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Hello, could you please answer the email ?? a tutorial for a simple left menu app would be useful, I cant apply your style to sidemenu ionic example… regards

I appreciate your help, and you must edit your product description if your support is for errors/bugs only to avoid confusion. you say ” We are offering FREE SUPERB after sales support around. “We care about your apps as much as you and we will help you in any way possible.” sounds like real full support for me. I’m having problems with basic things like changing a window title and adding a menu because your logic system is great but not easy to implement. Now I’m having problems using google cards directive because there is no name for tag defined in your documentation.. I tried with <googleCards theme=”params.theme” data=”params.data” events=”params.events”> </googleCards> but didn’t work. Thanks again by the way.

Google cards directive is google-cards , now I only have titles thing pending. view-title=”Playlists” works in your example but after moving to my project doesnt work, I didnt modify any views or controllers from /templates url

This is fixed now. :)

Hello Your product is beautiful and looks stable but from what I’m seeing everyone needs support. I sent an email a week ago and had no answer. I already managed to make some things work, but parallax, for example, has not yet. I understand that it follows the same pattern but for some reason it is not everything that works. Spend a few hours making a video with the main implementations in practice, will find support time, increase sales and still improve credibility with customers.

Hi, sorry for waiting but we were very busy these days because of Black Friday.

You are right about tutorials and instructions. We had hard focus on producing item and didn’t pay much attention to “external” things like tutorials, live previews… As you can live preview is now published so next thing will be making video tutorials and updating documentation with more examples. So please be patient little bit more and we will fix all. :) And thank you for buying an believing in us! ;)

Is you coming up with ionic 2 for this theme?

Hi, we are still working on it. But I must inform you that, because a lot of things we need to change, we agreed with Envato Team to publish it as different item. Sorry because of that but differences are very big and we spent a lot of time to develop it so it is not logical to publish as update of Ionic 1 item.

No problem i will purchase it. Any date or time frame for ionic 2???

Hi again, we plan to publish it in next two weeks. I hope! :)

Hello, could you please attach a redirect example? I tried from event onclick (using $location and $state), and directly from template/index.html using href but doesnt work. I want to click 1 element from the list and show details, with ionic sidemenu starter href works

Hi, We fixed your project and it is sent over mail.

Installation is not clear. Video how to install this on mac does not exist any more. Unable to install. Waist of money

Hi, instruction “How to install on Mac” is still existing. It is “live” all the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udvltp068ms&feature=youtu.be Please read carefully our documentation to get familiar with Ionic and environment demands to start project. Also we are preparing several new tutorial with examples so please check our documentation again in next few days.

Hello, i just purchased this ionic app and run to phone device every this is fine but demo data is not coming in app just empty links is showing , plugins installed every thing is installed correctly but demo data issue . can you guide me please what problem with it .

Hi, we just published several video tutorials about using our Ionic template and combining layouts in app. Please check them and if you still have problem contact us at dev@csform.com. http://csform.com/how-to-create-mini-app-from-ionic-ui-template/ Regards.

Thank you for your reply . need here video tutorial (Image gallery & login)http://csform.com/how-to-create-mini-app-from-ionic-ui-template/

Hi, ı want to buy but ı have a question. Do you share demo data files?

Hi again ı’m sent it a mail about problems

OK. Super. You will probably receive answer tomorrow.

Hi i have one problems. How change page not in Leftmenu . Example ı’m using search bar and ı want to open one item. How ı do it. How change page when click item.

Building error for every cordova plugins


Failed to install 'cordova-plugin-compat':CordovaError: Could not find *-Info.plist file, or config.xml file.
    at Object.parseProjectFile [as parse] (/Users/brkrtp/Desktop/templateionic/sidemenu/platforms/ios/cordova/lib/projectFile.js:51:15)
    at Api.addPlugin (/Users/brkrtp/Desktop/templateionic/sidemenu/platforms/ios/cordova/Api.js:224:33)
    at handleInstall (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/cordova-lib/src/plugman/install.js:611:6)
    at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/cordova-lib/src/plugman/install.js:407:28
    at _fulfilled (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:787:54)
    at self.promiseDispatch.done (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:816:30)
    at Promise.promise.promiseDispatch (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:749:13)
    at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:509:49
    at flush (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:108:17)
    at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:67:7)

Error: Could not find *-Info.plist file, or config.xml file.

zombi3 Purchased

Hi I’ve just purchased your awesome package! Thank you for your work but I wonder if I can get code of your GooglePlay version? I need modules like tabs, Dialogs, progress bars but can’t find them in the modules folder. And it seems the lastest update is Nov.2016, but GooglePlay version looks later one, some feature there looks cooler.

Hi, yes we will publish soon most of screens in Ionic2. In first version there will be tabs. Dialogs probably in next update. So visit our page in next week. :)


zombi3 Purchased

Ah that means there will be update for Ionic1 too? or Just Ionic2?

Ionic1 item will be updated with tabs only (dont know when). Ionic2 item will be published separatly and we will update it regularly in future with new screens and functions.


matkeri Purchased

Hi, Nice UI. Your tutorial is not helpful, so I decided to copy the whole www into a blank template and run. It run nice, but whenever I click on any of the components, there will be ‘ReferenceError : analytics is not defined (/js/controllers.js:67:20)’.

Any idea?

Hi, you just need to comment lines from 67 to 69 in controllers.js. You can find it in first video tutorial. :)

I really liked his theme, but I think he still has 2 things missing to make it a complete theme, 1.- Calendar, put handle events, and have a calendar interfaces, 2.- Google Charts, are missing widgets for administrators

Hi, I’m glad that you like our theme. :) At this moment we are preparing these themes for Ionic2 and in future we have plan to add more features. So we will probably add calendar and charts but still don’t know when. :)


This is a pre-sale question. I really like the entire templates, but I’m a bit confused as to which ionic version does this template uses ? I am seeing that you have upgraded to 2.0 but does that mean the template version or ionic version ? A small suggestion from my end would be to include the ionic version in your description. I would really buy the template if it supports ionic 2 as I’m doing a client project based on ionic 2. Awaiting your reply soon.

Yes and no. :) It is Lifetime free updates for Ionic 1 update (we will add tabs soon). But for Ionic 2 situation is not same because there are big differences in code (Angular 2 / Typescript – you probably know that) and we need to write all from beginning. So we decide to publish it as different item and guys from Envato Help approve it top do it that way. One note: at first version of IOnic 2 there will not be all same and there will be less screens/layouts. 95% of functions will be same as on Ionic 1 item. So wait a little bit more and you will get Ionic 2. :)

Alright. Thanks ! I will purchase your ionic 2 template separately ! Really impressed by your work guys ! Keep up and keep going hard ! Wishing your team loads of success ahead !

Please do let me know once your ionic 2 templates are out on Envato .. Would want to grab it as fast as I can…

Thank you for nice words. :) Hope it will be at least million dollars. :D And please rate it if you like it. :)

Hi!! Any news about Ionic 2 template? When is the release date?

Hi, probably in next week.

Hi, We need here a video tutorial for image gallery & login http://csform.com/how-to-create-mini-app-from-ionic-ui-template/

Thank you in advance

hi. this template use ionic v2.0??


No, it is second version of Ionic 1 UI template. We are preparing same for Ionic 2 so stay tuned. :)

Any chance of app code so i can test it in ionic view? Im asking since i dont have any android devices.

Hi, we didn’t make preview to Ionic view. We will add it in our next update but I can’t tell when it will be.

Soon we will release Ionic 2 version of our themes so stay tuned. :)

Hi, Quite interested in your Ionic2 project. Any foreseen ETA ?

If one buys ionic 1 now, will you be providing Ionic2 upgrade or a separate subset product ?

I think you need to make your templates easy for customers to adopt and use as quickly as possible, why do i have to see a tutorial if you had taken time to set your template up and make it easy to integrate into an app without having to go and read or watch a video, there are so many great products here that make it easy but yours is different. I cant use this template and its the last of your template i got.

Hi, As first you should know that we are (still) not producing “full apps”. We make components for apps that can be assembled for any app. Yes, it is more complicated than preparing “full app” but our system allows you to make ANY app. (If you want to customize “full app” it will be hardcore. :) ) Also system that we used in our template is modular and very quality and I didn’t see more sophisticated template on market (unless it is “full app” but that is totally different story (as mentioned before).

But anyway, thank you for buying. :) I’m sure that you will buy more when you see what we prepared for Ionic 2. :) So stay tuned.