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Is this plugin compatible with the newest woocommerce ver. 3.0.8 ?

I have just purchased this item , and when trying to install it gives me an error saying “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I do not have any other WP admin plugins. What is going on?


Material WP is not an admin menu editor. It is just a theme. We add a simple menu reordering and hiding functionality. The things you are asking for are not possible only with Material WP. You would need a plugin that is specialized on dealing with the admin menu.

Kind regards,

Okay i see, are we able to install a WP admin plugin while Material WP is activated?

Yes, just make sure to disable Material WP’s own menu reordering, on the functionality tab of the Material WP settings page.

Kind regards

Hi, really love this wordpress admin theme but it not works with gravity forms and gravity view

can you check it, i really happy if it solve

Gravity Forms has a “No conflict option” in their settings page to prevent the loading of other plugins scripts (like my theme) turning it to off usually solves the issue.

you are right, i use it, but it make admin theme back to default every i access gravityform admin


After activated the plugin Material WP, we want the data on Woo Reporting should be expanding to the full width, screenshot

It’s possible you will help us to fix it?

Thank you.

Hello, Can we please have a reply on this matter. If this is not achievable, can you provide a refund as per your previous confirmation? Thank you

Hi, Still no reply on this matter from 12 days ago. Please advise

We have written several times and been ignored. Can somebody, anybody, Please look into our problem and offer support PLEASE

i want change dashboard so is not Wp-taste, my goal is:

1) white branding label all text inside of dashboard WP, including white label for name plugin, like BuddyPress, i can change to “AnyName” 2) i want to restrict author or non admin to see specific menu 3) change theme or background as user want for him/her dashboard

will work with this plugin ?

Hi, toromfhd. No. Material WP handles just the styling part of WordPress. It removes the look and feel of the WordPress dashboard, giving it a refreshed look. You would need another plugin to achieve your desired effects.


claveo Purchased

Hi, I just bought and installed the plugin in a fresh Wordpress instalation. I get a number of errors:

Warning: stristr(): Empty needle in /home/colorin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php on line 223

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/colorin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php:223) in /home/colorin/public_html/wp-login.php on line 396

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/colorin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php:223) in /home/colorin/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 914

These errors appear at the header of the site in the back-end but it’s still works for the most part. If I logout and login again I get a blank page so I don’t even have access to the backend.

hello dear . when i install plugin i see this Warning : stristr(): Empty needle in /home/...../public_html/wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php on line 223

please help me

How can I exclude Administrator to the Material menu visualization?

There’s no way to filter who can see Material WP by user role.

Can you add this feature for the next release?

(other similar plug-in, like clientside, have this feature)

We will consider adding that to our roadmap. Kind regards

Whoa! What happened with this update?!!QNpnwTiZ!hgRY1hGAfhN_R3FM512HAHLAB_FfZi-v4nYT9-LwSsM

I tried resaving all the tabs but get the same result.

I downloaded the new version and it’s still a MESS. Plugin is 100% not usable.

I’m not being able to replicate any of the issues. Do you have a log you can send us?

Due to insurance, liability & security we can not grant access to our systems to third parties.

We have written several times and been ignored. Can somebody, anybody, Please look into our problem and offer support PLEASE

For some reason, all emails mentioning your username got flagged as spam, sorry. As for your issue, we took a look, but due to the dynamic nature of the plugin you are using, we were unable to fix the incompatibility overriding the CSS. Use the refund form to ask for a refund and we will approve. Kind regards,

Hey, it’s a great admin theme. Can you add an option to set the access to “Material WP” feature only for one specific user? Let’s say I am setting this for a client, I think it will add great value if the setting of the dashboard could be visible to one user. I have sent a link to your profile showing another dashboard theme product that implemented this feature neatly.

We just pushed a new version implementing two new features and solving some incompatibilities.

WordPress developers don’t always use best practices when designing admin pages. Due to that reason, it might be necessary to make some adjustments on our side for some of those plugins. Most of the time they are simple but once in a while they are so badly designed that it is impossible for us to make them work together. What you need to have in mind is that it’s basically not our fault. We will try our best to make them work nicely but sometimes – it’s rare – it’s not possible.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply. As long as the incompatibilities can be resolved with a line of CSS it should never be an issue. The admin area custom CSS should do that. I am gonna go for it.

Thank you

The two new features you mentioned, are they already uploaded?

Wow!!! it’s so wonderful! Now we can adjust the stage minimum height! Thank you! Love this plugin and appreciate all the great services.

Hi there,

i got an small issue, the “upload theme” button on the theme installation page doesn’t work well, It only show the half button and it’s not even on the right top corner of the page as other buttons do.

Your sooner help on this issue will be great appreciated.

Best regards Wayne

Sent you a fix, can you confirm that works?

works like charm now! :-)


Admin’s Bar Font on the Backend side looks much more better than on the frontend. How can I apply CSS to style frontend the same way? Thanks


No support over the email (sent 2 weeks ago), no support here… Is there any one here? Thank you

Noted from your comments that you be adding the feature of activating the theme based on user roles, do you have any ETA? Thanks.

That feature was added a few weeks ago. Kind regards,


assoco Purchased

Thanks for resolving the support issues promptly. Just a gentle reminder to add a switch to enable or disable the gear icon (general settings) in your future update.

Added that! Just pushed it to CC, it should be out any time now!


kwaca1 Purchased


just bought the plugin yesterday and testing it before i go live i am using tagdiv newspaper theme the issue is : after logging out of the admin panel i try visiting front-end its still adding this css file material-wp-dynamic.min.css showing.

since this is an admin theme , no css or js from this plugin should appear in front end if you are not in the login page or your logged in .

i tried adding to the plugin setting : Page Blacklist & Target Settings but no successes.

would appreciate your answer thanks

There’s a setting for that on the Functionality Tab, “Admin Bar in the Frontend”. That way you can prevent the loading on the front-end. Kind regards,


kwaca1 Purchased

Thank you for your answer. i want to show the front admin bar for logged in users but even if i disable it , the following file always show in front end material-wp-dynamic.min.css so how to disable this from loading until users are logged in thank you

Can you reach me at aanduque (at) so I can send you the possible patch? Once we confirm that works I’ll publish a new version containing that. Kind regards.


cheney16 Purchased

hello, when i try to install the plug in, show me this error

Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/rafaelmanauelid/public_html/ on line 221

Can you help me to fix

Hi, cheney16.

What PHP version are you using? Material WP requires at least PHP version 5.6.

Kind regards,

I would like to see your live demo, but the CAPTCHA is not working so I cannot see the live demo. Every time I enter the right answer it says the CAPTCHA is expired.

That’s strange IMytz. I’m being able to log in normally. What browser are you using?

Hi, I’m tryin to instal this plugin I just, and this is the errot I got : Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/vehel/LigueFFF/wp-content/plugins/material-wp/material-wp.php on line 221

I see you recomand to use MYSQL v.5.6 at least. So I just buy it. But there is no change.

Hi, there. Make sure you restart your server after upgrading your PHP version. Here’s a tutorial on how to check the PHP version:

That error does not exist in PHP versions > 5.6, so if you are still getting that error, it means that you are still running an older version of PHP.

Kind regards,