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Hope you can help.

I am having issues… the plugin does not show the right hand side of the Wordpress options (i.e. update button, categories for posts, etc..) The whole right hand section is missing.

Can i disable certain menu options for user groups using this?

No, Material WP does not manage the admin menu, it just offers a basic reordering functionality for the current user.

hi what if my existing theme got updated?does it effect this plug in functionality

No, Material WP is a plugin, it is not affected by theme updates.

I need a discount

Hi, I think your theme is amazing, it is totally different than other themes is this course compatible with LifterLMS admin?


dmendez Purchased

Hi. I see this plugin in WP Ultimo complements, so I assume this works perfectly in Multisite with WP Ultimate. Also I see you have 2 plugins likes this and this is what I like most. However, my question is: do you expect to have more designs sooner? I don’t want to buy a look&feel to discover after a few time that there’s one better, do you know what I mean? thank you very much. thanks an excellent work.

Hi, i’m using this plugin since 2 years, and i love it, but after the last wp and material update i’m facing problems:

Ihave seen other users reporting the same issue:

i have a multilanguage/multidomain wmpl installation and when i point the secondary language on secondary domain i get:

Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php on line 227

Also on the admin section->left menu the mailpoet “3” menu still always collapsed

I hope you can solve this problems and i can return to use your plugin.

Many thanks

Hey, what’s the pluggin on your demo, that lets you manage different sites?

Your plugin is broken using Elementor 2.0 with the Theme Builder. Its template builder pops up behind your admin theme. Not a good luck. Un functional. How soon can we expect a fix?

Hi, I’ve installed your plugin in WP 4.9.6 with a MU installation. The plugins works “fine” but all the settings from the admin simply don’t modify the interface, I mean, it remains with the “default” settings, no matter what I change: the width of the menu, colors, height of toolbar… NOTHING works, although in the pannels I see the data I have put in the panel.

It happens to all sites as the settings are global, none of them gets any customization via admin. I’ve checked the permissions and seems to be writable. Can you check this out? I have no cache system in admin.


Any idea? I’ve written by your support mail yesterday…

Hi, I am not sure if its an issue with the new WP version but we found that when you edit a really long post, ie you just hold down return key to create a long long post, when you scroll back up to the top, the page sometimes crashes, or the top of the page (top half) where the header is disappears, and you cannot update the post or publish the post.

Basically I think the theme crashes. When I disable the theme, it works fine.


emahi Purchased

i have a problem with the background of the login page and register a new site page , by default it applied the colorful background in both pages which I cant restore the default wp background until I delete the admin theme plugin

What does “Stage’s Min Height” do? No change was found after changing the value on demo.

As the name suggests, it keeps the main stage height with the min value entered even if the current page does not have enough content to fill that height. Is just to make the whole theme more aesthetically pleasing even in pages with close to no content.

The demo isn’t working. With all the complaints about it you think it’d be resolved.

I’m not being able to replicate this issue, unfortunately, but I’m looking into changing the demo engine soon.