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for Code Quality

No hay soporte, las librerías ya estan vencidas y solo implementa paquetes de la web lo que dificulta la personalización hacia lo que uno requiere

for Documentation Quality

Some points:

In the project lack dependency of firebase-messaging causing error.

there is virtually no documentation.

divided into sub-projects making it difficult to understand and code not have comments

for Flexibility

Poderia ter dado 5 estrelas, mais precisam melhorar a documentação de forma a ser mais explicativa e abrangente... Vejo que não estão a criar os templates para pessoas inexperientes, mais explicação na documentação ajudaria pessoas de qualquer nível e mais pessoais iriam procurar pelos vossos serviços...

for Customer Support

Everything is difficult when Customer Support is not good
and this company does not support with any any little question you need. How people getting 5 rating i dont believe. I have proof for my email there is no reply after week

for Customer Support

For anyone else running into errors, this is how I solved them
1) gradle build error-something about that being out of date: In Android studio, press Crtl+shift+f search for that old version. Edit it to version 2.3.3

2) could not find build tools version 25.x.x... For this one, again Ctrl+Shift+f and search for that number version. Replace it with a functional buildtoolversion. You can find a working version in your other android studio projects eg hello world. Mine was 26.0.1

I hope this works for you guys

for Design Quality

Very classic collection of all needful components - Love this Material Design