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First, I just want to say I really like this plugin and I thank the author for putting such great work into this.

I’ve found a few issues I’d like to address for everyone’s benefit:

1.) There’s a typo on the Styling Settings Tab in the Primary Color description.

2.) Next under the Styling Settings in the Parallax Block Settings, I don’t see any discernible difference between Parallax + Opacity Effect or Parallax Only. I expected the bar at the top to become opaque and no longer fade in as you scroll down when set to Parallax Only.

3.) Styling Settings/ Custom Parallax Block BG does not state the recommended dimensions the designer should take into consideration when creating an image.

4.) Functionality Tab/Menu Label: When no label is set there is still a noticeable gap in the menu where the text used to be. Also, when the admin menu width is too small, and the text is wrapped to the next line it will render with the text of the first menu item and become jumbled. (Same on mobile with regular menu width)

5.) Functionality/Link in Avatar: tooltip for avatar link still displays “Edit your profile” even though a custom link would effectively not take you to edit your profile. Additionally, the Avatar block is missing functionality to change the color of the text, which could clash if someone were to use a custom parallax BG with a lot of white in it.

6.) When editing/writing pages and scrolling to bottom, right widget area will break card box.

7.) There’s no option to change the color of the admin bar text, nor the Help/Screen Options text and icons.

I contacted you about some of these issues. Have you taken a look at that email?

Hi, sorry it seems as though it got caught in the spam filter


Elmucho Purchased

Last month my website is working but right now the problem is in the plugins while i activate the material wp :( please help

The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

An error 500 does not tell much, Elmucho. First, are you sure you are using our latest version? If you are, could you send us the php_error log via email (I saw that you also sent us a support email).

Kind regards,


If I use some kind of role editor. Can I use your plugin to edit the look and feel of the dashboard to each role?

Hi, mrcb. Thanks for you interest. That is currently not supported.

Locked out from the demo because I’m bad at math clearly lol

Have you tried to clear your cookie or access the demo via an incognito tab? That way you’ll be able to access it again.

Kind regards

Hi, chuckynyj, Since the two plugins add styles do de admin, it is most likely that you will experience a lot of conflicts between the two plugins. They would not work together.

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Material WP seems to have a serious conflict with Gravity Forms when Gravity Forms is running in No-Conflict Mode. The display is entirely covered by the site icon.

Hi, DesignbyAJ. That is right. Material WP DOES NOT SUPPORT GRAVITY FORMS WITH NO-CONFLICT MODE ACTIVATED, since it prevents our scripts and styles from being loaded.

It DOES work fine without that option activated, however.

Thanks for your interest in our product. =D

I have no idea how to access the demo. There’s no proper link or login details. Please help. Also, can your theme be activated for specific user roles?

There’s a huge button called “Try the demo” in the demo page, with a captcha just before it that needs to be solved. Are you not getting that page?

And no, it can not be applied based on user roles.

Kind regards.

Hi. So interesting Theme. Is it support RTL admin panel completely?

Hi, mojtabalife. Yes! The theme fully supports RTL! Kind regards,

plan to add more color options for the menu?

Hi, Sarah. What exactly do you mean by that? Additional random icon colors? Kind regards,

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello, My main interest in an Admin Plugin is to control the contents of the Dashboard. What mechanisms with this plugin allow me to control the Dashboard? One plugin I’ve looked into allows me to use a WordPress Page for the Dashboard. I want to create custom sections on the Dashboard for things like WordPress tutorials, Links to common tasks, perhaps even include an explainer video or something. Does this plugin allow that kind of control?

Thanks kindly,

Hello, eco_emilio. Thanks for your interest.

Material WP focus on the appearance, look and feel of the admin panel rather than adding lots of functionality. We do offer a simple menu reordering feature and some other customizations, but the main purpose of the plugin is to change the way the admin looks. It is built, however, to not conflict with any other solutions you end up choosing to achieve those goals.

Kind regards,

I use the Divi Theme, which comes with a custom page builder for editing Pages and Posts. Will this theme interfere with the page builder on “Edit Page/Post”? I can send you theme to test if that helps.

I never tested it with the Divi Theme, but we never got any reports of incompatibility. If you want to, you can send me the theme for testing at aanduque (at)

how do i change the gray background for admin menu and the right page???

I replied to your email! Thanks again for your purchase.

Hi next-press – congratulations on and thank you so much for such a cool and helpful plugin! The options and flexibility beyond what the plugin achieves “out of the box” are so enjoyable!

Question: Would you all be willing to introduce the ability in the Style Settings to adjust the #wpbody-content max-width? (screenshot)

By default it is set to max-width: 1280px. (screenshot).

Perhaps it could be via an adjustments slider right where we adjust the Admin Menu Width, etc.? (screenshot)

Anyhow, because you all introduced the Custom CSS Tab, this request can be achieved with CSS:

body:not(.wp-customizer):not(.vc_editor) #wpbody-content {max-width: 100%;}

This certainly works for the time being, but it might be nice to introduce this as a feature for website owners who work on larger displays and have wide WooCommerce Product Lists or Blog Posts with SEO Columns, etc. etc. and the WordPress Dashboard default of max-width: 100% for the #wpbody-content would be preferable.

Thanks for replying when able, and thanks again for your great work on this plugin. Thanks guys!

Hi, calebweeks. Thanks for your purchase and your detailed request!

I added your line alongside some other adjustments to make Material WP better behave in larger screens. I’m pushing the new version to CC now, but it can take some time for it to be approved in their review process. If you prefer, you can send me an email at aanduque (at) and I’ll send you the new version.

Kind regards,

It is not compatible with Gravity Forms, as this is one of the most used plugin forms please can you solve it in next update? Thanks

Hi, hitpro, thanks for your purchase.

Gravity forms has a “No conflict option” in their settings page to prevent the loading of other plugins scripts (like my theme) turning it off solves the issue.

Kind regards,

It’s not working right for my multi site. Most of my install it’s wider then page and the top menu has no color on scroll. Not effecting the multi site admin section and main site. Not sure what to do. I trying uninstalling all plugins and change to different theme to see if there was a conflict, but same thing. I turn off network active and turn it on, on just on of the page that made it work. Then I reactivated it on the hole network and that page still kept working, even though it switch to the network setting and logo. It’s weird. I have too many site to have to turn it on on each one.


The user was contacted via email and the problem was solved.