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I have just noticed that in production mode, app.js code is not being minified/uglified. Only the vendor code (bower dependencies) is being minified? Is this expected?


When will be released the new version you said you wanted release this month?

Will it be really responsive?

Because this one, the theme is supposed to be responsive, but I have check it and it has many problems making the mobile using not good enough.

Yes this is getting delayed. It should complete soon.

Hello, I’m interested in your script. But I have some questions: Can you use a member in a Cpanel against? Can I request a change in ADDITIONAL programming?

Hello, I’m interested in your script. But I have some questions: Can you use a member in a Cpanel against? Can I request a change in ADDITIONAL programming?

Hi, Thanks for interest. It won’t work with cpanel as it requires dedicated VPS server. Yes changes are done @ $35/hr

Hi, I have interest to buy this template. When will be released the new version with fixed issues? Will have a new design because this is no longer modern?

Hi. Still working in the newer version of the product. There is no major change in the design. Its only converted from Angular1 to Angular2

Hi! for some reason app not showing products on the main page. Was working fine and now stoped. Could you send me the last version what you had for this website – isale@tutanota.com

it was under my different account. I can send a purchase code if this helps.

Just shared ShopNx

Cannot access the file. Needs your approval : The owner of this repository (itswadesh) is already at their plan limit and will need to upgrade before adding more users.

when you releasing updated version?

I am interested about this product but before purchase I need to be confirmed about the following things. 1. When you are releasing the Anguar2 version of this product? 2. If I purchase this version then will I get the Anguar2 version without any additional cost? 3. Will the Angular2 version support multi language? 4. Admin interface should be more interactive and user friendly. Do you have any plan to improve the admin interface in future?

The next version is here http://hopyshopy.com

If you want to suggest something

Very good to see the Angular2 version in action. I will be waiting till end of this month and hope you will complete this by then. I agree to spend around $50 for this product and hope we will have a good deal. On a very quick check I feel, 1. The site seems very slow on first load and some other actions as well 2. Need a sticky Admin menu so that every time do not need to go through dashboard. 3. Need confirmation dialog box on each item deletion. For example, Category delete

Thank you so much for the review. It means a lot.

Hi itswadesh i have been following up on the thread and i have noticed people are facing the same issue of the applications (angular 1 and angular 2 versions ) being slow to load on the first time .Can you address that on the angular2 version as we are waiting eagerly to purchase this update

Hi, I am also working on the same issue. Trying to decrease the initial load time. May be with Angular5 we get some more universal support through which we can further reduce the load time.

Hi iswadesh

My company’s spam filter flags your website and demo, so I can’t even visit it. It’s flagged as “spam”. How come? Do you have a bad history with filters?

Hi Juliana,

There must be some mistake with the spam filter because its a complete new domain. You may try the demo from http://hopyshopy.com

i have developed application using your script. Now, i want to download db from live and run your script with db in my local system.So how to download db and how to import in my local system

Hello Rahmaniya,

This is out of my scope. Probably you need to checkout some mongodb migration tools.