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What tools do I need in order to customize / edit the product?

You need Android Studio. You can download it from here

How to remove the random display of fortunes/quotes/jokes?

You have the option to remove the random display of the items. Then, they will be displayed in the ordered added to the string-array, part of the strings.xml file. Here is the instruction:

Open the Application/src/main/java/com/dmbteam/fortune/common/activities/FortuneFragment.java class and look for the following line and delete it:

private Random generator = new Random();

Then add this line to the same place:

private int currentJokeIndex;

Next, scroll down and find the changeText() method. It has to be replaced with the following implementation:

private void changeText() {
        String newText = mSampleTexts[currentJokeIndex++];

        if (currentJokeIndex > mSampleTexts.length - 1) {
            currentJokeIndex = 0;

        // Compute the position of the string in the array using the number of strings
        //  and the number of clicks.
        //String newText = mSampleTexts[mClickCount % mSampleTexts.length];

        /* Once the text is selected, change the TextView */


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