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First, I just want to say I really like this plugin and I thank the author for putting such great work into this.

I’ve found a few issues I’d like to address for everyone’s benefit:

1.) There’s a typo on the Styling Settings Tab in the Primary Color description.

2.) Next under the Styling Settings in the Parallax Block Settings, I don’t see any discernible difference between Parallax + Opacity Effect or Parallax Only. I expected the bar at the top to become opaque and no longer fade in as you scroll down when set to Parallax Only.

3.) Styling Settings/ Custom Parallax Block BG does not state the recommended dimensions the designer should take into consideration when creating an image.

4.) Functionality Tab/Menu Label: When no label is set there is still a noticeable gap in the menu where the text used to be. Also, when the admin menu width is too small, and the text is wrapped to the next line it will render with the text of the first menu item and become jumbled. (Same on mobile with regular menu width)

5.) Functionality/Link in Avatar: tooltip for avatar link still displays “Edit your profile” even though a custom link would effectively not take you to edit your profile. Additionally, the Avatar block is missing functionality to change the color of the text, which could clash if someone were to use a custom parallax BG with a lot of white in it.

6.) When editing/writing pages and scrolling to bottom, right widget area will break card box.

7.) There’s no option to change the color of the admin bar text, nor the Help/Screen Options text and icons.

I contacted you about some of these issues. Have you taken a look at that email?

Hi, sorry it seems as though it got caught in the spam filter


Elmucho Purchased

Last month my website is working but right now the problem is in the plugins while i activate the material wp :( please help

The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

An error 500 does not tell much, Elmucho. First, are you sure you are using our latest version? If you are, could you send us the php_error log via email (I saw that you also sent us a support email).

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If I use some kind of role editor. Can I use your plugin to edit the look and feel of the dashboard to each role?

Hi, mrcb. Thanks for you interest. That is currently not supported.

Locked out from the demo because I’m bad at math clearly lol

Have you tried to clear your cookie or access the demo via an incognito tab? That way you’ll be able to access it again.

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