

Not sure how this got pass the CodeCanyon team.

Thank you, I took note.


An interesting and nice game. I want to buy it, but first would like to ask if we can insert an advertisement code before the game load? (like a pre-loader advertisement)

Next, can i publish this game in google play store? and to my gaming site too? Do you accept customization like changing the graphics and character?


Yes, ads can be easy to get up, the type of AdSense. If you are going to need my help in person, write me an email and I will, in assuring help! My mail: muscle-ss@mail.ru

This has a lot of flashing colors…is there a version available without the flashing? It’s way too much…couldn’t there a possible cause for seizures???

You can buy this and I will alter it for you!

Hello I just bought your math game for kids but when i upload it to my platform the image dont fit in the mobil screen I wonder once I upload it to google play will the game fit perfectly in the screen? please help me.

Hi, I’m doing a game about a year ago, at this point it is necessary to rebuild in a new version of the APK, as all android devices has long been upgraded. If you want I can do it for you!? Thank you! :)

Hello I sent you a massage a couple of days ago and i haven’t got any answer back. I bought one of your games and it seems that doesn’t fit in the screen of the mobil I don not why, I have bought other games and they all fit fine please can you help me?

Hi, I have not received your letter! Send me your e-mail address, I will send you a message!

Hello I uploaded the game in my platform and the image of the game is to big for the size of the cellphone emulator can you help me please/

Hello! Yes, you just need to reinvent the game with the help of online cocoon.io service, and the game will work perfectly! Can you write me a mail and I’ll help you with that! muscle-ss@mail.ru

IS this game need internet connection ?

Hello, no!