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Will definitely buy this theme. Thanks for the upload

Hello rukkymami,
Thanks for the good words ! Hope you like it.

can you add radio mode,or sufller button?

Hello chevere,
Unfortunately this is not related to the theme, is related to the original script: Please contact Alex Pricop if he want to include this features in his script.

This is really good i would suggest this theme for everyone using phpsound, thanks for such a clean development

sent u a message here / email here

i have some minor issues dont want to spoil your comments section here

Sorry for the long wait with the register, there is a problem with the API and the verifier, we will fix it as soon as possible, thanks for patience.

There is no problem emailing me trough the contact form on my profile or posting on forum, which is also public.
Hope I could help, thanks.

Hi I’m interested in buying I like my current theme but like a few changes in your yours if I buy would you be able to add the changes I like to my current theme

Hello Matic,
Sure, I can assist you with some quick and easy modifications. Major changes are considered custom job and are not included in support.
Hope I can help you.

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Hello vinayaksandilya,
All of my themes and plugins for phpSound and phpDolphin are updated usually in 24 hours when a new version of the software is launches, to answer to your question, yes, it is compatible with 1.2.4

thank you sir its really helping me :)

i noticed that a user does not have the ability to delete a comment, is there any way to fix that issue

Hello jodyestojakovic,
Thank you for your concern, this is just a skin for the phpSound by Alex Pricop. If your request is not a default function on this platform, please contact him to solve the problem.

Remember, this is just a theme for the script and doesn’t add any PHP or functionality that phpSound doesn’t have.

Hi. I’d like to have the welcome header the same smaller size all the time. So not the full screen image, but only the size as it is when you click the logo. What to change?

Can you please email us with the explanation in order to help you ? Thank you !

Sure. Done!

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Hello chxmontoro,
materialSound is compatible with the latest version of phpSound.

GentlemanDesigns, It is not compatible with the latest PHPsound. In the admin area, there is not slot to activate permalinks. If you activate permalink with the Sound theme and then activate your theme, the site becomes messed up as your theme doesn’t support permalink yet i think. Kindly have a look.

The update has been sent few days ago, still waiting for envato to approve it. We are sorry for this long waiting but we can’t control the review process and how long it takes.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello chxmontoro,
materialSound is compatible with the latest version of phpSound.

Hello @GentlemanDesigns, after updating your theme the home page formatting seems a little off on my site, as well as on your demo so I don’t think it’s just my site. The sections below the “Learn More >>” don’t look right (except for the “Go Pro” part is okay). Specifically, the “Creators” and “Listeners” links are not centered and would look better as buttons, the “Upload” and “Explore” headings are off, and the “Popular” section no longer displays any content and you can’t really see the header in white against the background. Everything else looks fantastic as far as I can see-I absolutely love your theme-great job!

Can these things be fixed?

Hello schneiderprofessional,
Thank you for pointing out this bugs. This bugs was introduced by mistake, I’m sorry for them. I’ve sent the updated package to Codecanyon. The problems you pointed and also the full screen welcome was reverted to the one before update.

Have a nice day,

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

Hello, do you do custom jobs, I will a customized theme for my Phpsound website

Hello borshmann,
Please contact me via Envato contact form on my profile. Thanks.

Hi , Is it possible to enable wav sound ?

Materio is just a theme for the script. For such information and requests, please contact the script author or post a comment on the product page:

this is comparability with old version of phpsound.this is my website –

Hello chris,
Materio is compatible with the latest phpSound version.

I like this template

I think I’ll buy it

Although I would like to know if the updates are related to the component.

Ex: Materio was updated on 10 March 17

And Vibe (template) was updated on 9 July 17

I’ll buy it anyway.

Hello Al23,
The themes are up to date.